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Texas to Build Military Base on Mexico Border… in New Swipe at Biden

The facility built on the site will be able to accommodate some 300 soldiers by April — and will have the ability to expand to house up to 2,300

Texas plans to construct a military base along the border with Mexico, the state’s Republican governor announced Friday, as his election-year tug-of-war with the White House over migration continues to broil.

A wave of illegal border crossings in recent months has made migration a key talking point in the US presidential election campaign once again, with Republicans seeking to pin blame for the record-high numbers entirely on Democratic President Joe Biden. Continue reading

Peterson: Synchronicities

This is a topic which captured my interest after several remarkable occurences throughout my life. I’ll never forget the most amazing synchronicity that I ever experienced.

The year was 1993, and I’d been working and living on a small ranch 5 miles outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. One morning I noticed that my vehicle, a 1959 Toyota Land Cruiser, had a flat tire, but even worse, since the vehicle had only a canvas bikini top, I discovered that someone had stolen my tire iron from the open and unsecured back end, so I was unable to change the tire.

The ranch owner had only Fords and Chevys, so his lug wrenches wouldn’t fit the Toyota – I needed a metric size… Continue reading


I’ve had several people suggest a drawing of Joe Biden as the ‘Grinch,’ but after careful consideration I decided it would be more fun to draw him as ‘Scrooge.’

I always like watching all the old ‘Scrooge’ movies on TV at this time of year. I prefer the black and white ones. I picture London being black and white in 1843, when Charles Dickens penned the tale – and in fact, Benjamin Franklin described old London as being a smokey, dark place in the mid 1700s. One of the best film versions is the 1935 one starring Seymour Hicks. When he contritely visits his nephew and his nephew’s new wife at the end, he takes a moment to look at their Christmas tree. He sheds a tear because it’s so beautiful.

Unfortunately Biden would never have the Scrooge conversion. He would insult any spirit trying to help him.
Continue reading

Benson: No Jesus – No Salvation

At this time of year we think about celebrating Christmas, which to many folks is anything but spiritual. it’s a time to eat, get drunk, and insult the relatives you haven’t seen in a year. I realize lots of folks don’t like all this “religious” stuff so I expect my readership for this article and others like it will be down. That’s okay. I have to say what I say and I’m not out to win a popularity contest. Spiritual things are important, even if many don’t want to admit that.

I had a friend in the East who passed away at this time of year a few years ago. He was devoted to the cause of Southern heritage and truth in history, yet to the best of my knowledge, he passed from this life with no knowledge of how important the Lord Jesus Christ was and is to the human race. He admitted theology was his weak point but that was as far as he would go. Continue reading

We had an unexpected visitor at the door Friday night…

Our neighbor, a little girl age 10, is moving away. She wanted to tell us that she won’t be around anymore to play or sleepover because she is moving two days before Christmas Eve.

While telling us this difficult situation, she broke out in tears because her mom said Christmas will be canceled this year due to the effort and stress of moving. She is also a Christmas Eve baby (her birthday is the 24th) which means zero birthday presents either.

My girlfriend and I just stared at each other in shock. How can a mom do this to her only child? We invited her in to help put up the last Christmas decorations around the house and asked her more about this sad situation.

Due to her mom’s legal issues, she does not have a car or a license to drive. On top of that, her mom can not afford their apartment anymore and that they (mom and our neighborhood little girl) are moving in with their aunt. Continue reading

Garrison: The Biden Family’s Sleight of Hand

Yesterday Hunter Biden put forth a “woe is me, I am the victim” performance at a press conference. He defied the House Republicans’ request for a closed-door deposition. Hunter said he would only answer questions at a public hearing. He refused to comply with a congressional subpoena. Will Hunter be held accountable

When conservatives defy a subpoena they usually get raided by the FBI and led away in handcuffs. Continue reading

Holmquist: A Life Update From Annie

Checking out the cotton fields during a recent visit to the Deep South.

A little over a year ago I posted this article, saying goodbye to an organization — Intellectual Takeout — that was a major part of my life for 13 years. Numbers of you hopped on over to this Substack following my announcement; many others have come in the months since.

Those who know me best know that I am fond of keeping track of special dates and liable to pull up obscure happenings when their anniversaries roll around. So even though this is a bit of a sad anniversary for me — and a few weeks late — I’d still like to mark it by reflecting on how I grew, what I learned, and some of the unique and unexpected opportunities God gave me. Continue reading

Holmquist: The Amish Plan for Better Schools

Lessons from the Amish on how to bring education back to the heart of the family.

Imagine it’s a beautiful fall day. You’re whizzing down country roads, enjoying the vibrant colors of red and yellow maples, when suddenly, a bright-orange triangle catches your eye. Slamming on the brakes, you realize that an Amish buggy is just ahead, and you curiously crane your neck, hoping for a glimpse of the plainly clad individuals inside.

Alas, your vehicle’s slowed pace leaves you little more than a glimpse of them, and you speed on, glad you’re heading back to modernity and its conveniences rather than stuck behind a horse. Continue reading