As we Promised…

…there’s a CHANGE a’ comin’ Don’t need no baggage – ya’ just get on board – and it is FINALLY happenin’!

For the past year and a half, Kettle Moraine Ltd. has been suffering under the worst web-site and Domain hosts, but I won’t even mention their name. Just over this past month we have been fighting these people who only seem to have representatives in Formosa – or some other foreign land.

We have continued to fight these battles – but Change is coming once more… At this point – Le Metropolis Café is the most complete and we are so happy…

…and Dr Kelley’s VICTORY OVER CANCER has joined the conversion – TODAY (January 28, 2023) – with our NEW email address at:

{NOTE: The Kelley site and two others will be getting moved soon, so there may be a bit of down time with the sites themselves – and there will ALSO be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT coming up within the next several weeks. You’ll just have to wait for Sundown….}

As for Le Metropolis Café Well – it’s time to get it on – and GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC FOOL System – and hey – if you have any questions to ask or have comments to share with us – You can email us at: Edu@Metropolis.Café

Without Apology I am,

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