This is the end…

It’s an INVASION and We’ve LOST the Country!

June 22, 2013, November 20, 2022 ~ What you are about to read, is a compilation of several short columns I wrote and published on the now defunct No Stinking Amnesty website. It is now officially gone, kaput, finis – just as this nation is doing – dying before our very eyes. (Ed.)

In the words of Jim Morrison of The Doors

My daughter called me in tears, late at night on November 6, 2012 – the night of the re-coronation of the Usurper. She could not understand why the people in this (once great) nation would lend themselves to the travesty perpetrated on America, such as was done on November 6, 2012.

It’s simple my daughter; socialism and Communism – exactly what Joseph McCarthy fought against so many decades ago. Mix in a lot of voting by skin color, and old people in Florida – who should no longer be allowed to vote – and young impressionable college students, who have been promised more free handouts from a government that your father, and millions of employed and no longer employed Americans can no longer afford to support. Let’s throw in the illegal invaders of this country, who in June of this year were dangled a bit of (partial) amnesty – leading to full scale free-ride of the other thirty+ million of them, and let’s not forget all of those people who will get FREE healthcare – provided by – your father and the rest of the hard-working dumb people in this nation, who just feel that it’s OUR obligation to feed, clothe and house every goddamned lazy son-of-a-bitch, who finds it easier to live off the “government” dole, than to be a contributing member of society.

Well – the self-anointed Moses parted the Red Sea to allow us FREE passage – and now he will close the waters over our heads.

Maybe some of those who entered through the Rio Grande will be able to swim their way out of harm’s way – but I wouldn’t count on it.

The States nor the people are any longer united. Obama’s motto has been “Divide and Conquer.” He has won…

I am looking for neither sympathy, nor opinion. I have come to the conclusion that all is lost in this nation. Given the likes of Obama, Big Sis (Napolitano) and by all of the friends (both Democrat and Republican alike) of the late Teddy Kennedy – which is leading to the final nail in the coffin of a nation once known as ‘America’ – we’re are about to be royally screwed by the Gang of Eight, and the rest of the traitorous basturds and turdettes in Washington.

You see – the people of America just don’t give a damn! The likes of Kris Eggle, Nicholas Ivie, Brian Terry and so many others, died in vain… You might even say that, “They gave their lives for Emperor Obama!”

What was done TO this nation with ObamCare, will also be done TO the nation with another “One Time” amnesty of between 20 and 35 MILLION invaders currently occupying space in this nation. This party is over.

And where the hell were you while the gerbil was being inserted into your rectum?

Vaja con Dios…

Without Apology I am,

Fed Up…

3 thoughts on “This is the end…

  1. It's Over Now

    They won’t be able to keep the Ponzi going and it will be the Law of the Jungle when the free milk and honey runs out.
    These things happen when “your” government is controlled by an external one world cabal that exploits quisling traitors masterfully.

  2. veteran

    i logged lots of flight hours in that huey (pictured) one day we crashed and almost died.
    today, i wonder why the hell did i lay my ass on the line for a country full of idiots ?
    that is sad to say

  3. Heidi Hickson

    I am so sorry for the state of affairs today. my mother was a German, married GI came over here barely speaking English. She was a very hard worker. No she did not teach us to speak German but worked hard to speak and write English. She was proud to be here and other than her cooking you would not know she was German. She was also a die hard Republican and did not believe in anything for nothing. When she said the word “food stamps” she wispered like it was shameful to resort to such measures.
    She would often say, “Don’t think it can’t happen here”. I know she was sadden by her own country and know how gullible people can be. I always thought German people must have been gullible innocents and Socialists at heart. Now it saddens me to see how many of our nation is also.

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