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Do we have the time, or is this the beginning of the end of life in America as we have known it? This is where you will find a range of Editorial postings and comments by a select group of writers, many of who have had long term relations with Kettle Moraine Publications – and EACH of whom provide us with THEIR Perspectives as this Nation ignores the warnings as we live in the end of days – for most Americans’ are Too Blind to See – and we once again convert back to one of our OLD and DEFINITIVE categories – POINT BLANK!

Juntti: Did I make a difference?

September 2, 2010 ~ I heard this song by the Oak Ridge Boys recently and it just hit me – I am sure I’ve heard it many times in the past but this time the words really rang thru my head. Maybe it is my age (only being 16 ya know), maybe it is all the political things going on and the efforts so many of us have been and are making to *make a difference* – to wake folks up to what is going on and how their napping is supporting the destruction of America.

I do a lot of one on one emailing with readers all over and one of the topics most emailed about is my faith. How I seem to not be as *emotionally* stirred up as some writers on things. I tell them it is my unwavering FAITH in God to carry me thru whatever comes along. I have this small wall plaque that was my mothers that says, “The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you.” Continue reading

Statin Drugs Laid the Groundwork for COVID-19

“Statins are the biggest fraud in modern medicine!”

My hypothesis is that the massive, population-wide lowering of cholesterol among the American public leading up to 2019 set the stage for vulnerability to the novel pathogen SARS‑CoV‑2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This weakening of people’s defenses turned what could have and should have been a nuisance common cold into a very difficult and dangerous illness for those who were older, obese, or who suffered from multiple chronic illnesses. Continue reading

The Government Cartel paid BILLIONS to Walgreens and CVS NOT to fill Ivermectin ~ the Question is… WHY?

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who pushed the government’s deadly COVID-19 narrative and shamed the unvaccinated, admitted he is taking Ivermectin for Long COVID – a condition affecting 17 million Americans which many believe could be caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Defending his use of Ivermectin, Cuomo – showing no remorse – stated, “Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?Continue reading

As a Judge, I have Never Witnessed Such an Abuse of Judicial Authority

In my 57 years practicing law, 12 of them as a Judge, I have never witnessed such an abuse of judicial authority as is being imposed by Judge Juan Merchan. He is replacing competence and impartiality with incompetence and prejudice. As a result, he is dragging the entire New York State judicial system in the cluttered gutter of partisan politics.

With all due respect, I urge the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct to consider admonishing Judge Marchan and also consider removal from the Bench.

Hon. Martin J. Kerins,
former Acting State Supreme Court Judge,
County Court Judge, District Court Judge,
Counsel to Speaker of Assembly, and
Brookhaven Town Attorney.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: How Sustainable Rule Took Over Your City

Solar and wind farms to eliminate gas and oil; 15 Minute Cities; eliminating single-family homes; eliminating gas-powered cars; stop eating beef; no more warm water showers; ban ice cubes and electric stoves; Sustainable! How did these radical ideas become official policies in our once great American cities, now on the verge of collapse? Here’s the story.

San Francisco is the birthplace of the United Nations. On June 5th, 2005, it was also the location for a major effort by the UN to circumvent national and state governments in order to reorganize human society. Coincidentally, the date was also World Environment Day. This time the UN was targeting mayors from all over the world to enlist them to be soldiers in the Sustainable war.

Like a scene from Michael Crichton’s landmark novel State of Fear, all the usual suspects, our self-appointed saviors, were there. There were UN bureaucrats seeking to increase their power and influence, NGOs with their private agendas, Hollywood celebrities acting like authorities on how Americans should rightly live, leaders of corporations seeking to help devise global regulations to kill their competition, and representatives from national and local news outlets that long ago had lost any pretense of delivering unbiased news. Continue reading

Benson: Kangaroo Courts and Show Trials Are Nothing Unusual in Amerika

Comrade Stalin is reported to have said once “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” In other words, show me the man we want arraigned and I’ll show you the crime we will concoct to fit his Personna.

This kind of thing goes all the way back to the Lincoln assassination trial, when the Lincoln conspirators – so called – were put on trial and convicted on the basis of much concocted “evidence” a lot of which had nothing whatever to do with the crime at hand. But that made no difference. They were there to be convicted, not to receive an honest trial. Continue reading

Smith: America has a bad case of the Dumbass!

…or is that we are just tired of all of the Bullsh*t? ~ Justin O. Smith

There’s so much to say right now, but much of it is beating a dead horse and repeating a lot of what I’ve already discussed in ad nauseam through the years.

I’ve had a few grains formulating here and there, but nothing the greater population will want to hear. So many are eat up with a bad case of the dumbass, and it’s enough to make a man want to vomit up his Cheerios. Continue reading

Our Political System Is a Joke INDEED!

The following is from an email which I received from a listener in November of 2023. ~ Editor

Elections are simply an illusion, a choice of “erection” and perhaps which orifice we would like violated for the next four years. Forgive my vulgarity please but I’m out of patience with the so-called citizens who have allowed this to happen to us, and even less patience with the demonic powers whom deliberately sold us this joke we call a country, at least in modern form.

We find ourselves living in a combination horror, comedy, and freak show. Decades of poor decisions predated decades or treason which created a “civilization” who embraced demonism and jungle law. How in Hell does a Nation recover from that? How can any country anywhere operating under the “Democratic” umbrella of governance function if the morons casting the votes are uneducated, uninvolved, and at best make their political decisions based solely on a few minutes of casual research, IF THAT? Continue reading

Pepé: Hide in the Shadow of Your Wings

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Sometimes you’re not supposed to directly confront the problem you’re dealing with in a way that causes you to strive and this is because God is attempting to teach you to rest in Him.

Sometimes It is better to trust wholeheartedly like a child than to kick against the enemy in desperation.

They want you fighting on their terms: Chaos. Fear. Discord.

Peace is your Trump card.

Many of us are undergoing challenges in this season that cause great anxiety and frustration. But when we meet that anxiety with yet more anxiety, what ends up happening? Continue reading

‘Hey, hey we’re the Monkees…’

Here it comes… the next incremental phase of government droning of the population, and it starts with your kids, all in the name of “safety”. And the sad part, VERY SAD PART, is that parents are allowing their children, their babies, to be injected with this chemical garbage, that has been positively linked to autism (which has increased by ONE THOUSAND PERCENT since the introduction of the MMR vaccine) and other health problems. We already have millions of kids on ritalin, prozac, and other “behavior modification” drugs, now it is going to be a “criminal offense” to refuse inoculations for your children.

How long are we going to continue to be herded like cattle? How can people say they care for their children while voluntarily jamming these disease-ridden chemical acronyms into their bloodstream. It is disgraceful. Start to stand up for YOUR RIGHTS… for your children’s rights… they can’t defend themselves and they depend on their parents to do the right things and PROTECT them. Continue reading

Experts Sound Alarm: COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Aggressive ‘Turbo Cancers’ and Health Risks

Recent statements from leading medical experts are raising concerns about the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines and their potential impact on long-term health outcomes. Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, has highlighted evidence suggesting an increase in cancers after COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Risch’s research indicates that clinicians have observed unusual cancer cases, such as colon cancer in young individuals without a family history of the disease. These “turbo cancers,” as they’re termed, exhibit aggressive growth and are often diagnosed at advanced stages, challenging traditional understandings of cancer development. Moreover, concerns extend beyond cancer to autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative conditions, and infections. Dr. Risch attributes these adverse health outcomes to potential damage to the immune system caused by COVID-19 vaccines, leading to compromised immune responses and heightened susceptibility to various diseases. Continue reading

Veteran Who Sacrificed His Savings to Pay for Son’s College Calls Student Loan Forgiveness a ‘Bitter Pill’

Father says lower-middle class families who pay for college ‘left out’ of student debt relief conversation

Dad who sacrificed his savings to pay for son’s college calls student loan forgiveness a ‘bitter pill’

Amid the renewed student loan forgiveness push, Daniel French said he feels as though people like himself, who sacrificed so their kids could remain debt-free, are left out of the conversation.

A father who sacrificed his savings and his health to pay for his son to graduate from college debt-free said he feels “marginalized” amid the growing push for student loan forgiveness. Continue reading

Federal Court: Parents in Maryland School District Cannot Opt K-5 Children Out of LGBTQ Curriculum

The time has come for Parents to assume the FULL responsibility of and for YOUR children. Take them OUT of the Public School System NOW. Look into a Home Schooling program – or start your own – for the benefit of YOUR Children. We invite you to visit, Metropolis.Caféand spend some time there. There is no cost to visit the site nor are there any charges for what we are committed to. My life has been committed to this since I was in the 5th grade – some 66 years ago.

If you are in need of some guidance at Metropolis – you may email me from that site. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor

A federal court on Wednesday upheld a Maryland school district policy that does not allow parents to opt their young K-5 children out of curriculum about gender identity and sexuality. Continue reading