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A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has been broadcasting for over eighteen years as host of Perspectives on America, and later - 'Life, Liberty & All That Jazz.' Jeff is considered the voice of reason on the alternative media - providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, political satire - with a twist, education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, Jeff publishes The Federal Observer - a daily on-line publication, which co-authored and spear-headed a petition, which ultimately caused new legislation to be signed by President George W. Bush within 450 days of the events that rocked our world on September 11, 2001.

D-Day at 75: Two Flags and a Son’s Promise Kept

To honor our Veterans, strive to be, first and foremost, an American citizen worthy of their sacrifice.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”  ~ John 15:13

Seventy-five years ago, in the early hours of June 6th, 1944, the largest amphibious assault in history, preceded by an enormous air assault, commenced. Codenamed “Operation Neptune” but more commonly referred to as D-Day, it was the first assault of “Operation Overlord,” the Allied Forces invasion of the European continent, and the beginning of the end for Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Workers (NAZI) Party and its reign of terror across Europe. Continue reading

Visa Overstays Don’t Negate the Benefits of Border Barriers

Opponents of President Trump’s plan to build a wall along much of the Southwest border often argue that it won’t be effective because many illegal immigrants enter the U.S. by using visas. Visas allow people to temporarily visit or live in the U.S., but every year, hundreds of thousands of people don’t leave when their visas expire. No matter how strong or tall a wall may be, it cannot stop this activity.

Those who make that claim—including many media outlets and “fact checkers” – are misleading the public by omitting a key fact: Visa entrants are screened by the U.S. government to keep out foreigners who pose risks to the health, safety, or finances of Americans – while illegal border crossers are not. Continue reading

John Quincy Adams, Plymouth, Massachusetts, December 22, 1802

“Think of your forefathers and of your posterity.”

~ Prologue ~
Plymouth, Massachusetts, December 22, 1802 – “Man lives his highest destiny in the continuity of his interests as a unit within his family, his community and his country,” said Senator-elect John Quincy Adams in an oration marking the anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims here almost two centuries ago.

It seemed as though Mr. Adams, from his vantage point of political privilege as son of the incumbent President, was voicing alarm at a general tone of self-seeking among our States and ourselves as individuals. He indicated strongly that perhaps we are falling into the pit of older societies, of using our great heritage for individual gain. Instead, he constrained his hearers to make their present activities a mark of devotion to the past and a foundation for the future of the whole of America. Continue reading

John McCain and the POW Cover-Up

Are you LISTENING Meghan? Your father was no ‘hero’ nor a ‘great man.

The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam. ~ May 25, 2010

John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the ‘war hero‘ who people would logically imagine as a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books. Continue reading

U.S. hospital refuses to help premature twins born alive ~ leaves them to die

Although what you are about to read is a story nearly two-years old – the story is sickening. May the perpetrators rot in HELL! ~ Ed.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 23, 2018 ~ Twin premature newborn boys died at an Ohio hospital last year while staff stood by refusing to give them medical assistance, a pro-life group is reporting, and the hospital classified the boys’ deaths as stillbirth.

Both boys were born alive at 22 weeks and 5 days gestational age at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, according to the report. The first born, Emery, survived for 45 minutes. His younger brother, Elliot, lived for two and a half hours, even crying, and his mother, Amanda, begged for help to no avail. Continue reading

The American Trajectory: Stacking Dead Commie Carcasses

Author standing between conservative American patriots and radical members of Solidarity, a communist affiliate

The American people are currently on a trajectory towards complete subjugation under an authoritarian tyrannical government or a Full Blown All Out Hot Civil War, simply because the current agenda of the Democratic Party and its hardcore socialist components leave zero room for compromise; conservatives cannot, and most will not, compromise with evil. Continue reading

Mornin’ Coffee: May 31, 2019

…a review of Kettle Moraine Publications

Price: Use your medicine at home, Rudi
Rudiger Dornbusch, M.I.T. professor of economics and advisor to the World Bank and the I.M.F. has been giving us a sermon with a lot of truths on how to run a country: “Time and again, governments try to deliver an artificial prosperity with overvalued currency, using the money printing press and debt; sooner or later they fail.”

Rudi should be worrying about his own country and giving this advice to his government. Let’s take a look a some facts about disorder in the U.S.A., which has reached staggering proportions… (Continue to full article)

Beware: The Ide(a)s of ‘Rare Coin’ Dealers
If you are not familiar with gold and silver or the so-called ‘Rare Coin’ market (which is loosely aligned with it), nor some of the reasons why these goods are sought after all over the world, then this column will have little meaning to you, however it is our intent to educate you as to the pitfalls of what some call, the Industry. What follows is a response to to an inquiry from a then prospective client.

An expose’ of the Pirates of the precious-metals underworld and how you can truly protect your ass-ets – from them!… (Continue to full article)

You become what you eat!
Diets high in cheeseburgers and fries and low in whole grains and veggies account for over 80,000 cancer cases a year.

We now know without a shadow of a doubt that eating highly processed foods lacking in nutrition is not just bad for our waistlines, but for our cancer risks… (Continue to full article)

Cancer Town: ‘It’s been killing us for 50 years‘
Residents of the town on the banks of the Mississippi River have watched as family members and neighbors have been lost to cancer. Official figures show the risk of cancer from toxic air is 50 times higher in Reserve than the national average. Feeling neglected by politicians, they are fighting back against the chemical plant has been emitting chloroprene into the air for half a century… (Continue to full article)

California couple who developed the same cancer after using Roundup weed killer on their property for 30 years are awarded $2 BILLION in Monsanto trial
The company faces a slew of over 13,4000 lawsuits over the product, which uses glysophate, a pest-killing chemical that may raise cancer risks – a risk that three courts in a row have now ruled the company failed to warn consumers of… (Continue to full article)

The ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic Is a Schooling Problem, Not a Child One
Childhood exuberance is now a liability. Behaviors that were once accepted as normal, even if mildly irritating to adults, are increasingly viewed as unacceptable and cause for medical intervention. High energy, lack of impulse control, inability to sit still and listen, lack of organizational skills, fidgeting, talking incessantly—these typical childhood qualities were widely tolerated until relatively recently. Today, children with these characteristics are being diagnosed with, and often medicated for, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at an astonishing rate… (Continue to full article)

The History and Results of America’s Disastrous Public School System
While it’s almost universally understood that the American school system is underperforming, “reform,” too, is almost universally prescribed as the solution. Yet in other walks of life, bad ideas are not reformed—they are eliminated and replaced with better ones. Our school system is rarely identified as a bad idea.

The system is reflexively left alone while the methods are the bad ideas that get cycled in and out: open concept schools, multiple intelligences, project-based learning, universal design for learning, merit-based pay, vouchers, charters, and most recently, educational neuroscience. Every decade or so we are told by the pedagogic experts that they have found an answer to our school’s problems. The trouble is, they’re looking right past the problem… (Continue to full article)

Restructuring American Education
There are times when Metropolis Café finds it beneficial to take a time machine back some years – just to study how our Public Education system was being looked upon at that time. The following was written in early 2002. How far we have fallen – and the same questions are being asked 17 years later…. (Continue to full article)

Thomas warns colleagues of ‘eugenic manipulation

Justice Clarence Thomas

A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court over an Indiana abortion law afforded one of the justices the opportunity to remind his colleagues about the sordid history of Planned Parenthood.

The nation’s highest court was tasked with reviewing Indiana’s law that requires medical facilities to bury or cremate the remains of aborted babies. The justices upheld that law, overturning a 7th Circuit decision, but the court also refused to review a portion of the same law that bans abortions based on sex, race, and disability.

Justice Clarence Thomas concurred with the court’s decision to turn down a review but he used the court case to pen a 20-page opinion advising the justices that the issue of eugenics must be addressed in the future. Continue reading

New Standard of Proof: Guilty Unless Exonerated By The Prosecutor

The Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators provided yet another hint that they are committed to continuation of evil that they have been caught on doing.

For over two years, now, they have been breaking the rules and laws, that most of normal Americans abide by, in their self-serving attempts to prevent the American voters from electing the President that the Democrats didn’t like and to remove him from the Oval Office after he got duly elected. This blatant assault on the democratic process has been exposed… Continue reading

Kessler: The Democracy of the Unborn

Society has been reduced to those living in the present; but in being reduced, it has excluded the democracy of the dead and unborn. We, in the present, must fight for this most obscure of all classes.

In the abortion debate, one of the pro-choice arguments is based on the idea of “personhood.” Personhood is the status a fetus receives, “after a fetus becomes ‘viable’ (able to survive outside the womb) or after birth, not at conception.” Essentially, to those in favor of abortion, the unborn are not living people, which means they have no rights. Only once the unborn enters this world do abortion advocates believe an infant has rights.

This seems peculiar, as one of the pillars of liberalism is the language of rights. Liberals believe in a seemingly endlessly-expanding universe of rights. For a good example of this, note the rhetoric of Senator Bernie Sanders. According to Senator Sanders, healthcare, education, and even Wi-Fi are all natural rights of Man. Continue reading

Missouri Terminates Its Last Abortion Clinic After Accusations Of “Deficient Practices

The last legal abortion clinic in Missouri says it expects to close this week after the state’s health department ‘refuses to renew’ its annual license, according to CBS News, citing a Tuesday statement by Planned Parenthood. The reason? five abortion doctors accused of “deficient practices” refuse to be interviewed by the state.

The closure will effectively end legal abortion in Missouri. Continue reading

Bannon-Led Border Wall Group Unveils Mile-Long Segment On Private Property

A non-profit organization established to privately fund President Trump’s southern border wall has completed nearly a mile-long section on private land near El Paso, Texas.

We Build The Wall – a nonprofit founded by triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage, boasts former White House Chief Strategist and former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon as its director, while former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is the effort’s general counsel.

According to Kolfage, the segment took just three days to complete. Continue reading

U.S. Immigration 1908

From the Saturday Globe with color cartoons on the immigration issue, Utica, NY, 18 April 1908.

The image above by W.A. Carson, is dated 1908 and titled “Columbia aroused at last! She proposes to scourge the anarchist brood from her shores.” A whip-wielding Lady Liberty chases an angry-looking group of immigrants back to Europe. They leave behind bombs and pistols as they flee, though they retain their stilettos and red flag.

Red Jacket Chief, of the Seneca Tribe (1805)

You have got our country …you want to force your religion upon us.”

Red Jacket Chief, of the Seneca Tribe

SENECA, N.Y., 1805 – Red Jacket Chief, of the Seneca Tribe and dominant spokesman for the Six Nations, eloquently challenged the ablest spokesmen among the Christian missionaries in an address here, replying to appeals to the Indians to be baptized and thereby take one more step toward integration into the American community.

To the surprise of these spokesmen for the Christian church, the eloquent warrior and friend of the late General George Washington, told the junior race that in his view the Indians have a better religion and one with less division than the white man. For good measure, using quotations that might I well have been taken from the Bible itself, he cited actions by the white man in encroachment upon Indian rights, in self-divisions over doctrine and in other matters, that constituted an indictment comparable with those spoken in earlier days by the great Reform leaders within the church itself. Continue reading

2006: A Year of Amnesty and Anarchy!

Published on the first generation Federal Observer in March of 2006. Thirteen years later – not only has nothing changed – but it has worsened. How many of our elected officials who served in the U.S. Congress in 2006 are still occupying the same space today? ~ Ed.

‘I am outraged! All freedom loving American Citizens should be outraged! These anarchist demonstrations, in support of criminal activity, are just the beginning of things to come.’

On Monday, March 27, 2006, twelve idiot members of the Senate Judiciary Committee bent to the wishes of thousands of criminal activists and chose to reward, with AMNESTY, those who violated our immigration laws by illegally invading our country. Everything that this country stands for was swept aside by the actions of twelve traitors, members the Senate Judiciary Committee. This was done in spite of them knowing that at least ninety percent of informed American Citizens demanded that no AMNESTY be included in the Sensenbrenner (or any other) Enforcement only bill. Continue reading

Stover: Welcome to the Complications of Gay Marriage

For gays, the good news is that gay marriage has been legal in America long enough for most of us to get used to it. You said you wanted it, and now you’ve got what you called “marriage equality,” the right to marry someone of the same sex. Before that, the only alternative in some states was “civil unions,” a poor excuse of a marriage, to be sure. The bad news is that you now face the same complications as your heterosexual friends, probably more. Continue reading

Valiant Soldiers: The Long, Hard Road Back

Combat Changes Everyone

There must be a beginning of every matter, but the continuing unto the end yields the true glory. If we can thoroughly believe that this which we do is in defense of our religion and country, no doubt our merciful God for his Christ our Savior’s sake is able and will give us victory, though our sins be red.” ~ Sir Francis Drake writing to Sir Francis Walsingham, on May 17th 1587

This day, Memorial Day, set aside to honor all of our Veterans who have served and sacrificed in so many untold ways, Americans acknowledge the mighty endeavor our nation has set before Her Armed Services members. Continue reading

Vietnam, a U.S. Tragedy

Editor’s NOTE: The past is prologue. The stories we tell about ourselves and our forebears inform the sort of country we think we are and help determine public policy. As our current president promises to “make America great again,” this moment is an appropriate time to reconsider our past, look back at various eras of United States history and re-evaluate America’s origins. When, exactly, were we “great”?

Below is the 29th installment of the “American History for Truthdiggers” series, a pull-no-punches appraisal of our shared, if flawed, past…

U.S. Marines move against the enemy in Vietnam in 1968. (U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons)

It is the war that never dies. Vietnam, the very word shrouded with extraordinary meaning in the American lexicon. For some it represents failure; for others guilt; for still more, anger that the war could have and should have been won. Americans are still arguing about this war, once the nation’s longest. For those who lived through it – the last war the U.S. fought partly with draftees—it was almost impossible not to take sides; to be pro-war or anti-war became a social and political identity unto itself. This tribal split even reached into the ranks of military veterans, as some joined antiwar movements and others remained vociferously sure that the war needed to be fought through to victory. Indeed, today, even the active-duty U.S. military officer corps is rent over assessment of the Vietnam legacy. Continue reading