Bennett: The Death of Privacy and a letter of promise

What I am doing this night is a total rarity – in fact – I have never done it before.

On my evening broadcast of July 21, 2022 – I did what I am known for, shared one of the most well researched commentaries from a well-known writer who I have never met nor spoken with – but his commentary was so spot-on – that I chose to make it the base for my program this night – but it was not to be the end of my program.

As you will hear, I received a letter nearly two weeks ago from a listener, but as I began to read it, I was taken aback and chose to put it back in the envelope – until two nights ago and read this two-page letter in it’s entirety – and it hit me hard – but not for some of the things that were said, which could have been taken the wrong way – but for the letter in it’s completeness – and then I decided to share said letter with my audience with some closing remarks.

Please LISTEN to the complete program, and lessons shall be learned – and then SHARE this link for this column with family, friends and all who will listen and read. (CLICK ON the title)

The Death of Privacy and a letter of promise…

Without Apology I am,

One thought on “Bennett: The Death of Privacy and a letter of promise

  1. veteran

    excellent podcast. you have nailed it !
    this is a global problem we see today. the nations conspire and the people plot in vain. the leaders and rulers are in rebellion. they have depraved minds and are under demonic influence.
    the word, from beginning to the end tells us that it would be this way in the end of days.
    we are seeing prophecy fulfilled before our eyes–that is for those who are paying attention.
    although i am angry at the stupidity of it all, i am at peace and will not fear because i am secure in the promise of the one who made everything.
    there are many who will not accept my statement, that is their choice. but i will stand firm in the truth of the word. we have no other hope !

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