McCutchen: Legislation To Vastly Increase Immigration

September 8, 2019

Arkansas U.S. Representatives: Rick Crawford (R) – French Hill (R) – Steve Womack (R) – Bruce Westerman (R)


It comes to my attention that each of you have once again betrayed middle-class Americans, most particularly white citizens and blacks who have achieved middle-class status without unearned government largesse.

I refer to the passage of HR 1044 and companion yet to be voted on S 386 which will attract overwhelming numbers of Chinese banking & real-estate investors accompanied by huge numbers of Indian Techs, all compliments of the cheap labor lobbyists.

It is incredible that each of you would betray our Republic and the middle-class, irreversibly converting it to a 3rd World dumping ground. 20-25 million 3rd World illegal nesters already reside here with expanding “colonias” (a New York Times description) resembling Bombay and Calcutta, not limited to those strewn from Texas to California and millions of legals who overstaying their visas and have displaced 90 million Americans who have lost their jobs due to ongoing massive illegal and legal immigration.

If I may, a few facts that bear me out that the 4 of you are TRAITORS to the Constitution, its Bill of Rights and its citizens:

1. $14-22 Billion dollars expenditure on illegal aliens on welfare.

2. $7.5 Billion dollars on Medicaid

3. $12 Billion dollars a year spent on primary & secondary school education for kids here illegally, plus $27 Billion each year for education for the American born children of illegal aliens—Anchor Babies.


5. 28% of prison inmates are illegal aliens

It is obvious the 4 of you are sycophants for the RNC, Tysons, Waltons, Stephens, the Tribe, C of C, ad infinitum.

The net cost of LEGAL immigration to the U.S. taxpayer is $330 Billion per year which the middleclass is forced to pay. Last count I had, our republic had a national debt of $123 TRILLION.

I have no problem calling each of you a traitor and a self-serving parasite. Your conduct is indeed threatening and depressing. I have no doubt that Senators Boozman & Cotton will follow in your treacherous footsteps.

Enjoy your traitorous, lucrative ride to the demise of our country!

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith, AR

Written by and submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author.

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