Sex, Drugs, Guns and Rock and Roll

May 13, 2002 – A leftover saying from the ‘60’s – got your attention, didn’t I?

The Federal Observer Editor wastes 28+ years of his life on the air.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only things left-over from the decade of peace & love. During that decade we saw the birth of ”free love”, forgetting that with everything – there is a price to pay. The nation has become steeped in moral decay – as the epidemic of AIDS has spread world-wide. Some say that it was a virus developed in the U.S., others say that it was caused by monkeys and still others who believe that it was caused by the rampant spread of deviant sexual behavior. Does it really matter at this point what the cause?

As a nation, We the People of the United States of America never seem to heed the lessons of history. Sodom and Gomorra set the stage so long ago – and yet today – anything seems to go in America – and we, as a society have turned to stone. Our schools have become proving grounds for alternative sex-education classes. Our children are being taught to accept anything, which is considered outside the norm. Homosexuality is now openly being taught in the government run ‘fool’ system – sanctioned and promoted by administrations who got their education during that same tumultuous decade – all the while parents sit at home and do nothing. I guess that their parents had taken too many drugs, thereby transferring the dead brain-cells to their children. Continue reading

February 20, 2024: Headlines of the Day ~ It’s All Going to HELL

Congress Is Broken

In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

So said Ronald Reagan on January 20, 1981, in his first inaugural address. We were reminded of these words last Wednesday when Tennessee Republican Congressman Mark Green said, “I have come to realize our fight is not here within Washington, our fight is with Washington

At the conclusion of that first inaugural address, Ronald Reagan spoke of the challenge that confronted us. “It does require … our best effort, and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds; to believe that together, with God’s help, we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us.”

Today’s challenges are even greater, and with good men like Green and Gallagher leaving behind a broken Congress, it’s hard to share The Gipper’s optimism for fixing things… (Continue to full article)

Mass Deportation — It CAN Be Done!

It’s going to be difficult to get tens of millions of illegals out of the country. If there were some fear of that happening, the Democratic Party would rise up and steal as much of the American taxpayers’ money as necessary to protect this future constituency of theirs.

Corporations that want cheap labor would press politicians with threats of reduced campaign money, and everybody knows politicians love other people’s money more than they love anything else. The illegals themselves would disappear under rocks, into holes in the ground, and into every cavity and crevice they could find to escape deportation. All they would then need to do is occasionally find their way to the nearest Democratic Party-run welfare office, get their money, and then disappear again.

Removing these people from America will be a Herculean task. The Democrats know that and are chuckling all the way to the mail-in ballot box.

But the Democrats and Uniparty Deep State clique don’t care a thing in the world about the American people (except on election day—or, now, election weeks); they only care about power. And money… (Continue to full article)

A Recent Immigrant and Non-Citizen Is the Newest Member of San Francisco’s Elections Commission ~ Something is ‘WONG’ here!
Showing its complete disdain for citizenship and the rights that go with citizenship, San Francisco has appointed a non-citizen who hasn’t even lived in America for five years to its Election Commission. Kelly Wong, who can’t vote, is now one of the people charged with overseeing and creating policy for San Francisco’s Department of Elections.

Back in 2020, San Francisco voters approved a measure holding that people no longer needed to be citizens to serve on San Francisco’s advisory bodies, boards, and commissions, all of which are appointed positions. That opened the door for Wong to start having a say in how San Franciscans vote.

What just happened in San Francisco is another step in the left’s overall goal of erasing citizenship entirely. Leftists think Americans are spoiled, entitled white people who refuse to get with the program and vote in full socialism. Therefore, they’re chipping away at American votes through unlimited illegal immigration, non-citizen voting, election fraud and, as in Wong’s case, handing the keys to the kingdom to people who have no ties to America and no legal right to have a say in it… (Continue to full article)

Boston’s Migrant Shelter Luxury: State Pays $16 for Breakfast, $17 for Lunch and $31 for Dinner as They Live in Hotels for Free After Entering the US ILLEGALLY

New documents show the rising public cost of sheltering migrants in Massachusetts, as the state grapples with a strain on its emergency shelter system.

The state has 17 contracts totaling $116 million to house migrant families through June, including a no-bid $10 million contract for a company providing meals, CBS News Boston reported, citing documents obtained by the outlet.

Last August, Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey declared a state of emergency, saying the state had more than 20,000 migrants in its shelter system.

City officials are keeping their eyes peeled for the next building they can seize and transform into a shelter for migrants…. (Continue to full article)

Incompetence or Intentional Fundamental Transformation of America
So often I get asked if the left is that incompetent. No, they are not incompetent; they know exactly what they are doing, and why. This begs the question of why anyone would want to be in a position of power in a country that they obviously despise. I think we all recall the assertion by Barack Obama back in 2008: “We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States.”

It was quite telling that no one said “Stop! What is this transformation? What are we transforming to, or from what? The crowd of mindless lemmings just went into a deranged euphoria, and those who did ask questions were dismissed. Or worse, called a racist for daring to challenge an assertion of the chosen one.

According to Marc Morano from The Climate Depot, the bill was merely a disguised ‘green The leftists are not dumb. They are crafty, cunning, and diabolical in their quest to end the life cycle of the longest-running Constitutional Republic that the world has ever known. They are completely cognizant of the consequences and ramifications of their ideological agenda but refuse to reverse course, even in the face of abject failure.

To them, what we constitutional conservatives see as failure, they see as successful implementation of their agenda. What many see as insane, they see as perfectly fine. After all, for the left, their mantra is “the ends justify the means,” and will be achieved “by any means necessary.”… (Continue to full article)

How the US Regime Subsidizes Immigration — Both Legal and Illegal
In recent months, stories from both the legacy media and the independent media have continued to pile up on how undocumented foreign nationals – also known as “migrants” and “illegal aliens” – are able to take advantage of a vast network of taxpayer funded benefits in daycare, medical care, housing, and more.

Both the New York Post and Denver Post report that these foreign nationals have “overwhelmed” the Denver Health hospital system in Denver, and that the situation is “unsustainable.” Meanwhile, public schools report classrooms are filling up quickly with the children of these foreign nationals. Denver is hardly alone. The New York Post notes that both the City of New York and the state government have expanded local welfare programs, including pre-paid credit cards, to further ensure that migrants continue to receive cash and resources from American taxpayers. This is in addition to the approximately 66,000 foreign nationals who are housed in hotels and shelters, care of both New York and federal taxpayers.

USA Today reports that colleges “across the country” are receiving millions in taxpayer money to offer housing to migrants at no charge. Chicago’s mayor is bragging he’s giving away $17 million in taxpayer-funded giveaways to “asylum seekers” who are presently living off the sweat of the taxpayers in government shelters.

This, of course, is just a downpayment on many more planned giveaways… (Continue to full article)

Calls for Secession Surge in Alaska, More Than a Third Want to Separate from the US
The sentiment for secession is gaining traction in Alaska, with a recent poll revealing that over a third of the state’s residents are in favor of breaking away from the United States and establishing Alaska as an independent nation.

Alaskans emerge as the most supportive of secession, with 36 percent expressing a desire for the state to leave the Union, significantly surpassing the national average of 23 percent.

This sentiment reflects broader debates on the integrity of the U.S., particularly amidst heightened political polarization.

Amidst a backdrop of deep political divisions, the idea of a “national divorce” gained attention in 2023, proposed by House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene…. (Continue to full article)

Joe Biden Cognitive Test Results ~ try not to laugh

Cheney says it’s ‘worth’ Johnson losing Speakership to pass Ukraine aid bill

Cheney called on Johnson to bring a bill for Ukraine aid to the House floor during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. The Senate passed a bill approving funding for Ukraine in a vote last week — a bill Johnson had already rejected last week.

The bipartisan Senate bill passed last week includes $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion in security assistance to Israel. It also includes $9 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine, and $4.8 billion to deter Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific.

Cheney reiterated that Johnson should take action “to help the Ukrainian people.”

And again, he’s gonna have to explain to future generations, to his kids, to his grandkids, whether or not he did what was right, whether or not he was a force for good and aided the cause of freedom, or whether he continued down this path of cowardice and doing what Donald Trump and [Russian President Vladimir Putin] want him to do… (Continue to full article)

Texas to Build Military Base on Mexico Border… in New Swipe at Biden

The facility built on the site will be able to accommodate some 300 soldiers by April — and will have the ability to expand to house up to 2,300

Texas plans to construct a military base along the border with Mexico, the state’s Republican governor announced Friday, as his election-year tug-of-war with the White House over migration continues to broil.

A wave of illegal border crossings in recent months has made migration a key talking point in the US presidential election campaign once again, with Republicans seeking to pin blame for the record-high numbers entirely on Democratic President Joe Biden. Continue reading

The September Surprise ~ Michael!

What’s a Democrat to do?

President Biden’s poll numbers seem set in quicksand. Now the special counsel’s justification for not recommending charges against Biden for having “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials” is damning: Biden’s memory has such “significant limitations” that the special counsel believed he could not convince a jury that Biden has a “mental state of willfulness” that a serious felony (or, presumably, serving as president) requires. Cue the campaign commercials. Continue reading

Perkins: An Open Border Is an Open Invitation to Terror!

If 19 terrorists can inflict $8 trillion dollars’ worth of damage on this country, imagine what 300 could do.

With no regard to the danger, this White House has thrown open the gates to a stampede of evildoers. Almost 300 people from our Terror Watch List have already been caught. But have they been kept? Just this week, a Pakistani national that Border Patrol captured in November was found wandering around Los Angeles after his January release, stunning immigration officials. “Imagine how many cases like this one get through without us knowing,” one Homeland Security official told the Daily Caller anonymously.

In most cases, it takes “more than three months for an agency to determine if someone is/was a known suspected terrorist,” another agent cautioned. “Who knows how many after-the-fact realizations were made after releasing someone into the country?” He admitted, “We may never know until they are encountered by law enforcement at a later date. Very well after it’s too late.” Continue reading

February 18, 2024: Headlines of the Day ~ and It’s All Going to HELL

Democrat Teams Up With Trump Leaving Leftists With Their Hair on Fire
Trump has attracted support from across party lines before. But this took things to a whole new level.

And a Democrat teams up with Trump leaving Leftists with their hair on fire.

Former President Donald Trump and advisors from his campaign have met with former Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).

They met about foreign policy issues along with how the Department of Defense will be handled should Trump win a second term in the White House in November…. (Continue to full article)

Top Democrat Calls It Quits and Sends Out Shocking Resignation Letter
Because a top Democrat has officially called it quits with this shocking resignation letter.
On Wednesday, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) announced his resignation from his role as a Democrat leader of the House, and a protégé made it clear that he wanted to take over in his place.

“I have informed Leader Hakeem Jeffries of my intention to step down as Assistant Democratic Leader of the House Democratic Caucus,” Rep. Clyburn, who is now 83 years old, shared in an official statement.

A change in leadership was triggered by his pronouncement. A House Democratic leadership official informed NBC News that Rep. Joe Neguse, a 39-year-old rising Democrat from Colorado, will seek Clyburn’s leadership position… (Continue to full article)

Chinee Slo-Joe

Biden insists disastrous Afghanistan pullout – that killed 13 US troops – wasn’t a ‘mistake’
Biden was insistent that the disastrous withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in August 2021 — which led to the deaths of 13 US service members — wasn’t a “mistake,” according to a forthcoming book.

In his book “The Internationalists: The Fight to Restore Foreign Policy After Trump,” Politico reporter Alexander Ward said “no one offered to resign” after the bugout “in large part because the president didn’t believe anyone had made a mistake.”

Biden told his top aides, [National Security Advisor Jake] Sullivan included, that he stood by them and they had done their best during a tough situation – the excerpt reads, with one White House official saying, “There wasn’t even a real possibility of a shake-up…. (Continue to full article)

America is Wasting Over a Trillion Dollars on “Green” Programs
Despite a staggering $34 trillion debt, Democrats are allocating an additional trillion dollars for green subsidies. Much of this excessive spending stems from the 2022 “Inflation Reduction Act”.

According to Marc Morano from The Climate Depot, the bill was merely a disguised ‘green pork barrel’ falsely labeled as the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ by Democrats to gain more public support. Morano argues that the green initiatives benefiting from these subsidies are essentially ineffective.

“It’s not reducing emissions, nor is it enhancing the reliability, security, or abundance of American energy… (Continue to full article)

Alejandro Mayorkas on border: ‘We don’t bear responsibility for a broken system’
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday blamed House Republicans for record-high migrant crossings at the southern border after they voted largely along party lines to sink the bipartisan border security bill that included foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

During an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Mayorkas was asked by moderator Kristen Welker whether he bears responsibility for the overwhelming number of migrants trying to cross the border and the backlog of asylum claims, which President Joe Biden has called a “crisis.”

“It certainly is a crisis and we don’t bear responsibility for a broken system, and we’re dealing a tremendous amount within that broken system, but fundamentally, Congress is the only one who can fix it.”… (Continue to full article)

Five Dirty, Career-Ending, Prison-Warranting Secrets Biden Wants You to Forget Before Election Day
Let’s call it like it is. Lady Liberty is on the ropes, and it wasn’t the Nazis, the Soviets, or Islamic terrorists who put her in a daze. Nor was it a second Civil War that bloodied her face, forcing Mick to cut her eye. The simple answer is that this is the work of Democrats and RINOs.

As of today, we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden plans on running for re-election, hoping to assail our battered nation with another term of Marxist codswallop. I’ll bet my Snagglepuss lunchbox that doesn’t happen. I think Biden is going to exit, stage left. And with good reason.

Brandon, Let’s Go!

Biden is the worst presidential candidate since Vermin Love Supreme Al Sharpton. He “brought class back to the White House” in his first term by allegedly dropping a crabcake in his pants while chatting up the Pope… (Continue to full article) Continue reading

February 17, 2024: The Insanity that we call AMERICA!

Illinois Governor, Cook County President Allocate $250 Million For Migrants, Chicago Mayor Absent
Chicago officials allocate millions for migrant crisis amid funding tensions

Chicago’s leaders, including Governor J.B. Pritzker and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, have unveiled a significant funding initiative, pledging over $250 million to address the migrant crisis in the city. However, tensions arise as the city, county, and state collectively determine a need for $321 million to sustain essential services and shelters for migrants throughout the year.

Notably, the announcement lacks mention of contributions from the city of Chicago, leading to speculation about funding disparities and potential friction between city and state authorities”… (Continue to full article)

                                 “Stick it Joey – EH??”

House Delivers Blow to Biden’s Climate Agenda, Votes Against Natural Gas Moratorium
‘Joe Biden would rather appease the radical environmentalists in his party than protect hardworking Americans.’

If enacted, Pfluger’s bill would amend the Natural Gas Act of 1938, giving the independent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) exclusive authority to approve or deny applications for the siting, construction, expansion or operation of LNG export projects.

And in approving or rejecting permits, FERC would be required under the bill to “deem the importation or exportation of natural gas to be consistent with the public interest… (Continue to full article)

‘I Have a PhD in Recognizing Bullshit’
Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds to FDA Expert Testifying Covid Vaccines Saved 3.2 Million Americans.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) declared at a House hearing on Covid vaccines that she has a “PhD in recognizing bullshit” in a rant that included no questions for the witness to whom it was directed.

Greene honed in on Dr. Peter Marks, the director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the Food and Drug Administration, and his support of vaccines, especially for young children.

“I’m not a doctor but I have a PhD in recognizing bullshit when I hear it!”… (Continue to full article)

China Joe’s New Favorite People – Illegal Chinese Immigrants
A news report claims the fastest growing group of illegal immigrants entering the United States along the Southern border is from China, with roughly 37,000 Chinese nationals apprehended at the border. Lat year alone according to data provided by the Department of Justice, 55% of Chinese immigrants were granted asylum in 2023 compared with 14% for immigrants of other nationalities.

Why do you suppose so many Chinese illegals are given asylum compared with other groups? And how many of those given asylum are young men of military age?

Nobody tells us that, but don’t you wish you had a dollar for every one?… (Continue to full article)

Protestors demonstrate for full benefits for all US veterans in July, 1974.  Jerry Engel/Getty Images

Biden Giving Veteran Healthcare Resources to Illegal Immigrants
Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) recently slammed President Joe Biden for prioritizing individuals who are illegally crossing into the United States over U.S. military veterans by providing healthcare services to illegal immigrants.

The Republican senator argued that the Biden administration has created longer wait times for veterans to receive medical care by using Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities to provide care for illegal immigrants.

“[Biden’s] decided, OK, we’ve got to feed all these 10 million people we’ve let come across the border, we’ve got to house them, and we’ve got to give them health care,” Tuberville told Fox News. “They’ve opened up care from the doctors in these [VA] community care systems. The lines now in the VAs are getting longer. Our funds that are supposed to go to the veterans are going to these illegal immigrants that are coming across.”… (Continue to full article)

Failing Elementary School Goes Full Commie, Defends ‘Abolishing Systems of Oppression’
A sad story about a California public school may sound like a satirical Babylon Bee headline but it’s true: An elementary school paid a quarter-million dollars to a Communist activist to teach its struggling Hispanic students how to abolish democracy and overthrow their white oppressors.

The public learned about Glassbrook Elementary’s contract with the “Woke Kindergarten” website thanks to a Feb. 3 story published by The San Francisco Chronicle and education reporter Jill Tucker. The school used federal funds, set aside to improve student test scores, to send its teachers to work sessions where they were told white supremacy and oppression are the barriers to learning, the story said.

“They’re training kids to become revolutionaries instead of instilling the knowledge they need to succeed in society.”… (Continue to full article)

The US Now Has an 85% Chance of Recession in 2024, the Highest Probability Since the Great Financial Crisis
A recession is likely to hit the US economy in 2024, a new economic model highlighted by the economist David Rosenberg suggests.

The economic indicator, which Rosenberg calls the “full model,” suggests there’s an 85% chance of a recession striking within the next 12 months.

The model calls into question the growing narrative that the economy is about to pull off a “soft landing” or “no landing” scenario this year.

Our conviction that the recession has been delayed but not derailed is still running at a high level… (Continue to full article)

Job Gains Are Going to Immigrants, and Keeping Young US-Born Men Out of the Workforce
We keep hearing that the US economy is strong, especially the job market.

At first glance, this perspective seems to be spot-on. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, right before COVID-19 hit, the fourth quarter of 2023 shows 2.7 million more people working.

Except all those gains are among immigrants.

The number of immigrants working over this period is up by 2.9 million, while 183,000 fewer US-born Americans are working.

Put simply, compared to 2019, all the net job growth has gone to immigrants… (Continue to full article)

House Republicans Are Giving Up on Congress Despite Holding the Majority: ‘This place is so broken’! in the Ruins

* House Republicans keep calling it quits, even though they’re in the majority.

* Several GOP committee chairs are retiring, and younger Republicans seem to be giving up.

* It comes after a year in which chaos and lack of productivity reigned in the lower chamber.

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee achieved a goal that he’s been overseeing all year, and that narrowly eluded House Republicans last week: the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The very next day, Green — the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee — called it quits. Continue reading

Smith: Standing in the Ruins

I know a strong economy is important to people, but it has been placed in such a primary position for so many decades, that it seems the American people are willing to forgive almost any violation of our rights, just as long as any particular administration is delivering a “good economy”. But when they prop up corporations with government subsidies and throw trillions of stimulus dollars into the economy, ultimately it isn’t a good economy, despite short term appearances, and it results in a debilitating effect on all individuals’ finances, which also ultimately has a marked effect on their individual liberty. Continue reading

The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

“The madmen are in power.” ~ Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

The debate over U.S. foreign aid is a distraction.

That’s not to say that the amount of taxpayer money flowing to foreign countries in the form of military and economic assistance is insignificant. Even at less than 1% of the federal budget, the United States still spends more on foreign aid than any other nation.

The latest foreign aid spending bill includes $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Continue reading

Santarpia: The Crucible

When I open my eyes in the morning, the first thing I lift my head to see is the clock sitting on the nightstand beside me. If it’s even a minute past six, I’m up and out of bed…

Yes, I’m aware that retirement offers me the luxury of keeping myself attached to the pillow, eyes closed, drifting in and out, without caring to which number of that clock the short hand is crawling. Problem is though, that over the course of fifty years I’ve developed the impossible-to-break habit of getting up early – despite the fact that I no longer have a proverbial timecard to punch.

So, sun-up or not, when that hour comes I swing my feet over the side of the bed and onto the floor, stand as noiselessly as my creaking knees will allow, and very quietly – so as not to awaken my still-dreaming wife – navigate down the hall and into what we call the “back bedroom.” There I have access to the two drawers and three feet of closet space not being used for seasonal storage, and which hold a few pairs of well-worn old jeans and a small, folded stack of t-shirts and sweatshirts good for just hanging out. Continue reading

What Is Congress For?

As I write this, Washington DC is dealing with the fallout of two events in which two different groups of people had to answer the question: What is Congress for?

One of these events came on February 8, when the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Trump v. Anderson. In this case, a collection of Colorado activists asked the Court to reaffirm the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to ban Donald Trump from running for re-election on the grounds that, back in January of 2021, Trump committed “insurrection” against the United States.

The fact that the various criminal charges against Trump have not yet gone to trial is of little concern to them. Instead, they argue that because the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution bars officers who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from holding office again, judges should be able to remove an “insurrectionist” from the ballot as easily as they might remove a noncitizen, or a candidate who hasn’t reached the proper age. Continue reading

McCarthy: Why Does It Seem Like Most Members of Congress Are Either Stupid, Rapacious, or Both?

Given the wholesale disaster that has been the Biden presidency, one has to wonder how it all happened. We have all seen the Democrat party become radicalized, almost purely Marxist, since the Obama administration. Obama promised to transform the country and he surely did. He effectively drove race relations backward by seventy years. Continue reading

Prager: The Left and Chaos

The second verse of the Bible states that the world was in a chaotic state. God then made order. Which is why the Left is undoing it.

It is impossible to understand what is happening to America — and to the rest of the West — without understanding the most dynamic ideology of the last hundred years: leftism.

We need to begin with the understanding that leftism (or “progressivism”) and liberalism are not only not the same ideologies, they are in fact opposed to each other on virtually every major issue. Continue reading

What Would JFK Think?

The meme below perfectly captures the downfall of a once thriving nation, before the Deep State/CIA murdered John F. Kennedy, ushering in the welfare/warfare state, built upon debt, consumerism, egotism, and technological distraction. The image is sad, deeply disturbing, and accurate.

The ongoing degradation and decay are a consequence of the nation turning its back on personal responsibility and service to community as reflected in JFK’s viewpoint of, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. LBJ’s Great Society encouraged the destruction of the family – particularly black families, while setting in motion the accumulation of current and unfunded welfare debts. What can your politicians give you to buy your vote. The selling of feminism to females further destroyed the traditional family and has resulted in the state raising our kids in their indoctrination centers, to the detriment of society. Continue reading

Smith: Racism From a Child’s Perspective

I remember drinking from a water fountain in 1964 in a bus station in Columbia, South Carolina with a sign above it that read “Colored Water”. We had just arrived and were waiting to be met by my father who had gone ahead of us to prepare a place to live, as he had been sent to Ft. Jackson to train troops.

When I first read it, I thought, “I wonder what color it is?” Continue reading

Holmquist: Stamping Out Cynicism in the Trenches of Life

Advice from Teddy Roosevelt on how to better see and approach the world.

I was recently struck by how cynical our society has become. This thought came as I encountered one critical comment after another on various websites I was visiting – it seemed like people found fault with anything and everything and felt the need to publicly express it.

It was discouraging and annoying – and judging from the responses of others, I wasn’t the only one who viewed these cynical people in such a negative light.

But then I began to reflect on my own life. Sure, I wasn’t the one making the negative, cynical comments online … but was I making them in conversations with my family, friends, and co-workers? Unfortunately, I had to admit that such was the case. Continue reading

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Shocking Stance: ‘Don’t Like Where We Are Headed As A Country’

Robert Kraft has been the owner of the New England Patriots since 1994 and has been the pinnacle of sports ownership in North America.

Olivia Falcigno via Imagn Content Services, LLC, USA Today

Six Super Bowl trophies, 10 appearances , and a thriving business have left Kraft among the wealthiest people in the United States. Despite that wealth, the Massachusetts native isn’t too pleased with where we are as a country. Continue reading

DeWeese: Who Do Elected Representatives Think They’re Representing?

Monkey’s – It is what they have become!

How is it possible that someone is talented and involved enough to run for political office and win the election – but once in office, has no clue of the origins or purpose behind the very policies they are forced to consider? Specifically, policies dealing with comprehensive planning, such as Smart Growth, 30×30 land issues, energy, and transportation, all of which affect day-to- day life in the community. These are the issues that every city council and county commission in the nation is now faced with imposing on the community.

Yet when citizens attend council meetings and seek to speak out in opposition, discussing how such policies are negatively affecting their property rights, small businesses, and their neighborhoods, they are often met by their elected council members staring at them, with arms folded, scowls on their faces, and gavels in hand, ready to stop their testimony. Continue reading

February 12, 2024: The Continued INVASION of America… The Insanity Will NOT End

The following are THREE recent columns recently written by one of our well-known columnists – and each are quite explanatory regarding the continuation of the insanity that continues with this issue. ~ Editor

Benson: Why are the Illegal aliens REALLY here?

The question I ask in the title of this short article has never really been answered. Oh, the socialists in both major parties will tell us they are here for a better life–to partake of the “American Dream.” To which I say horse puckey.

Over ten million of them have illegally crossed our borders in the three years since Biden “appropriated” the office of president. Where Trump sought to keep them out, Biden has thrown open the border and invited the world to illegally enter in

Why?… (Continue to full article)

Benson: Letting illegal aliens vote – what I’ve been saying all along!

I’m sure, when I started mentioning this in articles (giving illegals the vote here) there must have been quite a few folks that, though they didn’t say anything, that thought I was off the wall. I wish I had been, but unfortunately, such was and is, not the case.

In yesterday’s article, I noted comments where Senator Dick Durban, a radical Democrat with a lousy voting record, has suggested that we arm illegal aliens and give them military training, presumably to put them in the army at some point so they can shoot American citizens that may not agree with the Biden/Obama Regime’s objectives for the country… (Continue to full article)

Benson: Is Biden Regime complicit in the border invasion? Well of course they are!

Paul Craig Roberts had an interesting article recently in which he asked some interesting questions.

In part, Mr. Roberts said: “Israel can evict Palestinians from the Palestinian villages in Palestine. Tiny Latvia can deport Russian ethnics born in Latvia for not learning to speak Latvian, but mighty America cannot prevent millions of immigrant invaders from illegally entering the United States each year and remaining. How can that be? Clearly the United States government is in a conspiracy with the NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) that are recruiting and funding the invasion in order to replace the white American population. Why is the U.S. government cooperating with anti-American NGO’s to steal America from Americans?”

Good questions. The answers should be rather obvious to anyone who bothers to think… (Continue to full article)

Benson “We will have world government whether we want it or not”

I saw an article on Dr. Joseph Sansone’s website about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin that exposed much of what the Biden/Obama Regime is really all about (the promotion of world government). I can’t quote the whole thing, but there were several relevant parts that are worth noting. Sansone did a good job bringing some of this out. Continue reading

February 10, 2024: The Continued INVASION of America… The Insanity Will NOT End

America’s ‘Last Best Place‘ Is Overrun by Mexican Cartels Because Gangsters ‘Can Charge 20 TIMES the Price for Drugs‘ – With Overdoses ‘SURGING’

Mexican drugs cartels have expanded all the way north and are targeting America’s ‘last best place’ by preying on vulnerable Native American communities in Montana.

A recent report showed Montana to be the second most ‘addicted’ state with 18.2 percent of the state’s population using illicit drugs in 2021 – a figure that has only been rising as time goes on.

Drug cartels from Mexico are drawn to the state of Montana because of how much money they can squeeze out of residents…. (Continue to full article)

Denver Slashes $5M From Its Parks and Rec Budget as It Prepares to Spend $180 MILLION to Shelter Migrants in 2024

Denver officials warn that the 38,464 migrants they have served since late 2022 are increasing every single day. The Mile High City is one of a number of Democrat-run metropolises that have seen

The city is one of many that migrants are routinely shuttled to after entering the US, with weak southern border policies allowing December to shatter the record for CBP migrant encounters at over 302,000.

Alongside the $5 million being slashed from the two departments’ budgets, Denver officials are also set to take $10 million from contingency funds and $15 million from city-wide maintenance projects.

But with those costs only totaling $30 million, there remains a $150 million shortfall caused directly by the migrant crisis… (Continue to full article)

Biden Issues Threat Over Border Bill…

Will Let More Illegal Immigrants Stay in U.S.

Republican lawmakers slammed President Joe Biden and his administration after the White House threatened that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would reduce removal operations of illegal immigrants if Congress refused to pass the Senate’s border bill.

During a press gaggle aboard Air Force One on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that ICE will “be forced to reduce operations because of budget shortfalls” in the “coming weeks.”

The press secretary appeared to shift the blame Wednesday for the border crisis that has taken place under the Biden administration’s open border policies. Jean-Pierre argued that congressional Republicans are prioritizing “partisan politics” instead of U.S. national security by “refusing to pass the bipartisan national security agreement.”… (Continue to full article)

Chinese Migrants Now the Fastest-Growing Group Trying to Cross Into the U.S.

The number of migrants arriving at the southern border is unprecedented. Last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection recorded two-and-a-half million instances of detaining or turning away people attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico.

So what’s the fastest growing group among them? Chinese migrants. Yes, you heard that right…Chinese. We saw large groups, including many from the middle class, come through a 4-foot gap at the end of a border fence 60 miles east of San Diego.

The illegal entryway is a new route for those hoping to live in America… (Continue to full article)

House Republicans Push To ‘Deport’ Alejandro Mayorkas

Lyin’-Ass Mayorkas

The House Homeland Security Committee’s report on impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says it is about “deporting” him from his position.

“This Committee, through these articles of impeachment, begins the process of deporting Secretary Mayorkas from his position on account of his failure to comply with his official duties, and thereby allow his position to be filled by someone willing to enforce the Nation’s immigration laws once again,” the report says.

…and too many pussified Republc-RATS chose not to support this endeavor – thus far – it has failed… (Continue to full article)

The Unprecedented Situation at the US-Mexico Border

What is behind the surge of people trying to cross the border and what dangers do they face?

Record levels of migration are straining an immigration system left nearly broken by decades of congressional inaction.

Republicans have spent years amplifying scenes of turmoil and tragedy at the southern border, but Democratic leaders are also worried now, particularly big-city mayors and blue state governors who are demanding more federal resources to shelter and feed an influx of migrants.

With many voters now saying immigration is a top priority, what exactly is happening at the US border to make so many people concerned?… (Continue to full article)

Texas Stripped of Powers in Border Security Bill

Conservatives have attacked a provision of the new border security bill that would only allow legal challenges to be made in Washington D.C.

The bill would strip the power of Texas and other states to challenge some of its provisions in their local federal court.

Conservative commentators were quick to denounce the provision, contained on page 221 of the bill. Bill Shipley, who was a federal prosecutor for over 20 years, decried the its court provisions on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday.

The Texas governor, an outspoken critic of Biden over immigration issues, has vowed that the fight “is not over” and called the razor wire “an effective deterrent” in a post on X, formerly Twitter, despite the legal blow. He also issued a statement declaring Texas’ “right to self-defense…. (Continue to full article)

Greg Abbott Rages at Texas Being Stripped of Powers: ‘Unacceptable

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has responded with fury to a provision in the new bipartisan Senate border security bill that would block the state of Texas from challenging some of its provisions via the local federal court.

The bill sets out the circumstances under which suspected illegal immigrants can request a judicial review of their deportation orders, stating: “The United States District Court for the District of Columbia shall have sole and original jurisdiction to hear challenges, whether constitutional or otherwise, to the validity of this section or any written policy directive, written policy guideline, written procedure, or the implementation thereof.”

In addition to the immigration reform, designed to address a surge in illegal crossings across the southern border, the bill would provide an additional $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, along with assistance to Israel and Taiwan.

On immigration it includes a provision that illegal migrants can be removed with little legal recourse if the number detected rises above an average of 5,000 per week, or 8,500 in a single day… (Continue to full article)

Gov. Eric Holcomb deploys Indiana National Guard to Mexico border

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, border agents (pictured here alongside a temporarily deployed National Guard unit) patrol the area for undocumented immigrants entering from Mexico. Credit Photograph by Kirsten Luce

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced Friday morning the deployment of 50 National Guard soldiers to the Mexico border in Texas as part of a border security mission.

Holcomb got a detailed briefing about the border crisis along with 13 other governors earlier this week according to a press release. Texas Governor Greg Abbott requested help from other states as a means to secure the border.

“Federal negligence enforcing immigration law and the failure to secure our country’s border jeopardizes national and economic security, affecting every state, including Indiana,” Gov. Holcomb said. “We’ve worked too hard in Indiana attacking the drug epidemic for more Hoosier lives to be put at risk by a constant supply of killer drugs spilled over an open U.S. border. The only way to resolve this is to stop the historically high flow of illegal immigrants crossing the border.”

These soldiers will begin mobilizing for the mission immediately and will arrive in Texas in mid-March… (Continue to full article)

The Dramatic Turn of Events: Rep. Al Green Saves the Day with a Decision Altering Vote

In a whirlwind of political drama, the halls of Congress witnessed a breathtaking showdown as a Republican-led push to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas came down to the wire on Tuesday. The outcome hung in the balance, teetering on the edge of history, until Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas swooped in, quite literally, to cast a deciding vote and thwart the Republican effort.

The tension reached its zenith as the final vote tally stood at a razor-thin margin of 214-216. With just a single vote separating success from failure, the chamber held its breath. Three Republicans dared to defy their party line and joined forces with all present Democrats in opposition to the measure.

As the dust settles and the echoes of the day’s events reverberate through the hallowed halls of Congress, one thing remains clear: the fate of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hangs in the balance, and the political drama shows no signs of abating… (Continue to full article)

GOP Gains Critical Vote to Impeach Mayorkas as Scalise Plans Return

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) will return to Congress after more than a month of cancer treatment and recovery, his office said Thursday.

Why it matters: It puts Republicans one step closer to impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, which could happen as soon as next Tuesday.

With Scalise absent and all Democrats present and voting against impeachment, the vote ended in a tie after three Republicans defected… (Continue to full article)

Abbott Vows to Expand Texas Border Standoff With Biden Admin

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expanding southern border security as Congress can’t reach an agreement for a massive federal immigration overhaul.

A comprehensive 370-page, $118 billion bill negotiated behind the scenes for months didn’t make it out of the U.S. Senate earlier this week due to Republican opposition, namely due to a provision within the legislation requiring the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to shut down the U.S. border only if migrant crossings exceeded a 5,000 daily average in any given week.

“In Texas, we’ve been able to achieve a decrease in illegal crossings only because of great teamwork,” Abbott said Thursday at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, on the southern border. “Part of that teamwork is our partnership with the Texas National Guard, and we are currently working with the Texas Military Department to add more razor wire, anti-climb barrier, and personnel… (Continue to full article)

80% of Asylum-Seekers Rejected, DHS Official Says

About 80 percent of asylum-seekers who come to the United States are being rejected and sent back home, according to Luis Miranda, Assistant Secretary for Communications with the Department of Homeland Security.

“In general, most of the people who arrived in the United States during the last three years have been deported, expelled or returned to Mexico,” Miranda said during a video news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

He stated those who could not be immediately sent back face removal proceedings that can take years… (Continue to full article)

Immigrant Rights Group Reacts to Lamont’s Offer to Deploy CT National Guard at US Southern Border

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont made headlines during a televised interview with CNBC, where he announced his readiness to deploy the state’s National Guard to assist at the U.S. border with Mexico.

Lamont emphasized the far-reaching impact of the immigration crisis, asserting that it affects states beyond those typically associated with frontline border issues, such as Connecticut.

The conversation comes as Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy from Connecticut has sparked a contentious debate with his bill addressing national security and immigration. The bill failed to pass the Senate on Wednesday, amid heightened tensions between Republicans and Democrats surrounding the management of migrant crossings at the southern border… (Continue to full article)

Texas on Track to Build More Border Wall in State Than Trump

Texas is on track to build more of Donald Trump’s infamous border wall than the former president’s own administration put up in the state, Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday.

“Texas is the first and only state in the history of the United States of America to build our own border wall,” Abbott said during a press conference in Shelby Park.

“If you look at the amount of wall already constructed and the amount of wall that is going to be under construction, Texas will have built more of the Trump border wall than even Trump built in the state of Texas,” the governor boasted.

The Lone Star State has additionally erected roughly 160 miles of barriers — including razor wire fencing, anti-climb barriers, Conex boxes and buoys in the river — that do not include the wall, according to Abbott… (Continue to full article)

Map Shows How Much Undocumented Immigrants Cost in Each State

Record numbers in illegal immigration have resulted in United States taxpayers bearing the burden of tens of billions of dollars going toward paying for migrants and their families.

The federal government is at a political standstill following Senate Republicans’ rebuke of a $118 southern border bill claimed by advocates to be among the most comprehensive immigration reform in four decades. The bill included emergency powers for the federal government to deter migrants in large numbers, changes in asylum laws in addition to tens of billions in foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

With no new legislation in place and more than 1 million migrant encounters at the U.S. border since the new fiscal year began on October 1, states like Texas are leading the way in trying to enforce their own laws. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said deployment of his state’s National Guard has reduced daily encounters from a couple thousand or more to less than a dozen per day… (Continue to full article)

Steve Vaus ~ We Must Take America Back

Life, Liberty & All That Jazz may be heard at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday on The Micro Effect.

Bleak House ~ Freak House

Title suggested by Jeffrey Bennett

Between 1852 and 1853, Charles Dickens published an episodic novel titled “Bleak House,” about a family waiting in vain to inherit money in a disputed settlement from an extremely long-running lawsuit. It’s about the undeserved suffering the High Court of Chancery in England created, mainly by venal, self-serving lawyers.

Dickens’ ultimate attack is not on the court, as he makes perfectly clear the workings (or misworkings) of the court that constitute the major evil. He savagely condemns that particular institution and the prominent issue involved: The system itself – the whole system of law.

Although the book ends on a happier note, the case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce in ‘Bleak House‘ ends as expected; lawyers consume the ENTIRE estate.

It was true in the 19th century; it reverberates through the 21st. Our justice system is based on centuries of tradition and legal wrangling mired in the self-serving and self-perpetuating practice of law.

Consider that last sentence… It’s the crux of this column. Continue reading

Smith: Two Pit Vipers and a Weasel Walk into a Bar…

Senator Ron Johnson recently noted that trying to seal and secure the Southern Border with the Biden regime is like negotiating with arsonists to put out the fire they had started.

For all those patriotic Americans who still want to try to work in peaceful opposition to these Democratic Party Communists, they need to push for Congress to pass H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023. This act, which passed through the House, closes loopholes in the law and policy to make it harder for any future presidents to open our borders and cause another catastrophe such as Biden has created on our Southern Border. It imposes strict limits to asylum, builds the border wall, codifies Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, and has accountability mechanisms in place to make certain the law is enforced.

I wish I still had as much faith as I used to have in the American people and the mechanisms that used to ensure the peaceful resolution of our differences and the peaceful transfer of power. But we face a far different animal today in this Marxist-Maoist movement that has practically torn the heart from the country, and while many will disagree with me, I cannot shake the nagging inkling that we’re far past the point where the press box, the ballot box or the jury box will correct America’s course.

Break open the ammo box and prepare for what’s to come. ~ J.O.S.
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