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Bill & Hillary: The Movie

… well – not really.

The image posted to the left (of course) was recently lifted from a column which I was perusing…. but that is all that I did, for her “story” never changes – the point of our ‘historical’ post today. From a position on the Watergate hotel investigation (where she got fired for deceitful practices and lying), to the First ‘Lady” (LOL) of Arkansas, to the First Beotch in the White House along with her ‘husband’ Willy Jeff – oh and her ‘relationships’ with Vince Foster and ultimately Webster Hubbell (the sperm-donor who created Chelsea) – Hillario has had quite a ‘career.’ But then she always yearned for more – MUCH MORE. Continue reading

March 6, 1836: Alamo

What we post here today does not relate to the film depicted above. It is a broadcast which I did many years ago, paying homage to those who gave their lives in order to buy time for Sam Houston to gather an army together take on the enemy – Santa Ana and his army.

The story of this ‘thirteen days of glory’ has – to me – always been one of the most profound stories in American history. My feelings have never changed. Remember the Alamo! ~ Ed.

A, B, C, D, E, F, GEE…

…from out of the distant past!

Watch the FEDS TRY to stick it to me!

September 9, 2003 – This will be a quicky – as I don’t have the time for foreplay and romance.

The past 5 weeks have not been good. My stress-related virus has returned – hence the general lack of new material on the pages of The Federal Observer and the number of reruns on our daily radio program Perspectives on America.

Something Strange, This Way Comes
Friday morning, I received a series of emails from columnist, Lisa Guliani, one of which, had a simple request – that I remove an article from her archives, which she had not in fact written. Apparently she had forwarded the column to me several months ago and I thought that it was her work. She has recently taken a fair amount of heat on this piece (something she does well) and requested its removal. “No problem”, I said and promptly got on it – except that it wasn’t there. I immediately told her so – she went into her archives at the Observer and noticed the same thing – although, as she said, ”it was there an hour ago”. I believed her but there was nothing I could do so I moved on with my day. Continue reading

What In the World Has Happened To The America We Grew Up In?

It has been but just a few months since I put pen to paper and wrote and posted the following, and yet it seems to grow in importance with each passing day. Read it for the first time, or read it again. The end draws near. People, get ready… ~ Ed.

To Granny and Cat…

April 9, 2019 ~ I have been in a state of proverbial ‘funk’ for nearly a year now. You’ll remember last July when I had made the decision to shut down Federal Observer after seventeen years of publication – only to slowly change gears for God knows what reason. Over these past nine-plus months, the site – although looking much the same – has taken new directions – or in some cases readdressing old topics – which still drive me to this day. I’ll not draw you a map today – you may review the site on your own time and come to your own conclusion… and that is where I stand at this point – conclusions – or more specifically – the Conclusion of this once great nation. MAGA? Forget it – it will never happen. We near the end of the journey. Continue reading

Miles to go before I sleep…

I have much new to post, but between the marathon posting of last week and last Friday night’s program – I just ain’t feeling it my friends.

I need another day to begin to regain my strength. Stick around – I’m jest getting madder than hell, because I am NOT going to take it anymore.

As I have shared with our readers in the past…

We are not a Democracy – we are a Republic

Twenty-Four plus years for FREEDOM.

bennett_0608December 3, 2013 ~ This is what I have given my life for this past two and a half decades, and yet today I feel more enslaved that at any time in my life. Each day since June of 1995 I have awakened each day with intent and purpose – to teach, inform and educate the American public of that which we face today under the thumbnail of the Obamanites and their ruthless tyranny – and today I am more enslaved that at any time during my nearly sixty-six years on this earth.

Mind you – I lay the blame, not entirely at the hands of our former Tyrant, Barack Obama – for he is just a symptom of what is lacking in this country. He was chosen as ‘the ONE‘ who was best suited to lead this nation smack-dab into Socialism – albeit – the final nail into the coffin of what was once known as ‘America’ – the greatest experiment in Democracy ever known to exist. Continue reading

So tired of America…

…and what it has become.

The following post provides a comment from a viewer, and an emotional video from a man who was amazingly talented, but most importantly who has taken the words (also posted below) of Canadian-American singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright from 2007 and turned them into something of his own. At the later stages of George Michael’s life – he had mastered his craft as both a singer and a song-writer, and his ability to LIVE each song as he presented it is something to behold and cherish. The peace which he has brought to me over the past few days has been amazing, I feel the need to share with you what I have felt. Each reader will draw from the following what moves your own emotion. ~ Ed.

Continue reading

Disciples of the Great Cornholio…

The following is an emphasized version of an email which I sent out moments ago to my old friend, Bill O’Brian in PA – you know – where the City of Brotherly Love (Whey amz de Bruitah’s don’ eben be lovin’ each otha) is located? The image was posted on Facebook – and few typical dumb-assed comments were left except which caught my eye, “Why are the numbers so big in Pennsylvania?Continue reading

Take out the Snakes…

Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) takes on a rat snake (Coelognathus spp.) at the Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan, India. Photo: Ashish Inamdar.

These past months I have become angrier and angrier. Some of my issues are family related, but most are what is going on in this nation.

Earlier today, a friend on Facebook posted the following statement: Continue reading

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

October 16, 2001 ~ That’s it! I’m finished – finished with all of the stupidity and apathy in this nation! Alright, we’ve been kicked – but we’re not down! But dammit, when is America and her sheeple going to wake up to that fact? If this is war – then let”s start acting like it!

No, I don”t mean by running back to the movies and the ball games – although all of us need a break – I mean by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps (if you young punks even know what I”m talking about) and getting about the business of BEING Americans! Continue reading

Gwine Fishin’

I’m tired of the jive. Need some time outta here…

Haven’t yet decided what I am gwine fishin’ for, or maybe I’ll just be more concerned about who I am gwine fishin’ with…

I need a break from all of it.

See y’all around Wednesday…

April 4, 2019 ~ The Facebook Chronicles

An interesting hour on Facebook tonight. As always there are posts to smile about, cry about, get angry about, but of course – what bothers me is having put efforts into posting information that is submitted to educate and help people. No foul language – no smart-aleck comments – just superb, well researched information – in this case – related to issues which DO affect YOUR health and well-being, but then the new “rules” at Facebook – are against this kind of information. Continue reading

So, I get this email from Neal…

Once in awhile when I complete a column (of course I hadn’t posted one of my own since early in the year) I’ll send it out to a select few people – you know they type – the ones who CARE about America – the ones who COUNT – the ones who GIVE A SHIT!?!?!?

So the day goes on and I hear from Granny (#1), Biesada (the ONLY one), Ewart (who gets fed up from time to time as well) and finally – Ross. You remember Ross don’t you? He’s the intellectual, who idolizes and reads the likes of Tommy Jefferson (who helped move an entire nation on up), little Jimmy Madison, Slammin’ Sammy Adams, and the other guy who had been to Franklin. Then there was the joint smokin’ dude from the Mount Vernon Country Club and his buddy who got killed – you know – the cat on the $10 bill – Hamilton Beach. He has read and studied the words of P. Henry (no relation to ‘O’) – and a whole bunch of those founding Muthas!

Nice history lesson Huh?? Gotcha hooked now, don’t I? Continue reading

The Numbers Game: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Socialists

The sniper news/gun-grab talk continues. What’s new?

October 19, 2002 ~ The opinions and commentary are still coming in from every corner of our debauched society, and while The Federal Observer continues it’s coverage of the debate from both sides of the aisle – we find that other stories of importance are being ignored – and depending on the length of this column – we may be choose to ignore them as well.

But first – to the topic of gun-control: A column (once published on the now-defunct) Armed Females of America web-site was indicative of just how hot the subjects of gun-ownership, safety of our families and the “…right to keep and bear arms…” has become once again. Continue reading

St. Valentines Day Massacre

Ten years has passed since this column was penned. SOME of the names have changed – the financial numbers have only increased multi-fold, and the filth and scum who have permeated the HOLLOW halls of Government have become even more anti-America than ever before. PLEASE – reach back into history and call up the ghosts of Al Capone and his boys to do what we as a people do not have the guts to do. MASSACRE! Happy St. Valentines day Al – you are sorely missed – you KNEW how to get the job done – without remorse. ~ Ed.

February 14, 2009The following was sent to each and every Senator in the United States Senate on this day.

To all the guilty parties concerned, Happy Valentines Day – we’ve been massacred. CON-gress took a good lesson from Al Capone, and he has been in the grave for decades, so you can’t blame this one on him!

Although not surprised at the outcome of the events, which have taken place in both houses of CON-gress over the past several weeks, frankly – I am shocked, at the cavalier manner, in which this package has been crammed down the throats of generations of Americans to come.
Continue reading

Due to Lack of Interest… Tomorrow has been cancelled

Last Rites for the Promised Land!

Grammy Award Winning Cover art: Evelyn Kelbish

Over the past few years I have been reaching further back into my personal history specifically with memories of my youth and my time spent in Country while flying over the rice-paddies and picking up wounded soldiers, civilians and enemy combatants.

Recently I realized that a song which I had considered to be my theme song from those 21 months ~ Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida was released within days of my arrival for the Adventure of a lifetime. You’ll note that it is also a permanent audio fixture of this site in the right-hand column. Some additional thoughts on the song I have also penned as part of the description of our category, ‘Nam – Some Came Home: Continue reading