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“There is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development. But those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.” ~ October 28, 1886

If you need further explanation – then you just won’t get it.

Concern About Border Violence Grows Across Southern Arizona

Rancher in Arivaca says she heard gun battle across border

TUCSON, Ariz. – Border security and stability are on the front door of southern Arizona ranchers who are being warned about cartel fighting on the other side.

One rancher described the gunbattle south of Arivaca on Wednesday that ended when the Mexican military showed up.

She said Border Patrol keeps her informed about situations like this and keeps people from running onto her property.

But she is watching for elected officials to come up with a plan to not just protect her but to address the thousands of migrants showing up each day, with some of them asking her for help. Continue reading

November 29, 2023: The Continued INVASION of America… The Insanity Will NOT End!

The Unending Surge of Migrants is Creating a Public Health Crisis

Migrants take part in a caravan towards the border with the United States in Tapachula, Chiapas State, Mexico, on October 30, 2023

As a physician, I tend to view the burgeoning migrant border crisis as much as a public health emergency as it is a national security emergency. The distinction is becoming more and more blurred, since the 2 million or more migrants who have crossed our southern border illegally over the past year — many supposedly seeking asylum — present both problems.

Don’t get me wrong: Many of the millions who have escaped Venezuela or Central America for economic and political reasons certainly have legitimate causes to leave their countries. But we don’t have the public health infrastructure here to absorb them all, not to mention the burdens on our local and state economies. At the same time, deadly fentanyl is pouring across our porous border, posing a huge medical risk of overdoses all across the country.

From a public health point of view, we are hardly prepared to handle such huge numbers of migrants, many of whom have chronic health issues or other acute problems… (Continue to full article)

Voters Want Control of the Border, but Do They Want Trump Immigrant Roundups and Detention Camps?

Even though Americans support immigration, they have been willing to accept tougher prescriptions for enforcement — and their willingness could test how far hard-liners can go in 2024 with anti-immigrant proposals.

Democrats, like Republicans, have been joining the drumbeat that there is a “crisis” at the border as the numbers of people the Border Patrol says it encounters hit record levels.

Amid all this, former President Donald Trump promises to expand on the hard-line immigration policies of his first term, setting off alarm bells among immigration advocates and even some Republican conservatives.

Meanwhile, leaders in blue cities that have long welcomed immigrants complain of stretched resources with the influx of newcomers shuttled from Texas and other states. Dividing lines are emerging as immigrants who have worked for years without legal status see newly arrived asylum-seekers from countries like Venezuela get work permits.

Any “show me your papers” policies or Operation Wetback-like roundups could easily ensnare Latino Americans… (Continue to full article)

States Are Spending Millions to Send Migrants Somewhere Else

States spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to ship migrants elsewhere this year.

What started as a GOP political stunt ahead of the midterms has led states and cities of both parties to spend significant resources to help migrants and asylum seekers reach other parts of the country.

The U.S. has a resettlement process for refugees that ensures they are placed in communities prepared to support them, but there is no such national coordination for migrants and asylum seekers.

Responding to historic levels of migration throughout the Americas has come with high costs across the board in the U.S.

I say,SEND THEM HOME“… (Continue to full article)

Border Patrol Takes Drastic Action as Thousands of Immigrants Illegally Enter Tucson Daily

Arizona Border Patrol

Border Patrol leadership in the Tucson region of Arizona is calling for “all hands on deck” to respond to an “unprecedented surge” of illegal immigrants , the Washington Examiner has learned.

Federal law enforcement agents in southeastern Arizona sounded the alarm in conversations with the Washington Examiner on Monday, disclosing that agents have been pulled from manning the highway checkpoints, canceled all training classes, and even diverted from desk jobs, such as posting updates on the organization’s local social media, a sign of how strained the agency has become responding to thousands crossing in just one part of the southern border each day.

“As you are aware, Tucson Sector is experiencing an unprecedented surge of illegal entries in our [area of responsibility],” Tucson leadership wrote in an email to agents this afternoon, according to a copy obtained by the Washington Examiner on Monday. “[T]his morning we had more than 5,000 people in custody – far more than our holding capacity.”… (Continue to full article)

Smith: The Continued Invasion of America Subverts Our Society

Illegal Aliens Demand “the Right” to Invade America

America’s borders are being breached and the country invaded by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens each month, which constitutes an attack on our country, especially when one sees all the cross-border violence engaged in by the drug cartels that has left much of the U.S. Southern Border beyond the control of the U.S. government. And it is the direct result of an intentional policy employed by the Biden regime and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, traitor to America, that has utilized law enforcement personnel and National Guardsmen to facilitate the processing and release of these illegal aliens into the country rather than stop them from crossing over, and as such, Joe Biden and all those who do his bidding in this matter have violated U.S. immigration law and committed a criminal act on such a grand scale that it is tantamount to treason. Continue reading

Wooldridge: What About the Corruption-Incompetence in Washington DC?

The sheer magnitude of incompetence and corruption in Washington DC makes this journalist sick to my stomach weekly. It’s almost beyond comprehension of what’s going on with those 535 Congressional Critters. What are they doing and why are they screwing up/destroying our country to this degree in 2023?

Not to mention, we endure our president of the United States who shakes hands with the air, must be led off stage by his wife, who doesn’t know where he is or what day of the week it is, let alone the location of Israel on a map. He doesn’t write his speeches. He can’t remember what he’s talking about as he mumbles along with the aid of a teleprompter. Whomever writes his speeches is the one running our country. Continue reading

Smith: Farewell to “E Pluribus Unum

Years later and here we are … still having to fight our government to get them to do the right thing and seal and secure our borders.

                                                             So Long E. P. UNUM – It’s been a Swell Ride!

Illegal immigration is sounding the death knell for our nation, but legal immigration has been just as destructive to our societal fiber. Legal or illegal, it’s just a fact that a majority of immigrants haven’t completely assimilated, or even wanted to assimilate and integrate into society. They are perfectly happy operating on the edges of society, within their own circles of influence and whatever microcosm has sprung up around their culture and their brethren. Continue reading

Benson: Our Sieve Of A Southern Border And Middle Eastern Terrorists

The Biden/Obama Regime recently sent 800 troops to the border. Why? So They can speed up the paperwork in letting illegal immigrants into the country, that’s why. They won’t be allowed to do anything that will hinder those illegals from getting in. We’ve already lost the border to the illegals and the cartels so all these troops will be allowed to do is facilitate the paperwork that will allow them to stay here. They will be allowed to do nothing to keep the illegals out because the Biden/Obama Regime wants as many as possible here for next year for the 2024 election. The regime plans to turn Texas into a blue state if they can give the illegals the ability to vote next year. Continue reading

It’s Business as Usual at the Border

While Biden Deals With the Middle East, hundreds of invaders from all over the world keep squeezing through the wall

550 people crossing into Arizona in little more than an hour on Thursday evening in just one small patch of the border with Mexico

First comes the phone, thrust through the steel bars and twisted one way and then the other as its camera scans for Border Patrol officers.

Then comes the clanging, as the bars — already cut with an acetylene torch — are forced apart.

Only then come the people. Man, woman, child, woman, child, child, man, man, woman.

Eight bodies emerge on to American soil beside Donald Trump’s border wall in Arizona. They bear right, armed with instructions on how to find Border Patrol officers and hand themselves in. Continue reading

Smith: Americans Must Prepare to Kill or Be Killed

“If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you don’t like our religion – which a lot of them don’t – if you sympathize with jihadists, then we don’t want you in our country and you are not getting in.” ~ Donald J. Trump, New Hampshire, October 23rd 2023

I could give a damn less about where a man has his origins, just as long as he exhibits a true fidelity and allegiance to the principles that built America. But a phenomenon we see so apparent throughout our society today is that it has been overrun by a massive host of anti-Americans in a way never before seen in America.

The entire premise underlying the cited reason for the 1965 Immigration Act could never work; it was preposterous and insane from the beginning, and every single thing traitors like Senator Ted Kennedy said wouldn’t happen have happened and come to pass.

America would have been a thousand times better off if we had left well enough alone and left these people who held antithetical ideas to ours right where they were, to make their lives better or not. We sure would have avoided a multitude of problems that have since emerged from this one act alone, and they could have hated us from afar, rather than coming to America and harassing us with charges of being imperialists and white supremacists who still want to oppress them.

Oppress them, My Ass! They arrived by the millions and have been appeased, pampered, coddled and catered to from the first day they hit our shores.

It’s way past time to place a total halt to all immigration and seal every border point of entry tighter than a young virgin’s chastity belt. Stop letting our enemies into our country; leave them where they are and let them hate us while they stew over not having any stew, or any U.S. welfare dollars. ~ J.O.S.
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New Records Unveil Surprising Scope of Secretive ‘CBP One’ Entry Scheme

Began far earlier and let in many more nationalities in far greater numbers than publicly disclosed

CBP One appointment recipients wait in long lines on the Matamoros, Mexico, side of an international bridge waiting to be called in by CBP officers on the Brownsville, Texas, side. May 2023 photo by Todd Bensman.

In January 2023, the Biden Administration announced what has become the cornerstone of its “new lawful pathways” strategy to manage the historic volumes of foreign nationals illegally crossing the U.S Southwest border.

The White House announcement explained that inadmissible aliens from four of the most numerous nationalities crossing illegally – Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Haitians, and Cubans – would be able to use the “CBP One” mobile phone app to schedule an appointment with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers, in order to be escorted through a port of entry (POE) and quickly granted temporary “humanitarian parole” and released into the country. Continue reading

Blockbuster House Report Reveals How Badly Biden’s Broken Our Immigration System

‘There is virtually no enforcement of our immigration laws’ with 4.7 million new arrivals

On October 10, the majority Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee released a blockbuster report captioned “The Biden Border Crisis: New Data and Testimony Show How the Biden Administration Opened the Southwest Border and Abandoned Interior Enforcement”. It reveals how the administration has broken our immigration system, with one phrase therein ringing truest: “There is virtually no enforcement of our immigration laws.” Continue reading

The 225-year-old ‘Alien Enemies Act’ Needs to Come Out of Retirement

They Don’t Write ’Em Like They Used To

~ Summary ~

* The Trump campaign has called for the invocation of the “Alien Enemies Act” (“AEA”) to “remove all known or suspected gang Members, drug dealers, or Cartel Members from the U.S.”

* The AEA was enacted in 1798 in reaction to a feared invasion by France, then in the throws of the infamous French Revolution. The Justice Department has explained that “One of the measures of protection found by every nation to be most necessary in time of war is the guarding against internal enemies whose operations are more insidious, and therefore, more dangerous … in many cases, than are the active maneuvers of military forces … . An army of spies, incendiaries, and propagandists may be more dangerous than an army of soldiers.”

* Unlike the other “Alien and Sedition Acts” of 1798, the AEA received wide bipartisan support, including that of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, implacable opponents of the other Acts.

* The AEA is still good law, providing that “Whenever there is a declared war between the United States and any foreign nation or government, or any invasion or predatory incursion is perpetrated, attempted, or threatened against the territory of the United States by any foreign nation or government … all natives, citizens, denizens, or subjects of the hostile nation or government [at least 14 years old and not having become naturalized U.S. citizens] … shall be liable to be apprehended, restrained, secured, and removed as alien enemies.” Continue reading

Over 70,000 ‘Special Interest Aliens‘ Have Attempted to Enter the US During Past Two Years by Way of the Southern Border Prompting ‘Extreme Concerns‘ by Border Officials

Tens of thousands of people designated as ‘special interest aliens’ have been detained at the U.S. southern border during the past two years, raising fresh worries about the threat of terrorists sneaking into the country.

In all, more than 70,000 migrants have been picked up from countries of particular concern, according to leaked Custom and Border Protection data.

They include 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan, where the Taliban took control in 2021 after a 20-year war, 659 people from Iran, which backs the terrorist group Hamas, and Syria, which is designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. Continue reading

27 State AGs Request Federal Government End Catch-And-Release Policies

Twenty-seven attorneys general, led by Florida’s Ashley Moody, are demanding Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “fix the problem you created” and close the catch-and-release loophole DHS is “currently exploiting to implement its mass release policy at the Southwest Border.”

The coalition filed a Petition for Rulemaking demanding that Mayorkas amend DHS’s catch-and-release policies. In their 6-page letter, they point to how “DHS is releasing aliens at a rate of over one million per year, and that does not include the aliens being released on parole under § 1182(d)(5).”

In addition to releasing inadmissible illegal foreign nationals into the U.S., DHS is releasing them with court dates for three to four years and even 10 years into the future, a lag that The Center Square first reported . The coalition argues Mayorkas’ policies will result in allowing millions more unauthorized people to remain in the U.S. for 15 years or longer before ever they ever appear before an immigration judge. Continue reading

Biden’s ‘Decision‘ (HAHAHAHA) on Border Wall Described as ‘About 9 Million Crossings Too Late’

An immigration border enforcement organization says after more than two years arguing a border wall is “bad policy,” the Biden administration is finally getting it. But an immigration attorney says the administration really didn’t have any choice but to restart the wall’s construction.

On Thursday, Biden defended his administration’s decision to waive 26 federal laws in South Texas to allow for construction of roughly 20 miles of additional border wall – then said flatly that he didn’t think such walls work. (NOTE: Many of the same ‘laws’ that he signed Executive Orders for – about 3 hours after he was sworn in replacing Trump. ~ Editor)
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An Open Border Coalition Is Tearing Law Enforcement Apart

This article was provided by an active U.S. Border Patrol agent who is stationed on the Texas-Mexico border. The agent’s name has been withheld.

This week, a supervisor in the U.S. Border Patrol cut boundary wires that hold the line on illegal migrations from Mexico. His actions opened a floodgate to thousands of daily illegal border crossings. The Texas National Guard immediately directed its own agents to fix the wire in an effort to stop the flood.

These acts in a single day at a single location perfectly display the opposing views of our state and the federal governments about the border crisis.

On one hand, Texas’ mission is to secure the border with all available state, county and local resources. Texas’ efforts are coordinated to protect the state’s forces, populations, and infrastructure.

On the other hand, Washington’s mission is to facilitate a safe, orderly and humane environment for the migration of millions of “refugees” and asylum seekers. Continue reading

New Records Show Biden’s DHS Accepting 99.7 Percent of Recent Aliens Applying for Entry Using CBP One

Biden’s DHS is either importing perfect angels over the southern border or breaching promise of security vetting

Haitians in Reynosa, Mexico, check their CBP One applications for their invitations to cross a U.S. port of entry for parole processing into the United States. 76,000 have been let in this way at land ports since January 2023. Photo by Todd Bensman in May 2023.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For all of 2023, top Biden administration officials have repeatedly assured Americans that aspiring illegal border crossers would undergo “rigorous security vetting” and eligibility checks when they use the CBP One appointment system to fly or walk by government invitation over the border for quick parole into the United States.

More than 225,000 aspiring border-jumpers from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela have gained entry, apparently by flying or walking over the border, from January through September 5, 2023. Continue reading

Beaucoup Dien Cai Dau… The insanity will not end – NO MATTER the Topic

Some NYC schools forced to turn away kids on first day of school as influx of migrants joins classrooms
The first day of classes kicked off in New York City as schools grapple with the influx of migrant students, with some buildings turning away kids as 21,000 children seeking asylum inundated already jam-packed classrooms.

The line to get inside Newcomers High School in Long Island City stretched around the block early Thursday as frustrated teachers vented that the building had already hit capacity, pushing students at Gotham — a different school inside the building — to a facility across the street.

“It’s a capacity issue,” a teacher told The Post. “They should have worked this out two days ago!”

Many of the migrant students were beaming and proudly wearing their Queens shelter IDs around their necks… (Continue to full article)

The Mayor

Radical Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Begins Implementing Climate Organization’s Goal to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030

Their mission and mandate include a Race to Zero global campaign to reach net-zero carbon emissions in 1,000 cities worldwide and “sustainable food policies” that support “an overall increase of healthy plant-based food consumption in our cities by shifting away from unsustainable, unhealthy diets,” A.K.A. carnivorous diets.

This also comes as fraudulently elected Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs recently declared a “heat state of emergency,” mainly in Phoenix, likely meant to accelerate the implementation of these radical policies.

Arizona Patriots showed up to give Public Comment at a recent Phoenix City Council meeting and reportedly “told the mayor they do not support policies banning meat.” Later that day, the nervous Phoenix Mayor posted a bizarre photo on X, claiming she is not working to ban meat or milk. In the poorly staged propaganda photo, Gallego is seen pouring milk into a bowl and seemingly “enjoying cereal” with a knife… (Continue to full article)

Mexico makes agreement with US to deport migrants from its border cities amid ongoing surge in illegal migration
Mexican officials met with US Customs and Border Protection officials on Friday in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, which is across the border from El Paso, Texas, following the recent spike in illegal crossings into the US, which temporarily closed an international bridge and paused Mexico’s main cargo train system.

As part of the agreement, Mexico agreed to “depressurize” its northern cities, which border El Paso, San Diego and Eagle Pass, Texas, where the mayor has declared a state of emergency. They will also implement more than a dozen actions to prevent migrants from risking their lives by using the railway system to reach the US-Mexico border, according to Mexico’s National Migration Institute.

The move comes as migrant crossings along the border are rising, surpassing 8,600 over a 24-hour period this week, according to a Department of Homeland Security official. It is up from around 3,500 daily border arrests after the expiration in May of Title 42 triggered new consequences for those who cross the border illegally. There were more than 8,000 apprehensions on Monday… (Continue to full article)

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The Intentional Destruction of America’s Border Security

Migrant families stand on the Rio Grande River bank as they wait for Border Patrol agents to escort them to a processing center after they illegally crossed from Mexico into Roma, Texas

I find it to be an indictment against our entire government that Americans don’t have a secure border or an real sense of security in our country.

This is precisely what these red, radical rat bastards voted to achieve and continued to support and facilitate, just as long as it was affecting and impacting only conservative areas along the southern border. Now these radicals who used to laugh at conservatives for being “racist rednecks” complaining of the invasion, want it to stop, because it’s begun to impact them, as they step around shiftless dope-smoking illegal aliens and MS-13 cartel members on the way to the grocery or to their children’s school. Continue reading

Confirmed: Joe Biden Paying Illegals $2,200 a Month Plus free Travel, Housing, Medical Services

U.S. officials are giving huge monthly payouts to illegals along with free travel, free housing, and free medical services. In fact, Illegals are getting more than natural-born Americans on Social Security get far less in government support each month.

Americans on Social Security average just $1,781.63 a month, according to federal data. but Biden is doling out $2,200 a month plus a long list of other freebies to criminal aliens who have broken our laws to get here. Continue reading

The United States of Emergency

Secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says the border is secure and that we have operational control. President Biden has also said the border is secure repeatedly, when he has not dismissed the border crisis as “seasonal.” Generally, the Biden Administration has refused to describe the calamity at the border as a crisis at all. However, a growing list of states, cities, and counties across the country are declaring states of emergency to deal with the fall out from the Biden/Mayorkas “secure” border. Someone is not telling the truth. Continue reading

A Cold Border War Breaks Out Between Abbott’s Texas and Biden’s White House

A new Center for Immigration Studies video report highlights Texas Governor Abbott’s “Operation Hold the Line”, which has state police and National Guard block immigrants at the Rio Grande River’s edge, and President Biden’s undermining of the state’s efforts to enforce the laws.

Todd Bensman, the Center for Immigration Studies’ senior national security fellow, captures the border war, showing many of the initiatives undertaken by the state in and around Eagle Pass, Texas, a hot spot for illegal immigrant crossings. Bensman speaks with several illegal immigrants who successfully entered the country and with others who were discouraged and returned to Mexico. They told Bensman of their plans to go around the Texas border blockade and to search for U.S. Border Patrol officers, who the migrants feel are certain to admit them into the U.S. Continue reading

Mexico files complaint over Texas’ floating barriers on the Rio Grande

Migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico walk past large buoys being deployed as a border barrier on the river in Eagle Pass, Texas, Wednesday, July 12, 2023. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Mexico’s top diplomat said Friday her country has sent a diplomatic note to the U.S. government expressing concern that Texas’ deployment of floating barriers on the Rio Grande may violate 1944 and 1970 treaties on boundaries and water. Continue reading

Rio-Grande Gate

Are Biden officials subject to criminal prosecution for alien smuggling?

In a new report titled “Rio Grande-Gate”, the Center for Immigration Studies analyzes allegations of deliberate alien smuggling by Biden administration officials and raises critical questions about potential criminal liability.

Todd Bensman, a national security fellow at the Center, has reported that Mexican authorities claim to have worked with DHS to direct and facilitate illegal crossings of the Rio Grande in order to further the Biden administration’s immigration agenda. Continue reading