Dickens: Knowledge!

What we know is all based on lies, rumors, and media-fueled hysteria.

My lead-line is an intentional generalization. I want you to think about what it says, then consider why it seems hyperbolic – an exaggerated claim.

Of course, there are things we know to be true – it’s proven 2+2=4, right is the opposite of left, up is the opposite of down, gravity is how we define the attractive force that keeps us from disintegrating and floating away.

We accept that the √ of -1 is unsolvable and calculating Pi results in an infinitely repeating decimal.

Still, there are many things about which I remain skeptical… dubious… I know the answers personally, but I want you to consider your personal perspective. Is it what you truly believe, accept or conclude; or are your concepts and ideas programmed responses from the Corporate Media Complex (CMC) programming?

Why do you believe what you believe – where did that belief originate?

Have you ever questioned what you’re told, or do you just acquiesce?

Just think about it… That’s all I ask…

“Faith and Fear both demand that you believe what you cannot see.”

Are whites better than people of color, or is this simply a lie to justify, rationalize a point of contention to instigate disunity for the sake of power; you know, divide and conquer.

Are all Jews evil or is this another rationalization to excuse racial hatred and Nazi genocide?

Is peace in the Middle-East possible if neither side truly desires it? Does it fit Merka’s plan and the narrative of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex?

Why is Merka involved is so many conflicts at home and abroad? We’re certain that we have all the answers and solutions, yet we’re unable to implement them anywhere, and if we do, why do they always seem to fail?

Can any government ever really be trusted?

Is the coexistence of homo sapiens (us, you and me) impossible because of our free will and apparent ingrained hatred; or must we be totally compliant and controlled chattel, cultists, zealots, acolytes, serfs, or submissive thralls? Are we incapable of self-control?

Does power corrupt, and does absolute power corrupt absolutely every time or is this simply an anecdotal observation from watching governments and people in general? Are we really that despotic, megalomaniacal?

Where did our species learn hate?

Is the mainstream news information, disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, or simply opinions that many believe because of repetition, ad infinitum, ad nauseum – ‘loudly and frequently echoed lies?’

Is this list of questions who we really are, or is it a function of the agenda, narrative, and programming?

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” ~ Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

Douglass’ reference is that knowledge equals truth – honesty – accuracy – fact, not myths or contrived falsehoods for political expedience.

Do you realize that what you think you know is actually bullshit.

It’s truly a puzzlement that we, as a society, can know something, then have it changed in an instant by the comments of some ‘talking-head’ on a video screen.

How can something be true today, and false tomorrow?

Is truth mutable or is it our perspective that changes it?

Facts don’t change, how we view them does.

We’ve reached the point where fact and fiction are indistinguishable, because for the past 250 years everything you hear, and read is carefully crafted and twisted to present the administrations agenda of that time, and especially now that some welcome what the ‘Merkan Gubmint’ wants them to believe by simply adjusting the point of view.

Napoleon remarked that History belongs to the victorious.

Does truth belong to the bully pulpit?

The manipulation of words and their meanings are how we’re dominated, constrained, and managed. It drives people to war and to racial division. It makes people abandon ethics and morals to follow false gods to murder innocent peaceful farmers during a cease-fire. Words are used to foment hate and encourage us to forego reason, and to embrace insanity.

Information is a powerful tool, and quite dependent on the agenda of the user.

Words and their repurposed meanings are used to program, exploit us, and to enslave us.

Joseph Goebbels

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joseph Goebbels – Chief Propogandist for the Nazi Party

This all sounds quite cynical but when I realized that what’s become of our republic results from lies, misinformation, disinformation and malinformation; I’m compelled to be distrustful. Some call it wisdom – learning from being deceived for a lifetime, or an awakening from watching our representatives work to degrade the status quo, betraying our constitution’s intent to rationalize and vindicate decisions; for me it’s irrefutable evidence of the conspiracy to subjugate the citizenry and vitiate this Republic.

Welcome to Merka!

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” ~ Winston Churchill

The follow on to this quote is: “If you don’t have a crisis, create one…”

I’m going to interject my favorite rationalization here: “The End Justifies the Means.” It’s a crucial part of the deception and hoax perpetrated by the ‘Merkan Gubmint.’ It serves the administration’s purposes to appropriate power to themselves.

The Covid Pandemic is a perfect example of how information was perverted and corrupted for the purposes of control. Nearly every world government used the Wuhan Pandemic to shut down their country and world commerce, and force over 90% of their population to do something it would not normally do, all to serve selfish political interests.

Their rationale was… to save lives…

We handed total control to the governments, then we took an untested vaccine that we knew nothing about. We trusted their health department’s assessments only to discover more lies. It turns out that this entire exercise was a lie! It proved that they, governments, could do anything they want because they controlled what we know – information was their tool, their club, their cudgel.

Let me say that again…

The Wuhan Pandemic was a lie. Everything we were told was false. It was all crafted to make rational people take irrational actions that they would never normally consider. Governments used the power of fear to manipulate us – and that seed of fear was propagated through the CMC, and we watered that seed, and watched that weed grow. It was so effective that many people continue to wear masks even though it is proven that they provide no protection. I see them worn in cars where the cabin filtration is far superior to the masks they wear.

Criminals and thugs seized the opportunity to prowl unnoticed through throngs of prey looking for the next victim. Now, some cities consider banning masks altogether to protect the citizens these masks were intended to protect.

The short story behind the Wuhan Pandemic is that Merka paid China to develop a bioweapon in a lab in Wuhan China. Lab security was sloppy and the virus we called Covid, was released into the ‘wild’ and delivered into the world by a couple of travelers, where it spread exponentially.

Yes, people died, and it was the fault of the people that created this biological weapon, but immediately the politicians realized this presented a ‘golden opportunity.’

“Never let a good crisis go to waste…”

Especially when you’ve invested all that money ‘to create it…

Politicians and their a Aesculapian professionals in almost every country seized this opportunity, deciding that the cause and effect of this successful Bio-Weapon must be hidden from our view, forever. What’s important to understand is that disinformation, misinformation and malinformation played key roles in the results of this lie, and the effectiveness of this conspiracy.

Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine and healing.

How can 51 of the top people in national security sign a document claiming that Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ is a Russian hoax?

They didn’t! What they said is… that the report as released had all the “earmarks” of a Russian hoax, or disinformation, but the CMC ran with misinformation that it was a hoax perpetrated by the Trump campaign. The tell or indication giving it away, was in the word “earmarks.”

No one will admit this mistake because it serves the purposes – of both sides. It’s identical to the recent guilty verdict for the 34 felony counts against Trump. He’s a martyr for the Right, and a pariah for the Left. Both sides benefit from this travesty of justice.

The CMC continues these word-games to this day in nearly every broadcast or printed story. Their intent exploits our naivete to create a perceived and accepted version of information to support their narrative – they create disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation.

Information is the most powerful tool – as a weapon – in the arsenal of every administration, government, or religion in the world. This is one of a thousand examples of how information is used to shift the balance of power to gain social, economic, political, or ideological power.

I’ve written about ‘the ends justifying the means’ rationalization several times; it’s ingrained in the political and ideological fabric of our republic, and has become Merka’s political mantra. Everything’s allowable because in their minds, the outcome is more important than the unethical and immoral methods used to attain it, even when those actions circumvent the US Constitution; they are excusable.

Incidentally, it’s no different in any country that seeks sovereignty over its citizens, and that covets a participation in the ‘One World Government’ cabal. Yes, there are precious few countries that remain incorruptible and that value their autonomy. The available records indicate that there are 10; a few of them are targets of communist regimes.

“You cannot see your reflection in boiling water – similarly, you cannot see the truth in a state of anger or confusion. When the waters calm, clarity comes, and truth is revealed.”

Isn’t all of this partisan political arm waving just stirring the pot – muddying the waters? If you can’t see the truth, you’re forced to believe someone or something else, usually the loudest or most persistent voice. “Repeat a lie often enough, and people will believe it…”

The problem then becomes who can you trust.

There’s an old joke that asks: “How can you tell when a politician’s lying?”

“Their lips are moving…”

I must admit that there are some honest, ethical, moral, and patriotic politicians but the majority of crooks give the other 1% a bad name… so I’ll proceed with my hypothesis; they’re all crooks and not to be trusted.

Like all endeavors, I’m sure the initial intent – possibly – was to serve their constituents. My impression is that this premise stretches credibility as much as the lies they expect us to believe.

I keep playing Ronald Reagans comment:

The nine most frightening words are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

I extend this to every aspect and office of the Merkan Gubmint.

One can swim against the incoming tide – for only so long, before they tire and succumb.

Death of Democracy by gibraltarium

The word democracy comes from the Greek words’ demos, meaning people, and kratos meaning power; “so, democracy can be thought of as “power of the people: a way of governing which depends on the will of the people. It is a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.”

Democracy is the classic definition of what Merkans understand is our form of government. Here are the its components:

* Supreme Power of the people

* Election of representatives

* Direct or indirect representation

* Periodic election

We do not have supreme power; Follow the money honey – that’s where the power resides, and where all the decisions are made.

We do elect our representatives, but have limited influence after their election, the elite donor class rules through the partisan political parties. You’re not a viable candidate unless you’re aligned to ‘The Party,’ have deep-pocket-donors to pay for the election, and thus pay for you and your campaign. However, there is an implicit “Quid pro Quo.”

We do have periodic elections; however, legitimacy and credibility are debatable at best, and criminally suspect in most cases.

We do not have any power in their decision process; all of the power is in the elite donor class. They determine who will run and frequently who will win. Follow the money honey…

Constitutional Republic:one in which, rather than directly governing, the people select some of their members to temporarily serve in political office; the constitutional part means that both the citizens and their governing officials are bound to follow the rules established in that Constitution.’

                                          Come to the Circus… The Greatest Show on Earth

The Constitutional Republic was the idea for America from the beginning, but it failed when citizens found it easier to bitch about the results than to participate in the process. This opened the door for Merka’s eventual evolution from a constitutional process to the authoritarian system developed under our collective noses. The transition to plutocracy – government by an elite class is complete. The next phase is the transformation and deference to the autocratic weaponization of government agencies, the final nail in the coffin lid.

From this point forward, the Merkan Gubmint has license to do as it will. It has control over all aspects and agencies that interpret what remains of our constitution, can ignore or reinterpret local laws, invent and prosecute infractions, and persecute its enemies; both real and imagined.

It can easily rationalize any action, since “The Ends Justify the Means.”

There are multiple chronicles of this practice and process throughout history, most recently in our Southern hemisphere, Asia, and Europe. Isn’t it the job of our elected misleaders to observe and remain vigilant – to take steps to preclude these events in our republic? I guess they were too busy with cultlike obsessions with internal partisan enemies, rather than doing what we hired them to do. It appears to be McCarthyism reinvented but replacing Communism with Partisanism, complete with the inane endorsements, unfair allegations, and ridiculous investigations to support all of them. Congress, the opposite of progress, presumes their job to be discussing the semantics of semantics, and the meaning of the word ‘is.’

The best descriptive phrase for our legislative system is:

“After all is said and done, there’s a lot more said than done.” ~ Aesop (620 to 560 BC)

It’s not a modern or contemporary problem; it’s been going on for a very long time – and we still haven’t learned a friggin’ thing.

                   Snake Oil Salesman

We still buy snake-oil, bridges, magic beans, perpetual motion machines, mask and vaccine mandates without ever considering or questioning whose best interest is being served?

Why should I be forced to do the work I’ve hired others to do?

What purpose does this serve?

I’m not asking anyone to answer this for me. I already know my answers and where I stand, and I think I know where most of Merka stands…

They don’t want to know – that way they’re not responsible for making the wrong choice. It’s all someone else’s fault.

There’s the answer to why we are where we are…

There’s the knowledge…

“The world we have created is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein

June 25, 2024

~ The Author ~
Charles R. Dickens was born in 1951, is a veteran of the Vietnam war, for which he volunteered, and the great-great grandson of the noted author, whose name he shares.

He is a fiercely proud American, who still believes this is the greatest country on the planet, with which we’ve lost control and certainly our direction. He grew up in moderate financial surrounding; we’re not rich by any stretch, but didn’t go hungry – his incredibly hard working father saw to that. As most from that era, he learned about life from his father, whose story would take too long to tell, other than to say that, he is also a fiercely proud American; a WWII and Korean war, veteran Marine.

Charlie was educated in the parochial system which, demanded that you actually learn something, and have capability to retain it before you advance. He attended several universities in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, and chased the goose further to a master’s, and has retained some very definite ideas about education in this country.

In addition, Charlie is a retired blues guitar and vocalist – a musician. This was his therapy career. Nothing brings him as much joy as playing music, and he wishes that he could make a living at it… but alas… life goes on!

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