Illegal Alien Released Due To California’s Sanctuary Law Shoots Police Officer In The Chest

Guadalupe Lopez Herrera shot a police officer in the chest when he as investigating Herrera for a domestic violence charge. Herrera should not have even been in the country and only California’s sanctuary laws allowed him to remain here.

He had previously been arrested on a domestic violence dispute but they refused to turn him over to ICE and released him back on the street where he committed additional domestic violence and then followed that up by shooting a police officer. Thankfully, the officer who was shot in the chest has no life-threatening injuries.

From The Gateway Pundit

Guadalupe Lopez Herrera was arrested on Thursday after shooting a Merced County Sheriff’s detective in the chest on Wednesday afternoon.

ABC 30 reported:

The California Highway Patrol has confirmed officers arrested the man accused of shooting a Merced County Sheriff’s detective Wednesday afternoon.

51-year-old Guadalupe Lopez Herrera was taken into custody after a pursuit through several Central Valley counties.

The chase ultimately came to an end when officers deployed a spike strip on Interstate 5 near West Jayne Avenue in Fresno County.

Herrera is accused of opening fire on detectives that were following up on a domestic violence investigation…

…According to the Sheriff’s Office, Herrera is not in the country legally and was in custody earlier this year for a domestic violence charge. However, he was released due to SB 54 which restricts local law enforcement agencies from sharing information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement about arrests of people in the country illegally.

Written by Steven Ahle for Steadfast and Loyal ~ September 7, 2019

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