Education as We Knew It Is Gone!

Reversing course may no longer be an option, and the solution might require drastic changes to the entire system.

The American public education system is abysmal, and more Americans are aware of that painful fact than ever before.

The increase in dissatisfaction was highlighted in a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. The survey indicated that “about half of U.S. adults (51%) say that the country’s public k-12 education system is generally going in the wrong direction.”

A very small group of those surveyed believe it’s going in the right direction, while the rest are unsure. Continue reading

DeWeese: Is Home Ownership the American Dream or an Opportunity for Government Control?

Does your family live in a home located in a single-family neighborhood of your choosing? A place where your kids are safe to play in the yard, you can enjoy the sun in your own lounge chair, the grill is ready to be fired up for dinner, and your neighbors wave hello? Best of all, are you counting on the equity value growing with each mortgage payment, preparing for your financial future?

This is your home, your investment, your quality of life!

Well, get ready to lose it all, because a growing movement believes your happiness and success is divisive, racist, and ignores the plight of others who just don’t have the same opportunities and privileges as you. Continue reading

Joe “Get Off My Lawn” Biden

I had a vision of Joe Biden being Mr. Magoo – so blinded by his cognitive decline that he doesn’t even realize he’s incapable of fulfilling such a demanding office. Here is that cartoon.

Jill claims he still has the vigor, and I also thought of a cartoon showing him stiff as a board and having rigor – as in rigor mortis. I can’t draw that now, because the quick-witted comedian Greg Gutfeld used the idea yesterday on his show. Continue reading

‘Merka? Highway to HELL!

On the road trip that’s been my life, I’ve encountered more junctions, turn-offs, and exits than I care to count. I’ve taken a lot of domestic off-ramps, and a few foreign detours, as well. I should also mention there were many stops signs and road closed barricades on this odyssey. But I’m still driving, and for me, the best roads are the ones less traveled… Continue reading

Ross: People Just Don’t Get It

(A Literary Bitch Slap Across People’s Faces)

One of the most laughable things I’ve ever heard is when people say that this election is the most important of their lifetime; and you hear it from someone every election cycle. The reason people say that is due to the fact that their minds are trapped in the prison of the two-party paradigm; they look at elections as a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans; while I look at it as a battle between government, and freedom and liberty. From my perspective, no matter which candidate gets the most votes (actual votes or fraudulent ones) government wins, and we lose. Continue reading

Whitehead: Project Total Control ~ Everything Is a Weapon When Totalitarianism Is Normalized

“The biggest mistake I see is people waiting for A Big Sign that’ll tell them that things have gone too far. One Big Thing that police or lawmakers or the president/leaders will do that will cross the line. It’ll never come because they won’t cross it. They’ll move the line. That line you think you stand behind is shifting everyday with little actions, bills, legislations… That line will stop moving one day, & it’ll be too late… Every day, your sensitivity is being eroded by these willful atrocities. The envelope for what you’ll accept is being pushed. One day, all of these things will be your new normal.” ~ Nigerian writer Suyi Davies Okungbowa

The U.S. government is working to re-shape the country in the image of a totalitarian state.

This has remained true over the past 50-plus years no matter which political party held office.

This will remain true no matter who wins the 2024 presidential election. Continue reading

Letting Illegal Aliens Vote


I’ve been saying for a long time now, probably a couple years at least, that the main reason China Joe wanted the illegal aliens by the millions in here was so his regime (with Obama’s blessing) could give them the ability to vote in our national elections and influence our elections.

There’s enough of them here now that if they got the vote, they sure could do that. I truly believe that was one of the main reasons China Joe opened the floodgates at our Southern border to invite the illegals in. That, and it was the direct opposite of what Trump did, and China Joe has made a career move to try to undo everything possible that Trump did. Continue reading

Kennedy: China and the Vulnerability of the U.S. Election System

It is not the purpose of this essay to discourage anyone from participating in the 2024 election. Quite the opposite. Its purpose is to encourage unprecedented numbers of citizens and their elected representatives to work together to ensure that the election will be fair and free from, among other things, interference by foreign governments and their intelligence agencies. ~ Editor

At no time during the Cold War with the Soviet Union was it imagined that the Russians could manipulate a United States presidential election in favor of their preferred candidate. Hollywood’s portrayal of a “Manchurian Candidate” aside, American elections were held in person, using paper ballots, counted by human beings, with other human beings watching them. And, however vicious and corrupt the normal partisan interplay of American politics may have been, this practice insured that a fair enough election could be held.

Today that is no longer the case.

Continue reading

Rockwell: What If Public Schools Were Abolished?

In American culture, public schools are praised in public and criticized in private, which is roughly the opposite of how we tend to treat large-scale enterprises like Walmart. In public, everyone says that Walmart is awful, filled with shoddy foreign products and exploiting workers. But in private, we buy the well-priced, quality goods, and long lines of people hope to be hired. Continue reading

Kunstler: Who Turned Off the Gaslight?

“Things were bad, and they knew things were bad, and they knew others must also know things were bad, and yet they would need to pretend, outwardly, that things were fine. The president was fine. The election would be fine.”Olivia Nuzzi, NY Magazine

There’s a reason that the fable of The Emperor’s New Clothes is so potent: it describes a mentally ill society that retreats into abject unreality, to avoid contending with truth. Alas, this archetypal human quandary shoves such a society towards nemesis: downfall and punishment. And that is exactly the consequence of our news media’s craven, dishonorable, degenerate behavior the past decade. Continue reading

July 9, 2024: The Continued INVASION of America… The Insanity Will NOT End

Border Battle: Texas vs Mexican Cartel

The recent photo of members of a Mexican Cartel – in this case, the Northeast Cartel (CDN) – wearing vests sporting its logo followed by the words “Operativa Texas” (Spanish for “Texas Operation”) is evidence of an intensifying battle between the cartel and Texas law enforcement on the north side of the Rio Grande.

The seeds of what has now sprouted into an open fight for control of the border were planted three years ago when Texas Governor Greg Abbott initiated “Operation Lone Star” and began flooding the border with Texas Military Forces and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Troopers, Special Agents and Texas Rangers.

The operation generated publicity – including photos of Texas military members and police officers conducting “joint tactical drills” on the Rio Grande – (which some dismissed as “security theater”).

That assessment would later prove to be mistaken… (Continue to full article)

At the Arizona-Mexico border, residents are fed up: ‘The politicians are creating the mayhem
A few hundred feet from the US-Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona, Laura Aldana chuckled at the suggestion – made by both leading presidential candidates – that the region had fallen into chaos.

“Where?” she asked rhetorically. She gestured toward the street outside the downtown formalwear boutique where she works. “There’s almost too little to do here.”

A hundred miles east, in the border town of Douglas, Peggy Christiansen, a pastor at the First Presbyterian church, cringed. “I look at those conversations on TV, or on the news – and it just makes me mad,” she said. “The politicians are creating the mayhem.” … (Continue to full article)

US Executes ‘Large Deportation’ of Chinese Illegal Immigrants
Biden’s Department of Homeland Security announced on Tuesday that it had executed a deportation of illegal immigrants from China last weekend. The operation marked the “first large deportation charter flight to China” under the Biden administration.

In a Tuesday press release, the Department of Homeland Security stated, “This weekend, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), conducted a removal flight to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) of Chinese nationals.”

The Department of Homeland Security did not disclose the number of illegal immigrants that were on the large deportation charter flight to China in its press release.

Despite facing widespread criticism over the Biden administration’s border policies, Mayorkas touted the recent deportation operation, saying, “We will continue to enforce our immigration laws and remove individuals without a legal basis to remain in the United States. People should not believe the lies of smugglers.”

CNN previously reported that in just the first 11 months of 2023, 31,000 Chinese nationals were apprehended while trying to illegally enter the United States by crossing the U.S.-Mexico border…. (Continue to full article)

US Increases Scrutiny Over Chinese Land Purchases Near Military Bases

States and federal governments are increasingly concerned over real estate purchases made by foreign nationals from adversarial countries.

The windswept town of Cheyenne, Wyoming, known for its cowboy culture, doesn’t seem like the kind of place anyone would need to worry about geopolitical espionage.

Yet, the Biden administration was concerned enough in May to make a rare move and issue an executive order shutting down MineOne Partners Ltd. and its affiliates. The firms are majority-owned by Chinese nationals.
The 12-acre site, purchased in 2022, is a mile away from Warren Air Force Base, home to the U.S. Minuteman III nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles.

If not for a public tip, the federal government would not have known about the crypto mine site, which uses computers to mine Bitcoins… (Continue to full article)

Biden Flying Illegal Aliens, Deported Under Trump, Back to U.S.
Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reportedly flying illegal aliens, deported by former President Donald Trump’s administration, back into the United States.

Biden’s DHS is carrying out the little-known program, according to the Washington Free Beacon, where illegal aliens from Cameroon who were deported by the Trump administration are now being flown back into the United States despite having been found to have invalid asylum claims.

Now some are arriving back in the United States under a program with little precedent, both current and former ICE officials say. All of the individuals deported under the previous administration were found not to have valid asylum claims in the United States.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has, on several occasions, said “equity” and “justice” for migrants are at the center of the agency’s mission… (Continue to full article)

At Least 50 With Ties to ISIS Illegally in U.S., Whereabouts Unknown
At least 50 known foreign nationals with ties to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS are living in the U.S. illegally and their whereabouts are unknown to federal agencies tasked with national security, according to several reports.

They were either released into the country by Border Patrol agents through a failed Department of Homeland Security vetting system the DHS Office of Inspector General has consistently warned about or they illegally entered and evaded capture, joining an estimated two million gotaways whose whereabouts are also unknown.

In the past three years, DHS has identified more than 400 foreign nationals from countries of foreign concern in Central Asia connected to an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network… (Continue to full article)

America’s migrant gang invasion MAPPED
ISIS in LA, Venezuelan sex-traffickers in Texas and Chinese drug lords in Maine. Now check if a violent enclave has sprung up in YOUR neighborhood…

A brutal Venezuelan sex-trafficking gang is now in America’s biggest cities.

Chinese organized crime syndicates are running drug farms with slave labor in half a dozen US states.

Mexican drug cartels are operating vile human smuggling operations over the southern border with near impunity.

…and it’s ALL BULLSHIT!!! (Continue to full article)

Smith: I am as Mad as Hell…

…and I’m NOT going to take it anymore!

When my two daughters were born, I wanted only the best for them, just like I want the best for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And like most parents, I also want them all to have a better life than mine, as I recall looking into their shining little eyes, their beautiful angelic faces and seeing their perfect little hands and feet, thanking God for them. I knew that I wanted to leave this world a much better place for them than the one I found, and I worked toward this goal. I imagine that our Founding Fathers, too were motivated by their love of God, family, friends and country.

It’s definitely a challenge that will seem insurmountable to many, but if there’s anything to them, any sense of right and wrong and honor, they won’t mind the fight. Continue reading

Dickens: Where Do YOU Live?

July 2, 2024 – I’m not interested in your habitat or domicile, whether you own or rent or even free-load – I’m most interested in where your head is… what do you believe?

What you believe is where you live.

So… Where do you live?

How did you learn what you believe?

Where do you get the information that feeds those convictions?

Is the information you consume positive, negative, or hopefully factual – unbiased, not anecdotal, circumstantial or based on rumors, innuendos and lies.

Do you trust your sources to provide unvarnished – true and honest data – or is what you consume interpreted to fit a political narrative; most commonly – disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation.

Are you looking for affirmation and validation for your views, or do you want to learn more? Continue reading

Benson: The Antifederalists Were Right on Target

A couple days ago someone forwarded me an article from November 17, 2019 by Gary M. Galles about the Antifederalists who opposed the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Galles felt the Antifederalists were pretty much on target with their objections to the Constitution and over the years I’ve felt the same way. The Christian statesman Patrick Henry, who I have high regard for, was an Antifederalist.

Henry felt that the convention in Philadelphia in 1787 had exceeded its authority when it gave us a new constitution rather than amending the Articles of Confederation, which is what the delegates had been sent there to do. Continue reading

The Dems’ Titanic DISASTER

Joe Biden promised he would serve only one term, but here he is trying to serve a second one. This has caused a great disturbance in the Democrat dark force. After Joe’s disastrous debate performance, many top leaders in the party are calling for him to step down. That might prove to be a difficult task because Joe is a power-hungry, sociopathic narcissist.

Or it could simply be due to Jill Biden. She likes being First Lady and she might even be pulling some of Joe’s policy strings. (She might pulling up his diaper as well, who knows?) Continue reading

Their Panic Would Almost Be Gratifying ~ if It Weren’t So Ominous

Don’t be fooled – the following column gets it said – what ‘merka watched last night – was the biggest load of B.S. that we have ever seen. ~ Editor

“The President is very sharp,” former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough told audiences not long ago. “Some NATO leaders have told me they were very surprised… because he is so sharp and he’s on top of everything.”

MSNBC further trotted out various guests and hosts, including Mika Brzezinski, to gush about Joe Biden’s sharpness and mentally agility.

Members of the President’s party also claimed that, in private meetings, Joe Biden was absolutely at the top of his game. Continue reading

Blow it Out Cher (G)-Ass! Chapter III

Oklahoma Farmers Sound Alarm on Chinese-Owned Weed Farms Taking Over Their Town With Workers Armed With AK-47s Using Fake Amazon Trucks to Distribute Cannabis

Farmers in Oklahoma are warning residents about cannabis farms owned by China backed heavily armed workers using phony Amazon trucks.

Authorities in Oklahoma, Oregon, California, New Mexico and Maine have all been battling a surge in Chinese weed farms, with some thought to be linked to criminal gangs known as ‘triads’.

The spread is seemingly uncontainable, with police in Penobscot County, Maine, in February arresting three Chinese nationals at a weed farm and seizing 40 pounds of the drug alongside $4,700 in cash…. (Continue to full article)

Senate Acts to Ban Plastic Bags and Reduce Plastic Usage
The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation that builds on the state’s climate and environmental leadership by banning single-use plastic bags, making straws and plasticware available by request only, and making it easier to recycle. The legislation passed by a vote of 38-2.

“I’m very excited about the passage of the Act to Reduce Plastics. Reducing the amount of single-use plastic consumption is essential in ensuring waterways, streets, and communities in the First Middlesex District and statewide remain clean and safe,” said Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Lowell).

“In Massachusetts, we take pride in being a leader when it comes to protecting our environment and people’s health, and this bill continues that leadership,” said Senate President Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland). “Limiting our plastics use means less trash in our waterways and on our streets, and giving our kids the green, clean planet they deserve to inherit.”

Now Wal-y-World can start charging us for Paper-bags… (Continue to full article)

Illegal Border Crossings at Northern Border Continue to Break Records
Illegal border crossings at the northern border continue to break records, according to the latest data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In May, 18,644 foreign nationals were apprehended illegally entering the U.S. at the northern border, the highest total for the month of May in recorded history.

The northern border has seen the highest number of illegal entries in U.S. history under the Biden administration.

In the first eight months of fiscal 2024, more than 99,000 were apprehended after illegally entering through the northern border, according to CBP data . If the current trajectory continues, the numbers are on track to surpass fiscal 2023 apprehensions of 147,666… (Continue to full article)

“Fixing” Public Schools? Forget It! You’ll Never Do It
The problem with the government schools is that they don’t have the Ten Commandments posted. Putting aside that many of the students won’t be reading at high enough a level to understand them, there’s no fixing taxpayer-funded progressive indoctrination centers. (To be fair, a lot of conservative parents like them too because they see them as a ‘free’ babysitting service where they can dump their kids from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

They are state owned and run and will only ever support the state’s plan of limitless expansion and micromanagement of its vassals’ lives. The only real solution to the pathologies of the government schools is to permanently close them and repeal the property taxes that fund them.

The answer is – no they can’t. In fact you can’t do anything to repair the public schools. They are irreparable for the simple reason that they are doing now exactly what they were intended to do from the beginning!!!(Continue to full article)

Almost Half of U.S. Electric Car Owners Regret Purchase
A consumer research group surveyed electric vehicle (EV) owners all around the world and found 46 percent of American EV owners regret their purchase and are “very likely” to switch back to the internal combustion engine (ICE).

Around the world, 29 percent of EV owners said they will go back to the ICE. The top concerns are the lack of a reliable charging infrastructure, the costs involved in owning an EV, and anxiety about long-distance trips.

Also not happening, as anyone can see, is the building of a charging infrastructure. There is not enough demand in the free market to build these charging stations through private enterprise, so two years ago the Biden administration allocated $7.5 billion to build a charging infrastructure.

To the surprise of no one, two years later, only eight charging stations have been built.

The idea was to have more people purchase and love their EVs, which would then increase demand and desire for EVs. That is obviously not happening…. (Continue to full article)

How Republican Ashley Hinson’s ‘Farm Bill‘ Provision Could Stop China’s Buy Out of U.S. Farmland

… as it’s revealed communist adversary has bought 347,000 acres

The upcoming House Farm Bill will contain measures to restrict foreign entities like China from scooping up American farmland in a big win for national security, a Republican who helped secure the provisions told

Foreign entities own a total of 40 million acres of U.S. farmland and China has bought up nearly 347,000 acres, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Now lawmakers are working to further restrict China and other adversaries from snatching up coveted land in the fiscal year 2024 ‘Farm Bill.’… (Continue to full article)

Dickens: Knowledge!

What we know is all based on lies, rumors, and media-fueled hysteria.

My lead-line is an intentional generalization. I want you to think about what it says, then consider why it seems hyperbolic – an exaggerated claim.

Of course, there are things we know to be true – it’s proven 2+2=4, right is the opposite of left, up is the opposite of down, gravity is how we define the attractive force that keeps us from disintegrating and floating away.

We accept that the √ of -1 is unsolvable and calculating Pi results in an infinitely repeating decimal.

Still, there are many things about which I remain skeptical… dubious… I know the answers personally, but I want you to consider your personal perspective. Is it what you truly believe, accept or conclude; or are your concepts and ideas programmed responses from the Corporate Media Complex (CMC) programming?

Why do you believe what you believe – where did that belief originate? Continue reading