New Standard of Proof: Guilty Unless Exonerated By The Prosecutor

The Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators provided yet another hint that they are committed to continuation of evil that they have been caught on doing.

For over two years, now, they have been breaking the rules and laws, that most of normal Americans abide by, in their self-serving attempts to prevent the American voters from electing the President that the Democrats didn’t like and to remove him from the Oval Office after he got duly elected. This blatant assault on the democratic process has been exposed…

If you thought that after their failed “soft” coup was brought to light they would abandon it and – at least – apologize, then you were wrong. They actually intensified their hostile attacks under the pretext that now they must punish the President for his defiant resistance to the coup they plotted so masterfully. Jussie Smollet would not do it any differently if he were caught in charge of the plot.

It’s like if a gang tried to kill someone but the victim managed to survive and the gang’s conspiracy to kill was exposed, but after that the gang keeps trying to kill the victim in the open and justifies its sustained assassination attempts with a need to punish the victim for his “obstruction” to the previous assassination attempt. (Not surprisingly, gang members are among the core constituencies of the Democrat Party.)

A direct excuse for the new wave of threats of Presidential impeachment and removal from the Office was – it seems – Special Counsel Mueller’s statement upon his retirement that he did not exonerate the President for “obstruction of justice”. And this – in the eyes of Congressional Democrats – is the proof that the Perez needs to be removed.

That’s right. If the President was investigated for an alleged crime and his prosecutor did not exonerate him then the Prez. is guilty and should be removed, or so the Democrats in the Congress and their administrative collaborators say. Thus, according to that novel idea, all it takes to dispose of a sitting President is to appoint a dumb or prejudiced prosecutor who is unable to exonerate.

The above is even more lax standard of proof of guilt than the presumption of guilt. The latter allows the accused to actually prove his innocence while the former leaves such a proof at the sole discretion of the prosecutor. So, the accused cannot do anything about it, and even if the prosecutor does not find any guilt in him, but decides to not exonerate him, the accused will end up crucified. (And I thought that we left this kind of “justice” behind us for two millennia or so.)

What is even more outrageous here is that the newly-invented standards that Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators so “principledly” adhere to while investigating the Republican President or Candidate do not apply to Democrats. For instance, Ms. Clinton was not exonerated for her alleged wrongdoings, including her use of private server for official governmental communications and cover-up thereof, yet no one among Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators holds her responsible for anything. (The list of Democrat officials who were charged and not exonerated but deemed not guilty and beyond any criticism afterwards is long so I will not include it here.)

Apparently, that is how Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators understand rules and laws: they need to be strictly obeyed when they serve the interest of the Party and it constituencies, and disregarded, criticized, ignored, and broken when they obstruct their agenda. Not only is such behavior an instance of hypocrisy but also it allows for weaponization of laws, as well as the agencies that are supposed to enforce them, against Democrats’ political opponents, adversaries, and critics.

But above all, such blatant hypocrisy allows the Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators to disregard and break the rules and the laws that they are so vocally demanding from all others to obey. It appears that nobody is above the law, except for the Democrats that usurped for themselves a mandate to charge and investigate alleged violations by the others. While doing so, they denounce no evil, even when caught, as long as it helps them to advance their agenda and facilitates their grab on power. And that is a signature trait that is so alien to the vast majority of the American people. We may, occasionally, do bad things, we may wander on the side of wrong, but when it becomes clear that what we did was reprehensible, we stop and try to be better from now on. They seem inherently unable to reach that last step.

A rational explanation of the unwillingness of the Congressional Democrats and their administrative collaborators to stop their evil plots after they were caught is that it is their nature and they can’t help it. Their stubborn indifference to evil of their own making that benefits them while hurting the innocent others must be deeply entrenched in their genes. But that is only half of the story. The other half is that their core constituencies must hate America so much that they approve of hurting and destroying her, as well as attacking all those who would like to defend her or even to make her great, again.

Our Republic was not designed to work well when a hostile inner nation within the nation weaponizes institutions of the federal government in order to usurp for themselves political supremacy and destroy any means of defense against their heinous attacks and (future) dictatorial power. The idea of checks and balances was not to be confused with hostility and militancy. The former were supposed to be exercised between factions who might differ on means but had a common end in their hearts, that is, the good of the Republic and upholding of the Constitution for the benefit of We the People. The latter will just destroy the once amazingly well-functioning country that we and our ancestors have built.

Unfortunately, the hostile inner nation, under the “leadership” of the Democrat Party, despises the Republic and the Constitution, as well as the nation that built this great country upon these foundations. This is why they badmouth America, distort her history, destroy her monuments, weaken her to the point that she begins losing to other nations, attempt of topple her President, and attack fiercely anyone who wants to make her great, again.

Therefore, if we are to survive and to continue this unprecedented American dream that has been delivering lasting prosperity and the blessings of liberty to generations of Americans, we have to drive the hostile inner nation, and the Democrat Party that “leads” it, out. For nothing else will do. We have already tried to get along with the hostile flock and their opportunistic “leaders” but it didn’t work. It’s either them or us, and we still have a choice of what it is going to be.

May 29, 2019

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