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They are Coming…

…for YOUR Children!

August 23, 2018 ~ They are rampaging across the South to begin with the tearing down of the artful memorial statues of America’s history. It matters not to me exactly where you stand regarding the of Northern Aggression – or whatever you choose to call it. I reside in Arizona, and there was exactly one battle between opposing sides – but our one single small memorial to that event was removed several years ago (by theft). Now it’s Chapel Hill, NC and that damned Socialist University.

It’s happened in Georgia and other cities and states throughout the South, but next it will be the statues of Christ, and the Holy Crosses across the land – already being awarded against by the Progressive Courts in America. Continue reading

Return from the Abyss

September 21, 2009 ~ I have been away for a few days, and upon my return late last night, I found that not much had changed and the world continued to turn – or spin out of control on its axis of evil. The following has transpired (and probably much more)…

The Obamameister has suggested that a bailout of the newspaper industry might be under consideration.

Is he out of his ever lovin’ mind? Newspapers don’t make money by selling thinly disguises bird-cage liners. They make money by selling advertising. It’s why I don’t buy them. I can look in the yellow-pages, if I want advertising. I want to read NEWS! But that won’t happen here in America – unless you go to some independent sources – and they are all on-line. That’s why the published word is dying – and it should be buried! Continue reading

Oh Lord; What have I gotten myself into?

The best time of my life… for now!

wgaf_bennett_me2012August 17, 2014 ~ On June 23, 2014, I moved into my son’s house, as he and his family had relocated to Ohio for a two year run before moving on to North Carolina (which will give me an excuse to visit Donna).

My job? Renovate this house and prepare to put it on the market.

The project has been a longer and more difficult one than I had suspected, as we spent considerable time re-plastering a large portion of the main body of the house – the so-called “living area,” which includes the entry way, original living room, kitchen and dining area. There were so many different textures on walls that it looked like a jig-saw puzzle gone wrong. Continue reading

Show me the bacon

One of the Men Obama Claims We Were “Repaying Debt To”

August 17, 2010 ~ O’Bummah kisses the ass-ets of the Muslims in the White House, while celebrating the beginning of Ramadan (or is that Ram it in?). He cancels the National Day of Prayer, two years in a row, because he might offend some of his ‘friends’, then goes across the country and tries ot cover his own ineptness, by explaining away his “intent” of supporting the building of a Mosque near ‘Ground Zero’, which for those who are too dumb to remember, was the site, where the World Trade Center used to stand.

Ok, ok, so there are some who believe that there was no terrorist attack from the Muslim world, and that “everything was Bush’s fault…” Well – Bite Me! Continue reading

On Occupy Wall Street: Class war at its best…

November 14, 2011 ~ Recently, while perusing headline in various publications across the land, I came upon an article about a group of ‘occupiers’, who had commandeered an abandoned building in Chapel Hill, NC. The group called themselves – what else – “Occupy Chapel Hill.” WOW – was that original! What an expensive education these useful idiots must have received to come up with that name.

Upon reading their Chapel Hill Manifesto, I decided to post a comment to their blog. It’s now nearly midnight of the day I posted my commentary – and they have rejected it. Surprise, surprise! I’ll share it with you here – and once you have finished reading it, read the commentary which follows. I didn’t write it – but it sure fits the OWS crowd – to a tee – or is that ‘Tea’?

You decide… Continue reading

Oh Boy! Be a man… use your hand

August 14, 2010 ~ Nearly twenty months into the nightmare of the American journey toward socialism, several things hit me over the past several days, and amongst them – the question, “What does it mean to be a man?

You pick the issue in this nation today, the national debt, the deficit, illegal immigration, unemployment, the Gulf Oil “spill”, the fact that the Cubs still haven’t won a World Series, the cost of Michelle’s trip to Spain, the trade imbalance, the backed up plumbing in the White House, the death of an adoptive sister, “Racism” in America, 9/11… and so much more.

Doesn’t matter – it’s ALL Bush’s fault. Continue reading

The Heart of the Problem

March 8, 2018 ~ It matters not what the problems of the nation are – illegal immigration, gun (read, “people”) control, employment, abortion, health, education, welfare or anyone of a hundred or a thousand different issues – the problems will NEVER be resolved by those who we have been repeatedly sending over back to Washington, D.C. – some of them for many decades.

Continue reading

A ‘Big Brother‘ for all times…

Listening on a red metal Firestone radio in my bedroom in ’64 was my first introduction to Muhammed Ali (then Cassius Clay) as he fought Sonny Liston. If you have not seen the following before – I have watched it many times – and this is a Eulogy for now and forever… and its message is more important today that at anytime. Keep watching over us ‘Big Brother’ for you are needed more today that at any time. ~ Ed

In the Garden of Eden: A Tribute… and thanks

~ Forewords ~
October 1, 2017 ~ Several years ago on a reunion trip with several of my cohorts from the rice paddies, the boys went out for lunch, while I stayed behind at the hotel in Newport, California to make some notes and write a bit of remembrance. The three of us had spoken for several years about collaborating on a book about our time together over ‘there’ – but I began to realize that both of the guys were bullshit artists, and really had no desire to follow through, and so I decided to write a preface – to what I hope would become my story about the twenty-one months I spent in the Far East – VietNam. What came out of that several hours of peace, can be read HERE. I would highly recommend that you read it before you continue… but – at your discretion…

As for now – we pick up where we left off… ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher and Veteran
Continue reading

You ain’t pissed off enough yet!

July 30, 2009 Fifteen years. Fifteen g-d years – and too many people just don’t get it. They whine, and complain about the system, and all that is going on in this nationa and around the world – but that’s o.k. – “Jesus will be here soon, and take us all away from these troubles. I’ze gwine gitz me a fuss-class limo-zine ride ups to Hebbin!”

The following email was received by me after I concluded my Wednesday evening broadcast:

I am so damned tired of people who say, “we can’t, they won’t listen to us; there’s nothing we can do.” I want to scream!!!! They might as well take a damned gun and shoot themselves in the damned head! Sorry, I’m pissed!

Well, hot damn baby! Welcome to my world! This is what I have been saying for a long-long – lonnnnnnnnnng time – and I sometimes believe – that it’s all for naught. Continue reading

A Whiter Shade of Stupid

January 25, 2009The subject matter of this column alone, should draw the attention of the NAACP, the KKK, Abe Foxman, Morris Dees, and a sundry of other ‘special interest’ idiots. Do a ‘Google’ search on the term, “white identity”, and 489,000,000 (updated 08.28.18) links will pop up, many articles, blogs and columns being ‘racist’ in nature. It seems that it’s ok to identify with ‘black identity,’ or ‘red identity,’ or ‘Mexican identity,’ or what ever – and that’s ok – but DO NOT identify one’s self as being white – ’cause you ain’t right!

Consider the words of Dr. Joseph E. Lowery’s Benediction speech at Obama’s Inauguration speech on January 20, 2009: Continue reading

Been down this road before…

July 12, 2002 ~ After many years of deep thought and consideration, I believe that I have discovered the root problem of America’s youth – and their boomer parents.

With the advent of television in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, the Old Hollywood movie studios began to realize that they were going to be forced to embrace the ‘little box’. One of the ways, which this could be done, was to sell the television the broadcasting rights to the film industry’s motion picture library. After all, you could only watch Uncle Miltie, Lucy and the Honeymooners so many times. The news programs lasted about 5 minutes at first (later 15, then 30, an hour – voila’ – all day) – so there was a lot of time to fill in those eight hour broadcast days. I don’t even think that Jack Paar had been born yet, or Brittany Spears mother.

In the early years of licensing, the films most often shown were those from the very late 1920’s through the late 1930’s. I specifically remember seeing the 1936 production of ‘Romeo and Juliet‘ with screen legends, Leslie Howard and John Barrymore (an oh-so-distant relation to Gertie from E.T.). Continue reading

I am offended… by a LOT of things

I think that it is adorable that people are offended by Trump saying, “shithole,” but…

March 9, 2018 ~ I am offended by people wearing what they refer to as ‘vagina hats.’

I am offended by men going into a public restroom for women and young girls (like my granddaughters). Go “hang” out in the other restroom or water a tree in the parking lot… Continue reading

Life was good… I was 10: Jazz on a Summer’s Day (1958)

July 6, 2018 ~ It’s summer time and I am back home at Coleridge – the place of my birth and my first three years on earth. Uncle Charlie and I are sitting on the grass listening to the (1957) World Series Champions battle it out for another National League pennant. Milwaukee County Stadium was only about an hour away, but we sat on the grass – getting bit by the ants.

Across the country, something else was taking place – something that I was not aware of, even though I knew of many of the “players” and singers. I was introduced to music at an early age – and seven decades later it is still an important part of my sanity. Continue reading

Still at peace this week…

…and for any of you who follow our work on Le Metropolis Café – you will understand why the name ‘Adair’ has so much meaning to me. I do not know if there is any relation, but if Sundown is near – it would be nice to cross the river in a similar manner that I did in the 5th Grade. ~ Ed.