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The beginning of the end of life in America as we have known it.

BLM and ANTIFA: Death to America

It is a fundamental human trait to locate the source of anything bad happening and try to neutralize it. There are, however, times that the source of the harm cannot be pinpointed or when successfully recognized, it cannot be eliminated. Failure to recognize the source or neutralize it can devastate our cities.

The current rioters’ sense of victimization is a reaction that frequently goes hand-in-hand with displaced aggression on a convenient safe target. The aggression can be verbal, physical, or a combination of the two. Continue reading

Price ~ The Future of the United States of America: Light after Darkness

Hugo Salinas Price

I have relied on no particular source of information in the process of forming an opinion regarding the causes and the promoters of the present disturbances in the US, and their objectives. I browse the Internet like anyone else. My opinion regarding events in the US is the result of my personality: my opinions are what they are, because I am the way I am.

I cannot regard events in the US as spontaneous expressions of anger and dissatisfaction regarding present social conditions. Disorderly events of this duration and magnitude cannot possibly be – in my opinion – spontaneous expressions of popular discontent. Continue reading

Barbarians At The Gates: Is Our Great Republic In Danger Of Falling? ~ (VIDEOS)

The Sacking of Rome is starting to resemble what we’re seeing in America’s cities. JN Sylvestre 1847-1926 / Public domain.

The Barbarians are at the gates, the cities are in flames, the war for the soul of America is in full swing. What I say here I do not say lightly. America is on the brink of falling, and if history is a guide and a repeating cycle, there will be very little to stop the demise of the greatest nation in the world, just like there was little at the end that could stop the fall of the Roman Empire once the decay and rot had set it.

What we are watching in our streets is nothing that happened overnight, it’s a product of years of social decay, corruption, indoctrination, and just flat out apathy. For as long as I have been active in politics, twenty-five years, which isn’t that long, I have seen the decline of this country, the spread of the corrupt cancer that’s been eating the heart and soul of America spread from the federal government to the states, to the smallest towns. It’s in our colleges, schools, our movies, television shows and in the very fabric of our everyday lives. Now add to that a virus that some would say is dubiously overblown and regulations that a year ago would have been laughed off as insane paranoia but are now seen as patriotism that must be enforced, and you have the perfect storm for the complete downfall of this republic. Continue reading

The Thin Veneer Of American Civilization… Has Been Blown Away

In a flash, it’s been blown away, revealing the barbarism beneath. The seeds of destruction were planted long ago.

A protester burns a flag in Portland, Ore., August 1, 2020. (Caitlin Ochs/Reuters)

Nine months ago, New York was a thriving, though poorly governed, metropolis. It was coasting on the more or less good governance of its prior two mayors and on its ancestral role as the global nexus of finance and capital.

The city is now something out of a postmodern apocalyptic movie, reeling from the effects of a neutron bomb. Ditto in varying degrees Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco — the anti-broken-windows metropolises of America. Walking in San Francisco today reminds me of visiting Old Cairo in 1973, although the latter lacked the needles and feces of the former. Continue reading

Stand Between The Beast and the Dismantling of America’s Culture

~ Foreword ~
It’s not speculation to suggest that some key people prosper and even benefit during an economic crisis, however it arrives, as small business owners struggle and large corporations and banks benefit from huge government subsidies, giving them the unfair advantage over the small business they eventually absorb as those businesses fail. The fake Covid crisis and the nationwide shutdown has placed over 50% of small businesses in America on a path of collapse, as the few elites have been given enormous economic power to shape policy that benefits them alone.

It’s not speculation that many of these so-called “elites”, i.e. Bill Gates, George Soros, and others, would appreciate having strict measures of control over the people and society on the whole, by suppressing their freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to travel, and many of these folks are already on board with China’s Social Credit Score and advocating something similar here in America, along with the total surveillance of American society, check points as seen in New York City and official certifications, i.e the Gates’ Covid Vaccine, to act as permits for activities that might give one freedom beyond the capitalist framework. ~ J.O.S. 
Continue reading

Baldwin: We Are Being Invaded

The invasion has begun. And if it is not repelled, Liberty will cease to exist. And that is not hyperbole.

They’re here! No, not the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We’re not being colonized by giant alien fruit. I’m afraid it is a little more serious than that. People’s minds are being taken over by a much more destructive and less otherworldly force … a force that transforms them overnight into aggressively paranoid, order-following, propaganda-parroting totalitarians. Continue reading

How do you save the planet?

I used to be of the mind that the most peaceful method that a people have to deal with a tyrannical government is through a general strike… even though this is almost never a peaceful resolution. The tyrant demands pain and blood no matter how the people choose to revolt. Iceland is the only example I know of where the criminals were done away with somewhat peacefully…. I guess the bankers thought that Iceland has such a small population and presence on world affairs that no one would notice, so they gave in to the demands and left town. (I noticed).

At this point in time however, I think the best “high ground” course of action available is the vote.

A lot of people would stop reading or listening any further….. because they are convinced that voting doesn’t matter, and they can’t change anything…. but we’ve all witnessed recently how wrong that premise is. You need look no farther back in time than 2016 with the Brexit vote, and then the National elections here in the U.S. Continue reading

The Death of America

… and what you are about to watch – and do NOT ignore this video – was filmed and produced in March of 2019 – before Antifa and BLM took over – and the politicians walked away from their responsibilities – or maybe they did that a long time ago. …and Seattle is not the only city in America dying – Portland, Oregon, Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis… and so many more.

My wife and I used to travel to Seattle often as a departure for Cruises and would arrive several days early or sometimes stay a few days afterwards as we enjoyed Seattle. No more, never-again. How many others have abandoned Seattle – besides the Elected Official-DUMB!

We post this – in part – to honor the Good Cops who are forced to battle the politicians and the evil each day – Cops like Todd Wiebke – who finally walked away and retired. ~ Ed.

The 6 Stages Of The New World Order – To Start The Civil War In The United States

Dated four-plus years ago…. The Kenyan King is gone, but we are closer today that at any time in our life. Antifa, BLM, Impeachment, Gun-grab legislation, MURDER by abortion and the kidnapping of children by the likes of Epstein and many others. War is just around the corner – every cozy little corner! ~ Ed.

Beginning this year, a conspiracy long at work behind the scenes of our government, will make its first overt move. These conspirators plan to create a dictatorship in the United States, suspend our Constitution and attempt to confiscate all guns and firearms in American homes. Continue reading

Knifeman: Fasciunism Revisited

I have been writing about Fasciunism for over twenty years now and what I am seeing today scares the snot out of me. For those of you who have not read any of my writings or do not remember I will give a short explanation as to what Fasciunism really is.

Fasciunism is a political philosophy combining fasciunism and communism in order to take over a country and turn it into something it was never meant to be. So Fasciunism as you can see is the combining of the words fasciunism and communism. The most frequent question I get asked is, “Aren’t these two “isms” on opposite ides of the spectrum?” That is what the mainstream media and the so called upper education system would like to have us believe. They, along with the rest of the Democrat party (it’s really all one big organization) continually to call all people who are centrists or to the right of center fascists. Continue reading

A Few More Steps Down the Rabbit Hole

“… to usurp under false titles, they call empire, they make a desolation and they call it peace.” ~ Publius Cornelias Tacitus, Roman commander and Senator

~ Foreword ~
Many try to suggest that it’s just a “small sacrifice” to make, but in reality, and given all we have seen, it really isn’t. It is the crack in the door that leads to the end of all liberty in America, whether anyone wishes to acknowledge the fact or not.

Our elected officials are not worried about “public health”, as near as I can see. This is absolutely 100% centered on creating a new type of society — a “New World Order, if one wishes to subscribe to such terminology — where one can be forcibly locked inside their home, told when and where to appear for any reason, jobs, grocery shopping, doctor appointments and the like, at any moment by the government. A totalitarian society where they can do literally whatever they want to any “citizen”.

Conspiracy theorists used to refer to “the totalitarian creep” and the notion that governments were slowly eradicating people’s freedoms over a period of time, going further and further towards authoritarianism, and I’m here to tell everyone that people certainly aren’t anywhere near as free as I was as a thirteen year old, some 50 years ago. The entire conspiracy is revealing itself as fact, and I now recall all the many conversations between my Aunt Donna and my father concerning The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, as the petty despots of America have announced in one fell swoop that they can do absolutely anything they want to the people, in the name of protecting them from themselves, of course. Or whatever in the hell this is. Continue reading

Gran Torino or The Rapture

Walt, Gran Torino

Yesterday I commented to a dear sister in Christ that watching all the evil things going on all over the world but especially here in America is much like watching a movie you have already seen – you KNOW the ending, I compared that to the many prophecies in Scripture – how all the major events were repeats of what had taken place before – ‘nothing new under the sun’. Different names and faces but the ‘script’ is the same.

Look at the lawlessness going on across the country right now. Now think of the ‘lawlessness’ that was going on in Lots days (Sodom & Gomorrah) and how God told Lot to take his family and flee as He was going to send Fire & Brimstone to destroy that place. Continue reading

We’re Not All In This Together

NOTE: I am resurrecting the following column from June 17, 202. It needs to be read and re-read as often as you can stand it – so that you GET IT! ~ Ed.

We’re All In This Together,” the sappy title of one of several bad songs, has become the Ministry of Information slogan of the pandemic. You hear it while shopping for groceries at the supermarket, see it on billboards that tell you to social distance your way off the street, and in every single ad on TV.

And then, after months of being locked indoors and that we were out to kill grandma if we left the house, the same media lauded massive numbers of rioters crowding together to curse the cops.

The political fiction of the pandemic died once its administrators found a shiny new fascist object… Continue reading

Conservative Cowards Are To Blame For Falling Statues

Every conservative who compromised on tearing down confederate statues is complicit in the destruction of art across the country.

There is no need to name names. The so-called conservatives who have been coddling mindless calls to destroy public art know who they are. So do the rest of us. These are the reasonable conservatives, the good ones, so ever careful not to be called racist. They had a compromise in mind because they always do. Throw the Confederate statues under the bus and we can save the rest. Well… Continue reading

The Moral Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The phrase “the Fall of America” suggests some cataclysmic event ended the American Empire which had stretched from Maine to California and Florida to Washington. But at the end, there was no straining at the gates, no barbarian horde that dispatched the Empire in one fell swoop. Rather, the Empire fell slowly, as a result of challenges from within and without, and changing over the course of hundreds of years until its form was unrecognizable. ~ a take on the words of author, Edward Gibbon.

The doctrine of being non-judgmental and the inability to differentiate has created a society where we can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong or good and evil. Phrases like “social justice, inclusivity, intersectionality,” and “the right side of history” are designed to virtue signal one is most sensitive, less prejudiced, more compassion, righteous, and forward-thinking, but offer no consideration that there is much more to morality than catchphrases. Continue reading