Shove it up their azzenholins!

NOTICE: As many of our regular readers and listeners know – this past year+ has been a veritable nightmare for us. From personal health related issues, to the insanity of the political foilbles (cornholes) of this nation and the nightmares which we have had to face with each of our four (or as two domain managers have stated – five) websites.

For starters – there are only four actual websites. The 5th will be eliminated soon (which is quite interesting, because it hasn’t existed in some years…). From that point on – we will begin to correct the existing errors within a weeks time.

We have fought the elimination of 20 year old emails (Federal Observer – which MAY be going through a MAJOR overhaul), an ongoing fight to establish new ones for and SierraMadrePreciousMetals, and apparent issues to be able to utilize (which possibly few of our readers seem to be aware of).

I have done this for far too many years and am sick and tired of what appears to be attempts to just flat shut us down. It does not help that two of the largest supposedly “most professional” domain hosts in the country have become the greediest, poor service operations that I have ever dealt with in all of these years – GoSlammy and BlueWhore.

So just stick with us a bit longer as we endeavor to get all of this overhauled.

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