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The “Nicknamed Candidate” has no clue about firearms

The Founders Didn’t Want Americans Armed With Weapons Of Sport

Our forefathers fought our British oppressors with weapons of war. The “Nicknamed Candidate” for president, this Beto fellow, thinks the Founders couldn’t imagine us armed properly with weapons of war. We had the most sophisticated weapons of war imaginable in the late 1700s, weapons capable of fighting and defeating the most powerful army on the planet. That was the plan. It still is. The Second Amendment codifies this for the Militia — our People.

This person running for president as Beto must be a fool. His understanding of history stops short of any comprehension of why we are armed. We are armed as a balance of power, a threat to the existing order if it gets out of line. It keeps us free. You don’t do that subarmed, with weapons of sport, or weapons of hunting ducks. Americans must have parity with police and infantry. To the extent we do not, we are subject to subjugation and frankly, that balance is slipping, and so tyranny creeps closer. Any careful observer can see that’s true, and frightening. Continue reading

Time is nearly gone…

During these past six hours, I have found a peace within myself – through this man’s voice and heart. I of course have always known of him, but today I was struck with an entirely different respect for his talent – both as a performer – but as a writer. Please understand all that he speaks of here – and be Blessed this day – and Pray that there is still time. ~ Ed.

The world’s gone mad today, it’s sad today…

Thanks to the talent of Cole Porter for our title today. He would be sickened… ~ Ed.

During the last days of September, the following story hit the news and I wanted to vomit. The ‘OK’ Hand Gesture Is Now Listed As A Symbol Of Hate

I suppose that I could give the authors of this ‘ban’ a more appropriate hand-sign – but today we will remain somewhat civil, and so we will share the real story with our readers… Continue reading