Dickens: Perception

“Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels

What’s most important?

It has to look good.

It has to send the correct message, one carefully crafted and tuned to support the political agendas and create the right impression.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

It doesn’t even need to be accurate, especially since facts are mutable and a matter of perception.

Most of us can recall a time when the truth was all important. We grew up with the George Washington and the cherry tree fable. When did we lose touch with reality?

Don’t answer; it’s a rhetorical question.

When we lost touch is not as pertinent as that we did…
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Whitehead: 360 Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships to Spy on Americans

“We live in a surveillance state founded on a partnership between government and the technology industry.” ~ Law Professor Avidan Y. Cover

In this age of ubiquitous surveillance, there are no private lives: everything is public.

Surveillance cameras mounted on utility poles, traffic lights, businesses, and homes. License plate readers. Ring doorbells. GPS devices. Dash cameras. Drones. Store security cameras. Geofencing and geotracking. FitBits. Alexa. Internet-connected devices.

There are roughly one billion surveillance cameras worldwide and that number continues to grow, thanks to their wholehearted adoption by governments (especially law enforcement and military agencies), businesses, and individual consumers.

With every new surveillance device we welcome into our lives, the government gains yet another toehold into our private worlds. Continue reading


Not one, but two batches of highly classified documents hoarded by Joe Biden were found in two separate places. The first batch of classified material were found by Biden’s aides at Penn Biden Center in an office Biden used during the Obama administration. The second batch of classified documents were found in a storage space in Joe’s garage. This is an odd development. Continue reading

One More Massive Socialist-Driven Transfer of Wealth

Many Americans, conservative or not, should be angry that unions now hold so much influence over elected officials and Joe Biden that the Teamsters Union, long fraught with ties to the U.S. Mafia and organized crime, is actually receiving a $36 billion dollar bailout under the $1.9 trillion dollar American Rescue Plan, after years of mismanaging and stealing from their members’ pension fund and the new revelation that the Teamsters Union pension fund was essentially insolvent. This is an act by the executive that takes the hard-earned tax dollars of private citizens to give to a group of collectivists, socialists and outright criminals whose leadership should be placed behind prison bars, instead of being rewarded by Joe Biden.

Please recall that in 2020 labor unions donated $27.5 million to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Continue reading

Whitehead: Don’t Trust the Government with Your Privacy, Property or Your Freedoms

How do you trust a government that continuously sidesteps the Constitution and undermines our rights? You can’t.

When you consider all the ways “we the people” are being bullied, beaten, bamboozled, targeted, tracked, repressed, robbed, impoverished, imprisoned and killed by the government, one can only conclude that you shouldn’t trust the government with your privacy, your property, your life, or your freedoms. Continue reading

Benson: It’s Okay For Biden But Not For Trump!

Das ist Josef!

If anyone doubts that we have a monstrous double standard in our supposed system of justice all they need do is look at this situation. It is living proof that, in this barnyard, some animals are more equal than others.

When this socialist regime wanted to cause Donald Trump problems they raided his home and searched for classified documents, which they claim to have found. It was reported they were so thorough in their search that they even checked his wife’s lingerie drawers. I’m sure if they can find a way to do it, they will try to prosecute Trump with the idea of trying to keep him from running in 2024. They’re still afraid of him! Continue reading

Playing ‘gotcha‘ with concerned parents

Liberals can misspeak all day and nothing happens. But if someone takes a conservative stand on a moral issue, a media outlet like the Washington Post will do an aggressive takedown if they sniff an error – any error.

Nobody seems to know who leaked the Supreme Court’s draft in the Dobbs case overturning Roe v. Wade.

Nobody seems to know how many serious adverse effects have occurred shortly after COVID-19 shots.

Nobody seems to know how the FBI was turned into a leftwing political weapon.

“Mainstream” media don’t find these things worth pursuing.

However, thanks to an exhaustive investigative analysis by the Washington Post, we now know how many parents – 38 – around the country have challenged Jonathan Evison’s book “Lawn Boy” in school libraries. Continue reading

Benson: Biden To The Border – What A Farce!

Doo and Fuss on the Border

So Biden is finally going to the border in what will be the ultimate PR stunt. After that he is supposed to go on to Mexico to talk with the Mexican president. More PR drivel! Biden is not and never was his own man. He can only spew the words his bosses put in his mouth–and hope he doesn’t mess them up too much. He has no more power to effect any meaningful change than does the umbrella he carries. Continue reading

1376 ~ “Hello suckers…” and Happy New Year!

It’s More Than Opinion! – Rebuttal from an Angry Patriot

The calendar has officially rolled over to another year. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of man? During 2001, the world found out, just how evil man could be. Was it a result of American foreign policy and our involvement in the Middle East? Or was it the diabolical plan of a crazed “religious” fanatic and zealot? Only history will bear out the truth for the World to see.

For many of us broadcasting on the alternative media – we have remained hard hitting on issues, which we believe are highly pertinent in our day and time. These issues include education, property rights, tyranny by government, government out of the control of the people, moral decay and rot, tax and sovereignty issues, a deeper drift into Socialism, the breakup of the family, protection of children and families, treason in high places of our government, cover-ups and conspiracies within the government itself, in addition to a sundry of other choice subjects. Continue reading

King McCarthy: Emblematic of the Greater Problem

I almost let this one go, since more and more I am convinced that nothing I will write will make any real difference in the grand scheme of things. More than write to change any Commie’s mind, I write today for myself and for the remnant of conservatives across the country who simply need to know they aren’t alone and there are others out here who think and believe as they do.

No one should look for anything much to come out of this 118th Congress other than more and bigger betrayals due to McCarthy’s many questionable associations and propensity and inclination to kiss the Democrats’ collective ass. Between McCarthy’s sketchy political maneuvering and willingness to make any deal in the name of keeping and growing his power and the Democrats’ knack for forcing the GOP to its knees, even when the GOP has a majority, we’re in for a two year dangerous slog through an ever growing untenable political and social environment, with freedom and liberty still in great danger and attacked from all sides. Continue reading



Section 1. Adoption of the Rules of the One Hundred Seventeenth Congress.
This section provides that the Rules of the 117th Congress are the Rules of the 118th Congress, except for the amendments contained in section 2 of the resolution and orders contained in the resolution.

Section 2. Changes to the Standing Rules.
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Friday was the second anniversary of the January 6th protest of the stolen election. Never forget our fellow patriots still locked up in Pelosi’s gulag for two years. Freedom Friday, release the January 6 protestors.

MAGA Republican voters have got to be frustrated. If we’re lucky, we are able to see our chosen representatives sent to Congress. Unfortunately too many of them become Swamp dwellers. They go along to get along. Many turn into RINOs (Republican In Name Only) and meld together with the Democrats to form what’s known as the “Uni-Party.” They then vote for massive spending packages that they don’t even read. The trillions of dollars spent drives up inflation for the average man. They vote for funding an insane war that we have no stake in. Over $100 billion has gone to Ukraine only to further the corruption and death there. Yes, too many Republicans are in favor of this war, because they love the Military Industrial Complex and do their bidding. Continue reading

Author of LGBT book ‘Lawn Boy‘ which describes two 10-year-old boys giving each other oral sex admits graphic story was NEVER meant for school libraries!

Livid parents force woke teachers to pull it from shelves in US

The author of a book which was pulled from schools across the US over its description of a sex act between two 10-year-old boys has said it was never intended for young children.

Lawn Boy, a 2018 novel by Jonathan Evison, drew national attention in 2021 after it was found in school libraries despite scenes that parents labeled ‘pedophilic’.

School districts in at least 12 states removed the book from libraries because of the controversial passages.

The passages included descriptions of a sexual encounter between two fourth-grade boys at a church youth-group meeting.

Evison told The Washington Post the book was never intended to be placed in school libraries.

His comments appeared in a Post article which said schools banned the book because ‘a mom wrongly said the book showed pedophilia’. Continue reading

Dickens: Hypocrisy is Job One!!!

A Brief History of American Mendacity

My first sip of coffee is always magical – I know my morning routine is full-on, and I have a lot to accomplish. But today, incredulity stunts my ardor, derailing noteworthy thoughts and interrupting my course with inconceivable idiocy. It’s another WTF moment. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of those lately.

It must be global warming…

For the past several months, I’ve thought about the birth of our nation. I’m mindful of what happened to that sanguine start and the sorrowful situation in which I see our republic. My reference here is to the actions of patriots in 1775, NOT the silent film of the same name from 1915. Although both are seminal events in our history, I’d prefer to concentrate on the loyal and patriotic intents of 1775.

This is a story of the new America, now bereft of aspirations. We’re greedy and betrayed by the lengths people will go to acquire power. It’s the saga of how many trusted leaders sold their souls to some Devil, and citizens of the republic did precisely as they were programmed; nothing.

Albert Camus said: “The entire history of mankind is, in any case, nothing but a prolonged fight to the death for the conquest of universal prestige and absolute power.”

Like all fairytales, this tale begins with the obligatory phrase – Once Upon A Time... Continue reading

The Seese Chronicles: Disorder from the TOP or “rotting from the head

January 29, 2005 ~ The reports are seemingly endless, a long laundry list of defects in our obese government structure of subversives, panderers, crooks, delusional leaders and biased media cohorts, inadequate training in the military and incomprehensible lack of coordination and supply for a war that should never have been, and stupid trips by even more stupid elected officials to places they should not be allowed, all at taxpayer expense.

And to think the American Revolution was ignited over a tea tax!

Of course, Boston Harbor couldn’t hold the carcasses of the huge number of lunatic elected and appointed officials in American government, they outnumber the tea by about 2,000 official persons to 1 case of tea. (Don’t hold me to an exact figure, we haven’t had an official investigation at this point.) But it’s obvious that America has a bad case of Rottenhead Infestation, and RI seems to grow every time the government reorganizes anything or holds a new election. This government has pandered to its enemies and kicked its allies, bought its lovers and given its defense information to those who have every intention of using it against the American people for a long, long time. Continue reading

2022’s Danger Signs: From Totalitarian Paranoia to Authoritarian Madness

The danger signs were everywhere in 2022!

With every new law enacted by federal and state legislatures, every new ruling handed down by government courts, and every new military weapon, invasive tactic and egregious protocol employed by government agents, we were reminded that in the eyes of the government and its corporate accomplices, “we the people” possess no rights except for that which the Deep State grants on an as-needed basis. Continue reading

DeWeese: The Are NOT Protectors of the Planet… but Destroyers of Human Society

They told me that if I took the red pill I would be able to see reality – the truth of what is really going on around us. Well, I just happened to have a red pill and I took it. Like traveling through time, things rushed forward, I grew dizzy, and then I saw things around me become crystal clear!

Suddenly, I could see that the American people, and their every action, are being ruled, regulated, restricted, licensed, registered, directed, checked, inspected, measured, numbered, counted, rated, stamped, censured, authorized, admonished, refused, prevented, drilled, indoctrinated, monopolized, extorted, robbed, hoaxed, fined, harassed, disarmed, dishonored, fleeced, exploited, assessed, and taxed to the point of suffocation and desperation. Continue reading

Dickens: The Pirates of the Potomac – Arrrrrrr!!!

Nestled in the backwaters of the Potomac River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay estuary, is a swamp full of the expected bog critters and marsh nasties.

It’s technically in the State of Maryland, but they didn’t want the mor-ASS for some undisclosed reason. Not even the Nacotchtank Indians wanted it, so they sold it to the fledgling colonial government.

So on July 16th, 1790, the new US government took over, and the “improvements” continue today. Like every government involvement, it is a rousing success, which depends significantly on your perspective like everything it does. (sarcasm off) Continue reading