Maria Bartiromo Warns President Xi is Using Migration to Create a Chinese ‘Baby Army’ in the U.S.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo spoke to Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) on Thursday and asked him what the government is doing to ensure China is not building a “little baby army” on U.S. soil.

“Even one of the writers of the legislation, Senator James Lankford , said he’s a no,” Bartiromo began, discussing the Democrats trying to revived a bipartisan border security bill that was endorsed by the Border Patrol Agents Union.

“He’s not going to vote for this bill at this point. But I want to get your take on who specifically, whether it’s the government or the administration, who specifically is working on probing all of these military-aged men who are coming into the country?” she asked, adding:

Do you have any idea who’s actually looking at how many people who are military-aged men who are coming into the country, whether it’s Chinese nationals or Jordanians or anybody else? Yesterday, Bill Melugin ran into one citizen who’s who started collecting all of the passports that the illegals are dropping on the floor. They don’t want to have I.D. on them when they get apprehended. So they drop their passports on the floor in California and Texas. And this one resident is picking them all up. And he’s got a pretty clear idea of who’s coming into the country. Watch this.

Bartiromo then played a clip of the concerned citizen saying:

They’re just dropping this stuff on the ground to come here and assume a new identity. So that’s a little bit scary for me with my military background and seeing the people that are coming across: male, male, male. These are all military males. People keep saying that I’ve got the proof right here.

“So there you go. The passports are right there. They’re largely military-aged men. Many from communist China. A lot of people worried that Xi Jinping is creating a little baby army here in America. Who’s watching that?” Bartiromo asked.

“Yeah, I was able to ask Secretary Blinken that yesterday when he came before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and spent so much time talking about Ukraine, you would think the United States is in Europe,” Davidson replied, adding:

But I asked him about our own hemisphere and our own border and the Remain in Mexico policy, what we’re doing to target the cartels and collect intelligence. He assured the committee that he is collecting intelligence. And at the end of the day, the director of national intelligence is responsible for that. We know that the Department of Homeland Security isn’t focused properly. That’s why Mayorkas should have been impeached in the Senate, should have taken up the impeachment, the House and over. So we shouldn’t have confidence that this administration is doing it the right way. But we know that it’s supposed to be done.

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“Well, I mean, you’re on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What is what is your role on the House Foreign Affairs Committee? I mean, what are we going to do at some point, turn around and say, oh, wow, we’ve got a million people, military-age men, and now they’re up in arms and they are creating discontent in America. Are we just going to say, oh, wow, look at all these Chinese military-aged men that are in the country. They’re like a little baby army. Wow, we missed that. I mean, what are we doing about this?” Bartiromo asked again.

Davidson replied by blasting the Republican House speaker, “Yeah, I mean, that’s why it’s so consequential. When Speaker Johnson chose to cut a quote, four corners deal with him, Hakeem, Jeffries, Schumer, and McConnell instead of working with our body. I mean, a majority of Republicans didn’t vote for the funding bill. And the main reason we didn’t vote for it is because we were promised that, yes, we will fund our government, but we’re only going to fund a government that will secure the border.”

Written by Alex Griffing for Mediaite ~ May 24, 2024

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