The Dems’ Titanic DISASTER

Joe Biden promised he would serve only one term, but here he is trying to serve a second one. This has caused a great disturbance in the Democrat dark force. After Joe’s disastrous debate performance, many top leaders in the party are calling for him to step down. That might prove to be a difficult task because Joe is a power-hungry, sociopathic narcissist.

Or it could simply be due to Jill Biden. She likes being First Lady and she might even be pulling some of Joe’s policy strings. (She might pulling up his diaper as well, who knows?)

The Democrats know Joe’s chances are sinking fast and the time to replace him is fading fast. Many states will not accept changes to their ballots unless Joe is dead. Uh oh – is that HIllary we see waiting in the wings?

Joe is thick-headed, unaware, and insulated. He may not even realize that he’s becoming increasingly unpopular. All he has to do is get on stage and flash a toothy smile while using the same old rote talking points and lies. His self image is based in delusion – he considers himself to be an expert golfer with a low handicap. He likes to repeat how he was a star receiver who had an appointment to Annapolis. He has told so many lies about his past that they have become reality to him.

He has dementia, which prevents him from being firmly grounded in reality. He might be oblivious to the fact that people – even people in his own party – do not want him to serve a second term when his current one is already a disaster. We are already close to nuclear war with Russia. Does anyone want Joe close to the nuclear launch button?

Barack Obama needs to be firm and tell Joe that he needs to step down. If that doesn’t work. Joe will listen to Jill. The Democrats need to put pressure on her. She is the one that can make Joe step down but her love of power and status will hinder this route.

We all make fun of Joe freezing on camera as he exhibits a blank and unblinking stare, but it’s not funny anymore. Joe is sinking and he can’t swim. He doesn’t need to drag the entire country down with him.

Ben Garrison and the GrrrTeam
June 29, 2024

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