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Point Blank was generally a single image with or without text. HEY – many times – an image is worth a thousand words, but has time has gone on – it became more important to understand what is actually going on through a REAR WINDOW. Who might YOU be looking at – or more importantly – WHO is Watching YOU? But in the end – what is being done to all Americans – ALL of us – is POINT BLANK.

Ross: There Is No Going Back

…not As Long As Government Exists!

You may have noticed that I occasionally ask people to imagine what life was like during the period of history I am writing about; to put themselves in their shoes, so to speak. I think, that by doing so, we can glean a better understanding of the historical event, I am discussing. We will never truly know what life was like for them, or how these historical events affected their lives, but it may aid in preventing us from viewing those events with our modern-day perspectives and biases. Continue reading

Smith: America’s Cracked Republic

As we look at all before us in D.C. and all the State Governments, it becomes apparent that the only thing of any real substance we have left are the Founding Documents – so little of which is now adhered to – that rightfully inform us all of our Inalienable God-given Rights. Our core institutions maintain the structure of our government, but traitors and our enemies from within have hamstrung them and turned them to ends they were never meant to pursue, killing their guardianship of all America and turning them into warrooms for those who hate America – turning them into propaganda centers where freedom and liberty are paid lip-service and the speeches are nothing more than performance art. Continue reading

DeWeese: The Silver Bullet For VICTORY

Is tyranny our fate?

The question now becomes, what do we do? Obviously, we have one of two choices. We accept our fate, or we fight. Are we finished? Do we quit? Do we surrender?

It would be easy to do any of those things. No one would blame us. We gave it the good fight. We could hide behind the idea that ancient conspiracies set our fate long before we were born. Some argue that members of secret societies somehow trumped every ideal we hold, and overpowered every move we made.

We could pat ourselves on the back and say, well, they were just too strong. What could we do? Tyranny is our destiny. Is that what you want to tell your grandchildren when they ask you what you did to preserve the ideals of America?

In another era, we could have loaded up boats and sailed to a new world to live by the ideals we hold. But that was already done. People ran from tyranny. They came here – to America. Now tyranny has caught us. And there’s nowhere else to run. We either accept our pre-ordained “fate” or make a stand. This is it, my friends. This is the moment when we decide the future of our ideals. Continue reading

A Powerful Prayer Heard in The Kansas Senate

In the opening session of the Senate meeting in Kansas, Minister Joe Wright said a prayer that left many shocked.

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively,” explained Unredacted Truth.

Many are requesting copies of the prayer because of its truth and power. Here is the prayer… Continue reading

Dickens: Culture of Liars

“…and they just keep making the liars – wahl – wahl – BIGGER!”

We begin a new year, but not much has changed for the better. Instead, we drag our past mistakes and disasters in tow, with no intention to learn from them or cut them loose, only to repeat them.

We’re all a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser; however, what I see and hear from mainstream media causes me to wonder about how our leadership’s deceit impact’s this country. They’re all pathological liars.

Any critical thinker can recognize that the noise coming our way via the mass media is either a lie or based on lies. I’ve shared my thoughts on this multiple times over the past decades. Synthesizing the content from my last few commentaries led to the title – America’s become a culture of liars. Continue reading

Zibrem: The United Nations Charter – What Was Its True Purpose?

On October 24th 1945 the United Nations officially came into existence. Since 1948 Oct.24 has been proclaimed a sacred day by the United Nations.

Who were the United Nations? They were the nations that had joined together to fight against Italy, Japan, and Germany, during the second world war. The creation of the united nations was initially to fight the second world war.

Ron Unz from the Unz Review has provided a detailed explanation of why the second world war was fought.

In short, that war was a continuation of the earlier attempt to destroy Germany, known as the first world war. The American people did not want any part in the first world war. They had to be cajoled into it after the Lusitania was sunk. Continue reading

Markell: The Slippery Slope to Tyranny

The world is groaning in every category, and it lacks a leader. Biden, Macron, Trudeau, et al, have all demonstrated behavior that resembles the Keystone Kops. So what’s ahead?

I hear from a lot of people! Here are some of the scenarios they see playing out in the near term. They can’t all be right, but here’s a brief run-down of what many suggest is ahead of us. You may disagree with one or all points, but millions of people believe one of the following scenarios will play out.

A great awakening is coming. A tremendous revival. The days of Joel 2:28 are coming when God pours out His Spirit upon all people. This will precede the Rapture of the Church. Continue reading

Smith: Dangerous Days for Freedom and Liberty

Everywhere I’ve looked of late, the news reads like a Who’s Who in a long list of tyrants who want to impose some new insane, nonsensical idea that harms the average American but enriches them and their cronies and grows their power in some way. This is a level of corruption that surpasses even the massive corruption seen in the FDR and Obama administrations, and it begs the question: Just how much more will conservative, Christian and independent American patriots sit still and watch a continuation of more of the same.

I’m not so much disheartened as I am angry and disgusted. I’m going to be happy, even if tyranny eventually reigns supreme everywhere we look – it may not be easy, but I refuse to let tyrants dictate the terms of my life; so, should the worst come to pass, they will call me “outlaw”. Push comes to shove, I’ll be the Amerikkan Commies worst nightmare and I won’t lose a wink of sleep over any I may eventually send home to their Maker. Continue reading

Garrison: Valuable Lessons For Life In 2023

All too often in life we try to force things. If you look around you, nature never forces (not to be confused with forces of nature) but rather nature adapts. Often this takes time, and it’s that time part that most of us struggle with in life.

In a world of instant gratification, all of us, including myself, become extremely impatient. We want results, and we want results now.

If we don’t get those results, then we look elsewhere, and if we don’t get them there, then we keep on looking. Oddly enough, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of never being happy. Our own impatience gives birth to constant, never ending searches for what we think will give us a perfect life. We keep searching and searching and if we don’t have it now, then I will scream in frustration, because I want the perfect life, and I want it now. Continue reading

Whitehead: 360 Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships to Spy on Americans

“We live in a surveillance state founded on a partnership between government and the technology industry.” ~ Law Professor Avidan Y. Cover

In this age of ubiquitous surveillance, there are no private lives: everything is public.

Surveillance cameras mounted on utility poles, traffic lights, businesses, and homes. License plate readers. Ring doorbells. GPS devices. Dash cameras. Drones. Store security cameras. Geofencing and geotracking. FitBits. Alexa. Internet-connected devices.

There are roughly one billion surveillance cameras worldwide and that number continues to grow, thanks to their wholehearted adoption by governments (especially law enforcement and military agencies), businesses, and individual consumers.

With every new surveillance device we welcome into our lives, the government gains yet another toehold into our private worlds. Continue reading


Not one, but two batches of highly classified documents hoarded by Joe Biden were found in two separate places. The first batch of classified material were found by Biden’s aides at Penn Biden Center in an office Biden used during the Obama administration. The second batch of classified documents were found in a storage space in Joe’s garage. This is an odd development. Continue reading

One More Massive Socialist-Driven Transfer of Wealth

Many Americans, conservative or not, should be angry that unions now hold so much influence over elected officials and Joe Biden that the Teamsters Union, long fraught with ties to the U.S. Mafia and organized crime, is actually receiving a $36 billion dollar bailout under the $1.9 trillion dollar American Rescue Plan, after years of mismanaging and stealing from their members’ pension fund and the new revelation that the Teamsters Union pension fund was essentially insolvent. This is an act by the executive that takes the hard-earned tax dollars of private citizens to give to a group of collectivists, socialists and outright criminals whose leadership should be placed behind prison bars, instead of being rewarded by Joe Biden.

Please recall that in 2020 labor unions donated $27.5 million to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Continue reading

Whitehead: Don’t Trust the Government with Your Privacy, Property or Your Freedoms

How do you trust a government that continuously sidesteps the Constitution and undermines our rights? You can’t.

When you consider all the ways “we the people” are being bullied, beaten, bamboozled, targeted, tracked, repressed, robbed, impoverished, imprisoned and killed by the government, one can only conclude that you shouldn’t trust the government with your privacy, your property, your life, or your freedoms. Continue reading

Benson: It’s Okay For Biden But Not For Trump!

Das ist Josef!

If anyone doubts that we have a monstrous double standard in our supposed system of justice all they need do is look at this situation. It is living proof that, in this barnyard, some animals are more equal than others.

When this socialist regime wanted to cause Donald Trump problems they raided his home and searched for classified documents, which they claim to have found. It was reported they were so thorough in their search that they even checked his wife’s lingerie drawers. I’m sure if they can find a way to do it, they will try to prosecute Trump with the idea of trying to keep him from running in 2024. They’re still afraid of him! Continue reading

King McCarthy: Emblematic of the Greater Problem

I almost let this one go, since more and more I am convinced that nothing I will write will make any real difference in the grand scheme of things. More than write to change any Commie’s mind, I write today for myself and for the remnant of conservatives across the country who simply need to know they aren’t alone and there are others out here who think and believe as they do.

No one should look for anything much to come out of this 118th Congress other than more and bigger betrayals due to McCarthy’s many questionable associations and propensity and inclination to kiss the Democrats’ collective ass. Between McCarthy’s sketchy political maneuvering and willingness to make any deal in the name of keeping and growing his power and the Democrats’ knack for forcing the GOP to its knees, even when the GOP has a majority, we’re in for a two year dangerous slog through an ever growing untenable political and social environment, with freedom and liberty still in great danger and attacked from all sides. Continue reading


Friday was the second anniversary of the January 6th protest of the stolen election. Never forget our fellow patriots still locked up in Pelosi’s gulag for two years. Freedom Friday, release the January 6 protestors.

MAGA Republican voters have got to be frustrated. If we’re lucky, we are able to see our chosen representatives sent to Congress. Unfortunately too many of them become Swamp dwellers. They go along to get along. Many turn into RINOs (Republican In Name Only) and meld together with the Democrats to form what’s known as the “Uni-Party.” They then vote for massive spending packages that they don’t even read. The trillions of dollars spent drives up inflation for the average man. They vote for funding an insane war that we have no stake in. Over $100 billion has gone to Ukraine only to further the corruption and death there. Yes, too many Republicans are in favor of this war, because they love the Military Industrial Complex and do their bidding. Continue reading

Dickens: Hypocrisy is Job One!!!

A Brief History of American Mendacity

My first sip of coffee is always magical – I know my morning routine is full-on, and I have a lot to accomplish. But today, incredulity stunts my ardor, derailing noteworthy thoughts and interrupting my course with inconceivable idiocy. It’s another WTF moment. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of those lately.

It must be global warming…

For the past several months, I’ve thought about the birth of our nation. I’m mindful of what happened to that sanguine start and the sorrowful situation in which I see our republic. My reference here is to the actions of patriots in 1775, NOT the silent film of the same name from 1915. Although both are seminal events in our history, I’d prefer to concentrate on the loyal and patriotic intents of 1775.

This is a story of the new America, now bereft of aspirations. We’re greedy and betrayed by the lengths people will go to acquire power. It’s the saga of how many trusted leaders sold their souls to some Devil, and citizens of the republic did precisely as they were programmed; nothing.

Albert Camus said: “The entire history of mankind is, in any case, nothing but a prolonged fight to the death for the conquest of universal prestige and absolute power.”

Like all fairytales, this tale begins with the obligatory phrase – Once Upon A Time... Continue reading

2022’s Danger Signs: From Totalitarian Paranoia to Authoritarian Madness

The danger signs were everywhere in 2022!

With every new law enacted by federal and state legislatures, every new ruling handed down by government courts, and every new military weapon, invasive tactic and egregious protocol employed by government agents, we were reminded that in the eyes of the government and its corporate accomplices, “we the people” possess no rights except for that which the Deep State grants on an as-needed basis. Continue reading