Bennett: But it’s all OK – Just Take a Little Pill

ADHD drug Ritalin affects the brain like cocaine – so why is it being prescribed to children?

I was a third week Senior at Glenbrook North High School in 1965 – and I knew that something was wrong…

As I progressed from the 5th grade on – through the 6th grade and then into Middle School at Northbrook Junior High and subsequently into High School, I found myself beginning to lack in numerous areas of my education. In English, I was an astute reader (and still am), and Science classes were interesting to me – chiefly due to the exciting talents of one teacher in Junior High – who smoked a pipe in class! History was always a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed, but as time went on, many of the teachers became boring – hence I became bored – more so in High School.

In my Freshman year, my English teacher was a sister of one of my fellow students. Our class was on the 2nd floor of the school and I was placed in the back seat next to the window and the class pencil sharpener. One specific day the teacher was giving a lecture and my fellow student, Nancy Brown leaned over and asked me if I would sharpen her pencil for her. Well, Nancy was a friend and I just nodded to her, took the pencil and ground away – at which time the teacher abruptly stopped and and said, “Jeff, what are you doing?” To which I replied, “I am sharpening Nancy’s pencil.”

“Why?” she responded, to which I answered, “Because she asked me to!”

“Do you always do what you are asked to do?”

“Yes,” I responded.

At which point the (first year teacher) sharply asked, “If I asked you to jump out the window – would you do it?” – at which point I said, “Yes!”

The teacher told me to jump… and I did – from the 2nd floor, and walked directly into the office of the Assistant Principal, George Stanger and told him what had happened. He turned red in shock and anger and walked me back up to the classroom. While we drew near – we could hear the insanity going on the the class with intense laughter of my fellow students –  and a teacher who had completely lost control.

I will guarantee that the teacher never would challenge a student in that manner again.

But the point here is that – this was the beginning of my total boredom in school. Believe it or not, I became a member of the Student Council – and get this – I became a broadcaster with two other guys on the in-house studio, where we would make announcements between classes and before the morning classes began – mostly on Friday’s as we had Football or Basketball games scheduled for that night – and oh yeah – we played music too.

I also was deeply into photography and became a photographer at many events for the school at numerous functions. One of my (still) best friends, Jim Heidman and I had a darkroom in his basement and developed many of our own pictures – including a nominal selection of pictures of the Beatles, which I had taken off of the Ed Sullivan show on February 9, 1964 – and Jim and I were good – so good in fact, that we made a set of Beatles pictures (by this time it was my Sophomore year at Glenbrook) and we sold many sets of our Beatles pictures to the Babes in school.

Aw yeah – There was NO Business like Show Business!

But one of the finest pictures that I ever took was of a classmate, Jane Rosene – who was one of the most beautiful gals that I had ever known. My photo of her was put into the Senior yearbook the following year – but I would not be there to see it.

Oh – and also in my Sophomore year – on a Friday – something else took place during lunch – an intense parking area in front of the school offices (where Stanger’s office was, by the way), and near the cafeteria and not far from the locker room for gym – something unusual was happening – a car was parked in front of those offices – where a car was never allowed to be during school. More and more kids were running up to surround the car. First it was quiet, and then there was screaming and crying – and then we heard… John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been assassinated. There was no Football game that night…

The world Darkened that day… and I shall never forget, but for the rest of my Sophomore year, and though my Junior year, I continued my involvement of broadcasting and efforts with photography at the school – and somehow managed to get by in class. OH – did I mentioned that I also was a Track and Field participant – along with Heidman – and we were coached by the Eagle – Coach Sackett, who was also my Driver’s Ed instructor. A few years later, Heidman and I would connect in Viet Nam, as we were both there – and I have pictures of the two of us together!

Yeah – there were some good teacher’s and people at the school – but for the most part – I was becoming more and more bored and aggravated, and then one day I became aware of something going on in the school – drugs of a sort…

ADHD drug Ritalin affects the brain like cocaine – so why was it being prescribed to children?

As most know, in the High Schools there were counselors for the benefit of students who teachers felt were in need of special attention. More and more students were being labelled as being bored, or maybe out of line with attitude, etc. Maybe some had family issues.. but what I was seeing (as I was bored as hell – other than with the school activities that I had chosen to be involved with) was becoming more and more common.

Strangely enough, I don’t recall ever having been called before one of the counselors due to my “attitude” (except in the case of my “teacher” altercation, which I have covered above), but I did become aware of the kind of ‘counsel’ that was being offered to those students who had “special needs” – DRUGS – of a sort.

A Spoonful of Medicine makes the Medicine go Down…
There were reasons that these type of drugs were given to our students as far back as the 1960’s. Back in those days, students were beginning to be labelled for not showing enough interest in what and how edjoocachun was being conducted… Many students were showing signs of boredom and hence were being labelled as ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Back in the day – schools were being awarded funding of about $450.00 per month – PER student – to label students as such – and the public school system was then able to hire “Special” counselors to deal with those type children. Do you believe that things have changed in America?

In my case, I became so ‘bored’ that by the end of the third week of my Senior year of High School – I walked out and chose to join the military. WHY? Because – yes – I had become so bored with the early days of the baby-sitting mentality. It was becoming ‘mind-control‘ and there was no longer a challenge in the form that many of my mentor’s had spent so many years teaching us.

Let’s just take a look at some of these examples of how our children are STILL being controlled…

* Over a Million Children Under the Age of Six Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs in America

* The ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic Is a Schooling Problem, Not a Child One

* 20 Million School children Have Been Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs Known to Cause Suicidal Thoughts

* Pharmaceutical Drugs often Forced on Children

* ADHD is a FAKE Disease Invented by Big Pharma to Drug Children for Profit

* Huge surge in kids poisoned by ADHD pills

* Texas School ‘Cures’ ADHD Doing One Change

* Son Taken From Family Because Parents Refused To Have Him Diagnosed With ADHD

* The Man Who “Discovered” ADHD Made a Startling Deathbed Confession

But it’s all OK folks – Just Take a Little Pill

If the system is trying to con your students into more drugs – get them OUT – NOW!

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