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Disciples of the Great Cornholio…

The following is an emphasized version of an email which I sent out moments ago to my old friend, Bill O’Brian in PA – you know – where the City of Brotherly Love (Whey amz de Bruitah’s don’ eben be lovin’ each otha) is located? The image was posted on Facebook – and few typical dumb-assed comments were left except which caught my eye, “Why are the numbers so big in Pennsylvania?Continue reading

Take out the Snakes…

Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) takes on a rat snake (Coelognathus spp.) at the Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan, India. Photo: Ashish Inamdar.

These past months I have become angrier and angrier. Some of my issues are family related, but most are what is going on in this nation.

Earlier today, a friend on Facebook posted the following statement: Continue reading

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

October 16, 2001 ~ That’s it! I’m finished – finished with all of the stupidity and apathy in this nation! Alright, we’ve been kicked – but we’re not down! But dammit, when is America and her sheeple going to wake up to that fact? If this is war – then let”s start acting like it!

No, I don”t mean by running back to the movies and the ball games – although all of us need a break – I mean by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps (if you young punks even know what I”m talking about) and getting about the business of BEING Americans! Continue reading

Gwine Fishin’

I’m tired of the jive. Need some time outta here…

Haven’t yet decided what I am gwine fishin’ for, or maybe I’ll just be more concerned about who I am gwine fishin’ with…

I need a break from all of it.

See y’all around Wednesday…

April 4, 2019 ~ The Facebook Chronicles

An interesting hour on Facebook tonight. As always there are posts to smile about, cry about, get angry about, but of course – what bothers me is having put efforts into posting information that is submitted to educate and help people. No foul language – no smart-aleck comments – just superb, well researched information – in this case – related to issues which DO affect YOUR health and well-being, but then the new “rules” at Facebook – are against this kind of information. Continue reading

So, I get this email from Neal…

Once in awhile when I complete a column (of course I hadn’t posted one of my own since early in the year) I’ll send it out to a select few people – you know they type – the ones who CARE about America – the ones who COUNT – the ones who GIVE A SHIT!?!?!?

So the day goes on and I hear from Granny (#1), Biesada (the ONLY one), Ewart (who gets fed up from time to time as well) and finally – Ross. You remember Ross don’t you? He’s the intellectual, who idolizes and reads the likes of Tommy Jefferson (who helped move an entire nation on up), little Jimmy Madison, Slammin’ Sammy Adams, and the other guy who had been to Franklin. Then there was the joint smokin’ dude from the Mount Vernon Country Club and his buddy who got killed – you know – the cat on the $10 bill – Hamilton Beach. He has read and studied the words of P. Henry (no relation to ‘O’) – and a whole bunch of those founding Muthas!

Nice history lesson Huh?? Gotcha hooked now, don’t I? Continue reading

The Numbers Game: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Socialists

The sniper news/gun-grab talk continues. What’s new?

October 19, 2002 ~ The opinions and commentary are still coming in from every corner of our debauched society, and while The Federal Observer continues it’s coverage of the debate from both sides of the aisle – we find that other stories of importance are being ignored – and depending on the length of this column – we may be choose to ignore them as well.

But first – to the topic of gun-control: A column (once published on the now-defunct) Armed Females of America web-site was indicative of just how hot the subjects of gun-ownership, safety of our families and the “…right to keep and bear arms…” has become once again. Continue reading

St. Valentines Day Massacre

Ten years has passed since this column was penned. SOME of the names have changed – the financial numbers have only increased multi-fold, and the filth and scum who have permeated the HOLLOW halls of Government have become even more anti-America than ever before. PLEASE – reach back into history and call up the ghosts of Al Capone and his boys to do what we as a people do not have the guts to do. MASSACRE! Happy St. Valentines day Al – you are sorely missed – you KNEW how to get the job done – without remorse. ~ Ed.

February 14, 2009The following was sent to each and every Senator in the United States Senate on this day.

To all the guilty parties concerned, Happy Valentines Day – we’ve been massacred. CON-gress took a good lesson from Al Capone, and he has been in the grave for decades, so you can’t blame this one on him!

Although not surprised at the outcome of the events, which have taken place in both houses of CON-gress over the past several weeks, frankly – I am shocked, at the cavalier manner, in which this package has been crammed down the throats of generations of Americans to come.
Continue reading

Due to Lack of Interest… Tomorrow has been cancelled

Last Rites for the Promised Land!

Grammy Award Winning Cover art: Evelyn Kelbish

Over the past few years I have been reaching further back into my personal history specifically with memories of my youth and my time spent in Country while flying over the rice-paddies and picking up wounded soldiers, civilians and enemy combatants.

Recently I realized that a song which I had considered to be my theme song from those 21 months ~ Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida was released within days of my arrival for the Adventure of a lifetime. You’ll note that it is also a permanent audio fixture of this site in the right-hand column. Some additional thoughts on the song I have also penned as part of the description of our category, ‘Nam – Some Came Home: Continue reading

Finding Josephine

Inspired by letters he reads when he buys a 150-year old farmhouse, Writer/Director Rory Feek pens a story about the wife of a civil war soldier who enlists in the army and fights her way across the country to find her missing husband.

Thanks to Granny – I have been following the story of Joey and Rory for some years now, but what you are about to watch is the trailer for a brand new movie – and it is a true and total surprise. More than this – it is a TRUE story.

Of course Hollywood won’t back it or put it in the theaters – ’cause it ain’t got any of those “funny-folk” in it. But you can pre-order a copy for yourself. ~ Ed.

Read the complete story as to how it all came together…

The Authenticity of Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino

~ Forewords ~
Brotha Smoove called me that night and said that it was vitally important that I see the film. He saw Walt Kowalski in me and felt that, not only was the finest film Eastwood had made in years – maybe one of his best – but that I needed to see myself on film. After I saw the movie the next evening, I texted him back and said that, “Maybe we all needed to see it.” My meaning extended beyond the three of us, who by that time, had known each other for forty years – we have now surpassed a half century together, Raymond, Leonard and myself. My comment was directed of course – to all who had served, and those who supported us – or maybe didn’t.

America has changed in my lifetime – and not necessarily for the better. Walt lives within us all who have spent as long on this earth as many of us have. We were Walt. I am Walt.

I’ll see you at Sundown,

Jeffrey Bennett
Continue reading

There is a Cancer Upon the Nation

No, no, no… we are not talking about political cancer here – although politics do have a nasty way of contributing to this epidemic by way of ignoring the economic drain upon the afflicted, including the cost of care (they really don’t), ‘treatment’ and drugs. In addition – THEY have chosen – by corporate bribe – to ignore the Truth as relates to the dreaded dis-ease known throughout the world as… CANCER.

I have been involved with a program for nearly twenty years – due to unusual circumstances – which brought me together with one of the great modern pioneers in the education of cancer, Dr. William Donald Kelley. When I first met Kelley, it was via a request to be a guest on my then daily broadcast, Perspectives on America. I’ll not tell you the entire story at this point as it is not germane to what we are posting this day, however the one key element that Kelley taught me, was that…

No one can cure you of any disease. If you have a broken bone, your doctor can set the bone in a cast – with or without pins if necessary – but if your body is not healthy, the bone will never properly set nor become totally healthy. Choose your ailment, heart-disease, cancer, arthritis, or many other maladies – it matters not – for it is YOUR responsibility to properly treat your own disease, through nutrition, exercise and proper supplementation in many instances.”

It is for this specific reason that at the turn of the Millennium, I developed a web-site for Dr. Kelley in order to expand his reach to the world. In the early years, we devoted our postings and commentary strictly toward the dis-ease of cancer, however the more I worked with Dr. Kelley – the more I realized how intertwined diseases are, and so began the major expansion of the Kelley web-site… HOWEVER – after having said all of the above – today we shall return to our roots – CANCER.

Dr. Kelley once said to me that, “No matter what a cancer victim chooses to do – whether they choose to follow my program in order to become and remain cancer-free – or follow the teachings of Gerson, Burzynski, Clark or, the Wizard of Oz – do NOT co-mingle the various programs as there are idiosyncrasies which in fact could cause damage and exacerbate your path toward optimum health. In other words, DO NOT PLAY DOCTOR! Choose the program that you feel will be right for you (the victim) and stick to it.”

We refer to Dr. Kelley’s program as, Victory Over Cancer… and this what I am most familiar with – BUT – there are some interesting and albeit other programs which are worthy of investigation. What I am about to introduce you to, may in fact be one such program – but I also say this for two reasons; 1) Of the many programs I have studied these past two decades – what I am about to present to you is very close to the Kelley program as relates to nutritional needs, but most importantly 2) YOUR health is YOUR responsibility… and the author makes all of this quite clear.

Let us get started on your pathway to health, predominantly as relates to cancer – IF you are a victim of same. What I offer readers of the Federal Observer today are links to the first four chapters of this alternative program, but also some up to date commentary regarding chemotherapy, vaccinations, BIG Pharma… and more.

For those of you who are unaware of our work in the field nor our related website – the following will be your introduction. Just remember…

Your health is YOUR responsibility.

I’ll see you at Sundown…

~ The reasons WHY ~

FDA insists cell phones ARE safe
A new report from the NIH warns of ‘clear evidence’ of a link between high levels of cell phone radiation and brain, heart and adrenal cancers in male rats, but the Food and Drug Administration insists the findings don’t apply to humans… (Continue to full article)

How Sugar Allows Cancer Cells to Grow Inside Your Body
It’s not breaking news that too much sugar in your diet can lead to serious health concerns such as diabetes and obesity. In fact, there have been lots of questions regarding sugar’s relationship to cancer. We know that sugar consumption can impact our insulin levels which, in turn, can lead to chronic disease but… does too much sugar directly cause cancer?… (Continue to full article)

More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer to Make Money
Health care should be a good thing. It should be caring about people and their health. It should including both preventions of health issues and treatment. Doctors should have the best interest of their patients in their mind. Should…

Unfortunately, often this is not the reality in today’s world. Health care is a disease-oriented profession that looks at treating symptoms with medication rather than looking at the person as a whole and using both prevention and treatment… (Continue to full article)

Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients Are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer
No matter how much doctors push the treatment, chemotherapy might not be the best option in the fight against cancer, as a new study shows up to 50 percent of patients are killed by the drugs — not the disease, itself.

Researchers … performed a groundbreaking study examining for the first time the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of beginning chemotherapy — indicating the treatment, not the cancer, was the cause of death… (Continue to full article)

Man discovers he does NOT have cancer after misdiagnosis led to five years of chemotherapy and biopsies
A Colorado man says he was on chemotherapy and painkillers for five years to treat a rare cancer – only to learn he never had the disease at all. After performing an open lung biopsy, James Salaz was told he had a rare form of cancer in which an excess of white blood cells caused tumors to form throughout the body.

Despite immediately undergoing treatment, the abnormalities weren’t going anyway – that is until he visited another doctor who told him he didn’t have cancer, but rather a condition that causes inflamed blood vessels… (Continue to full article)

A Shot in the Dark
Oh yes – it is THAT time of year once more – and it will last for another 365 or 366 days… because BIG Pharma and your local Drug Store just will NOT leave you alone until you get your FREE vaccination. Yeah, well – it has been since 1969 since I had my last ‘shot’ and I’ll go out smiling just the same… (Continue to full article)

It’s YOUR Health and YOUR Choice!
It is no secret my opinion of Big PHARMA. I have avoided every prescription I could for many years now as if they are so great then why the softly spoken warnings of all the side effects??? It is like when I was fighting against the introduction of Fluoride into the public water when I lived in TN. After submitting many pages of research against fluoride I finally bought a tube of Crest Toothpaste and took it to the last council meeting I went to. I pointed out the black box warning on the carton about the DANGERS of fluoride and to call Poison Control if need bes… (Continue to full article)

~ CANCER – It IS Your Choice ~

CANCER: Chapter I
To all the people whose lives have been sacrificed to the evil overlords of the chemotherapy industry, to the souls of all you who were murdered coldly by an industry that, I acknowledge, is driven only by the money system that was created by the exact forefathers of those very individuals who are now at the helm of the media, the schools, and their direct ancestors even wrote religions to fool your direct ancestors! I sadly acknowledge that the other team tells lies in the textbooks those scoundrels write… (Continue to full article)

CANCER: Chapter II ~ “Which one of you has cancer?
After my dad’s second chemo treatment, while he was in the hospital – first in palliative care, then in intensive care – where he had several close calls with death’s door – I hadn’t even visited him in his first few days of being in the hospital. I was scared. I didn’t want to believe that he was as much of a flight-risk as he was, as much at risk of joining the angels as he was; I didn’t want to believe it. As long as I didn’t see him, I didn’t have to acknowledge that his health was in as bad of condition as it was… (Continue to full article)

CANCER: Chapter III ~ Medical Doctor’s Don’t Know
Up till now you’ve looked up to, and trusted, authority figures, such as uniformed men and women, about and with everything; you’ve believed they care about you and you’ve trusted that they have your best interests at heart. The uniformed men and women were your protectors, your teachers, your priests, your doctors; they were your external authority so you didn’t have to take full responsibility for your own well-being.

Well now it’s time to wake up and grow up; it’s time to learn the truth about the decision makers in the medical industry… (Continue to full article)

Insufficient digestive enzyme in humans is a requirement for supplementation with Papaya Enzyme. If insufficient digestive enzyme in humans goes untreated, a single-celled bacteria called candida is allowed to enter the intestines.

Candida burrows pockets into the walls of the intestines. Undigested and not fully digested food gets trapped in those pockets, and goes rancid, then candida eats it. A digestive enzyme in candida, called CYP1B1, metabolizes that food, and the candida grows into a multi-cellular fungal mucous which is a transmutation of the candida… (Continue to full article)

~ Closing Note ~
Please make Victory Over Cancer… a regular place to visit (and SHARE) for continual updates to a variety of health related issues. In addition, there will be continued postings of the ongoing Cancer Series currently being offered. ~ Ed.



image by Roman Nockwell?

Why not. I am sick of cooking this meal that few appreciate any longer anyway. HEY – just go stuff that turkey… Up YOURS. Gimme a steak, a ham – a freaking Hackney’s burger on Black Rye with a full order of Onion Rings. The hell with it – two orders of rings. Oh yeah – THAT would be the life. Fourteen hours for what? So people can snarkily eye each other at the dinner table and finish eating in 20 to 25 minutes and don’t even give thanks for the meal? Then just who in the hell do you think washes the dishes? Yup – KFC – home of the headless, featherless, fattened up GMO-fed Bucket-O-Chicken-shit.

I’ll see y’all at Sundown,

Jeffrey Bennett

SEX Sells ~ even in Politics!

October 27, 2018 ~ So I was awakened this morning with a phone call from some pushy woman doing a survey as to whether I had received my voting packages in the mail, to which I responded that I had. She then raised her voice in a snotty manner and demanded to know, “When are you going to send them in?” I told her, “When the people of Arizona start putting up quality people for office” and then told her to leave me alone. HEY – she woke me up out of a sound sleep – whaddya want? Continue reading

My history with Stinkin’ Lincoln

Few remember the 1968 Broadway play, ‘HAIR’. A live performance originally performed at the Biltmore Theatre, 261-5 West 47th St. in New York City. I did not see it in New York, but while on R&R in Tokyo in ’69 (from ‘nam) I stayed at a hotel that was also hosting the Chicago cast for performances in that city. Only one performance was held, due to the nudity on stage. The cast and play were subsequently banned from further performances due to pornography laws. I was privileged to spend several evenings in the bar and restaurant with that cast and made some interesting friends, many of who I would meet up with again when I was released from the Army after my 21 months “in country.” Continue reading


Robert E. Lee On His Horse Traveller

I made a decision earlier in the week to take my fourteen year old granddaughter, Bully – north to Prescott for a day (an overnight stay) with her seven year old cousin, Sneaky Bob. A deal was made with her, because in many respects, she is just like the worthless individual that she calls ‘Daddy,’ who was and is a veritable SLOB! She is not a slob – but she is messy as all hell get out and trying to get her to keep her room clean is the impossible dream. She did the job – not perfect – but to the point where I knew that she needed this trip… Continue reading