Digital Dollar And Digital Wallet Bill Surfaces In The U.S. Senate

It’s coming… It IS coming! …and so you begin to understand…

A bill has surfaced in the Senate called the ‘Banking For All Act’, sponsored by the Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH). In the press release, Senator Brown lays out the details of his bill as well as how he looks forward to urging his colleagues to include it as part of the coronavirus economic stimulus package.

‘At the height of this pandemic we must do more to protect the financial wellbeing of hardworking Americans and consumers. They are on the front lines of this crisis and are already feeling the effects of the economic fallout. My legislation would allow every American to set up a free bank account so they don’t have to rely on expensive check cashiers to access their hard-earned money.’ Continue reading

The Devil’s Bargain: Fascism to the Inth Degree

If the dream is won though everything is lost, we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost.” ~ Rush

Madmen in America are in charge and they are driving the nation in a direction that forces Americans to pay the cost of whatever the federal government wishes to incur, as they seem to be attempting to further render the people more dependent on the government for financial handouts, medical services and general sustenance and protection, while Americans are embracing their own chains of servitude. Not only are the state and federal governments tearing asunder the fabric of the Constitution and the country, they are wreaking havoc with shutdown mandates that have further exacerbated the economy and attacked individual liberty, in one more vast overreach and expansion of government power. Continue reading


Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared.” ~ Walter P. Kurtz, Apocalypse Now

It is all I can do sometimes to not burst out into insane fits of laughter when I hear people say that what happened in Soviet era Russia, or Nazi Germany could never happen here; we are the land of the free and the home of the brave for God’s sake. Well, for God’s sake, open your eyes and look around you; how free are you when a simple virus is all that it takes for you to acquiesce to all manner of infringements upon your freedom. Continue reading

The State Has Seized Many New Powers… It Won’t Let Go of Them Easily

Restaurants sit empty in Chinatowns. Parents keep children home from school in Toronto. Asian hotels and airlines reel at dramatic drops in bookings. Just as the media recently gave us a new and particularly intimate experience of war, we’re now getting a new and particularly fearsome experience of a public health crisis…. It is one of a large number of viruses that suddenly infect the human population…. Given what’s happened thus far, the appropriate response is to pursue targeted and aggressive public health measures, while the 99.9% of us not conceivably at risk go on with our lives. This is where China’s shocking cover-up has proven so costly. In any viral outbreak, early identification and containment is essential.” If you think that this is the news from the trenches of the unfolding coronavirus warfare, you will be mistaken. Continue reading

Corona ~ The WEAK in Review

Back in February, health officials in New York told residents to congregate in huge crowds in “defiance” of Coronavirus, a move that could have exposed thousands of people to COVID-19.

New York City Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot posted a tweet on February 9 urging citizens to flock to Chinatown in large numbers to celebrate the lunar new year while suggesting that advice to avoid crowds was “misinformation.” Continue reading

Freddie Mercury ~ Back from the grave…

One of the greatest songs of all time, with text changed to touch the very present reality, just to make all of us to think twice before ignoring the rules and going out. You don’t want to be the one who killed a man, do you? (…and I stole this line ~ Ed.)

Holy Sheetz Batman: The O’Brian Update

I just got back in from celebrating martial law by going out to the Yough river walking trail and trekking 3 miles. It parallels the CSX railroad on the opposite side. In another time, it was the Western Maryland Railroad, near it’s western terminus: Bowest.

Well, recall how we were supposed to have a shortage of staples? Well, the trains are rolling just fine and have been. I have a 24/7 webcam feed up from Belen, New Mexico, a major freight yard for the BNSF and they have been marshaling out trains without disruption all along.

The local pharmacy was a hoot as well the local 24/7 convenience store, Sheetz – No, I’m kidding, That’s its name… Continue reading

Democrats and Coronavirus: Alinsky on Steroids

Many believed from the start that this virus was either a biowarfare weapon, a strategy to crash the American system, or both. It is starting to get serious and alarms are now sounding in earnest. Many will suffer. Can food riots and critical supply shortages be on the horizon? The leftists will crank up their trusty disinformation machine and do all they can to create chaos.

During the course of research for my book “Rules for Defeating Radicals” (Available at Amazon), a fundamental principle of the leftist Alinsky ideology became glaringly apparent. Leftists never truly care about any cause they claim to champion. It is always and only about exploiting the plight of others to gain political leverage and power. Continue reading

Back to the ‘Nam

I’m sitting here watching a documentary about the Vietnam War. It is about to bring me to tears. I look at these 18, 19, and 20 year old boys who have just graduated from high school, and they are so full of pride and love for their country that they are more than willing to go half-way around the world to somewhere they have never even heard of to keep America from falling to the evils of Communism.

These young boys knew about the atrocities that Communist countries had committed throughout the years because they were taught actual history in school by real teachers, which is a lot more than I can say about our education system of today. Continue reading

Skewing the Story

We are not being told the entire story by the main stream media, just agitation for panic and hysteria.

Lots of stories are being reported about Italy’s death total. Well, that’s not exactly true. Italy has high death tolls related to this flu, just like they do every year. They average 70,000 flue deaths a year.

Right now, most of Italy has low new Coronovirus case outbreaks. However, Northern Italy does. A word about culture. This area has a very high percentage of very old people and extended families live with each other. The very old live side by side with the very young. It is custom to embrace and kiss. Heavy smoking is common and they have a hasty smog problem which makes them prone to upper respiratory infections. Continue reading

Dwyer: Late Xenophobia

Orders of “social distancing” and “staying in shelter” are expressions of late xenophobia. They often come from liberal officials (Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is an example of) who used to dismiss calls for strict border and immigration enforcement as irrational and driven by fear of strangers. Now, these champions of tolerance and inclusiveness, once staunchly opposed to common-sense restrictions on admission of aliens who posed political or economic risk, health hazard, or a security threat to the US, are discovering the benefits of keeping strangers away (or staying away from the strangers). Continue reading

Good night, John Boy…

As some of my readers might remember, there was a 1970’s TV show called The Walton’s. It was a weekly staple during my early teenage years. The show featured the life of a family living in a small Virginia community during the 1930’s Depression years. Although the family was poor, it was rich in love, respect and inner strength. It was a show about the importance of holding on to ones values and morals in a difficult and often negative world. Continue reading

Lock Down…

A high-level government source warned me TWO YEARS AGO that US cities would be locked down under quarantine… here’s the stunning proof this was all planned years ago.

In late November of 2017, a high-level government-connected source described to me almost the exact scenario that is unfolding now across America: Quarantined cities, the collapse of food supplies, the acceleration of martial law and other shocking details you may have forgotten you read here on this website over two years ago. Continue reading

The End of Civilization?

Governments all over the world are using the alleged threat of a COVID-19 pandemic to shut down the world’s economy. Daniel Lacalle, an authority on energy economics, writes: “The decision to shut down air travel and close all nonessential businesses is now a reality in major global economies. The United States has banned all European flights as Italy enters a complete lockdown, Spain declares a state of emergency, and France closes all nonessential public places and businesses.”

Further, he points out, governments can’t solve the problems they have created through massive spending programs and bigger deficits. Continue reading

No Fear of Death: May We All Survive In Fine Fashion

Life and Liberty are two of the most precious things in my life, next to my family, and I’ve always looked at these two things in a way that many in America seem to have lost the ability to understand. Each day as I rise, I give thanks to God for my life and another day above ground, along with thanking Him for guiding and protecting my two daughters and my six grandchildren and all the many blessings He has already placed in my life. Nothing in my life would have been possible without the loving God who created me and this magnificent world in which we live. Continue reading

In a Time of Crisis, Let’s Stand Together

For quite some time, aided and abetted by a rapacious media and take-no-prisoners howlers-at-the-moon on social media, “partisanship porn” has been America’s most enduring frame of reference. You’re either with me or you’re the enemy, the idiot, or simply beneath contempt. Thus one must be ridiculed, defriended, socially ostracized, and/or ignored. All of our differences are irreconcilable and civil war inevitable.

Except that it’s not… Continue reading

What We Ought to Learn From the Coronavirus

Stu Redman: What about the folks I came in with?

Dr. Dietz: From Arnette? All dead. Which is why we can’t afford—

Stu Redman: What did you do? What did you people do?

~ The Stand  (1994)

Amanda Dunfrey: You don’t have much faith in humanity, do you?

Dan Miller: None whatsoever.

Amanda: I can’t accept that! People are basically good, decent. My God, David, we’re a civilized society!

David Drayton: Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 9-1-1. But you take those things away, you throw people in the dark, you scare the s*** out of them? No more rules!

Ollie: You scare people badly enough, you can get ‘em to do anything. They’ll turn to whoever promises a solution.

~ The Mist  (2007)

I’ll start by saying that the media-inflamed hysteria over Covid-19 worries me a lot more than the virus does. Continue reading

Refugees Are Being Resettled Despite the Coronavirus Outbreak

More than 3,000 resettled since pandemic task force was created

Silhouettes of refugees people searching new homes or life due to persecution. Vector illustration

Following the alarming spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 that appeared in China in December 2019, the world is taking extreme measures to try and contain this contagious virus that is mainly transmitted from person to person. Necessary steps undertaken by many countries, including the United States, entail travel restrictions, quarantines, closing of borders, etc. Continue reading