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BREAKING: Neal runs out of words… NOT!

WOW – in fewer words than Neal has written in a long time – he hit the nail square on the head. ~ Ed.

Listening to the garbage people are spewing about how we need Red Flag laws to prevent future mass shootings makes me want to vomit blood.

Can people actually be that stupid? I know, its a rhetorical question; for the answer is glaringly obvious.

You give them the right to determine who is a threat, then confiscate their guns and you create a society where the only people who have guns are loyal party members and the police…and that, my friends, is the path by which dictators arise.

If you take away the guns from those you don’t like, those who talk of liberty or revolution, then you take away the guardians of YOUR freedom as well.

Once we are disarmed, or dead, then they will come for your freedom and speech; and there will be no one around to defend it.

If you can’t see that, then you’re a fucking idiot!!!

Neal Ross
August 8, 2019

Ross: An Entirely Unplanned Rant

The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves. ~ George Washington, Address to Continental Army, Aug 27, 1776

I had fully intended NOT to write anything for awhile; I felt that I was repeating myself over and over again and I figured it was time to take a break until something new, something original popped into my head. Then there came these two shootings, one in Dayton, Ohio and the other in El Paso, Texas, and I knew that the cries for tighter gun control would soon follow.

I won’t mention any names, but I’ve had several of my gun owning friends say they will not obey any further gun control laws; that they are done having their right restricted every time some nut case goes off the deep end and shoots up a school, a supermarket, or a nightclub. Continue reading