Dwyer: On the 100TH Anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

Is it Going to Repeat Itself in the U.S.? The following was written by Mark Andrew Dwyer and published on the Federal Observer on September 10, 2017. ~ Editor Introduction Many political dysfunctionalities, anomalies, and pathologies that have been proliferating across the West for a few decades now are the results of a metastasis of […]

Dwyer: Is Biden Following the Hindenburg’s Path?

Is Biden following the Hindenburg’s path? Let’s see… Hindenburg facilitated turning Germany from the most liberal Western republic that it was in late 1800s into a national-socialist dictatorship of 1930s and 40s that later transformed itself onto a monster responsible for genocide of unprecedented proportions. Both Biden and Hindenburg were both old (Biden, 79 years-old, […]

Dwyer:Why Do They Want to Turn Whites Into Minority?

When I watched the so-called “border crisis”, loads of illegal “immigrants” violating the sovereignty of my country as they pleased while Biden’s administration flatly denying that there was any “border crisis”, I begun seeing the method in this apparent madness. The national borders were left largely unprotected and laws against illegal “immigration” and its facilitators […]

Dwyer: Politically-Correct Racism

Speaker Pelosi’s allegation made during her last week’s interview on CBS “60 Minutes” (it was aired last Sunday) that the protesters who entered the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, “have chosen their whiteness over democracy” was a blatantly racist statement. Among its other evil implications, it insinuated that something was profoundly wrong […]

Dwyer: Where Is the “RACISM” Part in the Killing of Breonna Taylor?

We as a nation have incubated a large class of “untouchables” in today’s America who may only be harmed or disadvantaged by other members of the “untouchable” class. Such a peculiar privilege comes with the hereditary membership (determined solely by birth, that is) in the said class and is supposed to be enforced by the […]

Dwyer: Protesting the Past

Today’s protesters protest by-gone times when slavery was legal and was considered, by many otherwise normal people, socially desirable and morally acceptable. They also protest the times of racism and racial discrimination that came after the slavery was abolished in the US. Those times are gone. America, in order to make-up for the past suffering […]

Dwyer: Against Reconciliation

The statues and monuments honoring Confederate soldiers and their commanders were a tribute to American national reconciliation after the Civil War has ended in 1865. Now, an anti-American, anti-white cabal is calling for their desecration and removal because they allegedly are symbols of racism and slavery that bring painful memories of the past. That is […]

Dwyer: Late Xenophobia

Orders of “social distancing” and “staying in shelter” are expressions of late xenophobia. They often come from liberal officials (Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is an example of) who used to dismiss calls for strict border and immigration enforcement as irrational and driven by fear of strangers. Now, these champions of tolerance and inclusiveness, once […]

Dwyer: Judicial Misinterpretation That May Facilitate Fall of the Republic

In the heat of contested debate between the advocates of President’s Trump impeachment and his defenders, an issue of much larger importance than the fate of Mr. Trump’s presidency has evaded everyone’s attention: If the pro-impeachment House majority has its way and keeps investigating the President for possible “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” as it pleases […]

Dwyer: Advice to Trump’s “Prosecutors

Messrs. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff keep attacking President Trump and his defenders, against the publicly-known evidence and common sense, with weaponized Congressional oversight powers. The President is a surviving victim of an unprecedented in American history plot to derail his election campaign of 2016 and to obstruct his presidency after he won. Yet Messrs. […]

Dwyer: Soviet Roots of the Hostile Party

It appears that the main purpose of Trump’s continuous “investigations” that we have been seeing for the last two years is to produce enough dirt that his future Democrat challengers can use while running against him. It is a prelude to a large-scale smear-campaign that the Party and its operatives are engineering for the 2020 […]

Dwyer: Turning The West Into A Third-World Hellhole

If you would like to see what the migrating masses are going do to America, Hungary’s recent experience with a wave of Third-World “migrants” (or “refugees”, like the cosmopolitan British press is calling them) will give you a glimpse into our country’s future. Under agitatorial title “Shocking moment desperate father throws himself, his wife and […]

Dwyer: The Threat Of Ideology

The ideology of American “Liberalism” threatens the well-being of our nation. Under the pretext of “improving” the social fabric of the country, it wrecks, one by one, the cornerstones of our freedom and prosperity. Not unlike in former Soviet Union and its satellites, it attempts to replace free markets, competition, and individual self-reliance with governmental […]

Dwyer: The Disastrous Effects of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act

Few people know the origins of political, economic, and societal dégringolade that is decimating today’s America. Not that all bad that is happening to our country these days can be ascribed to a single event, but among major causes that sent our country into a nosedive, the 1965 Amendments to Immigration and Naturalization Act, also […]

Mass Lootings Are an Immorality Problem and Not an Injustice Problem

NOTE: In this article, “liberal” and “liberalism” refer to what is known as modern American liberalism, as opposed to classical liberalism that advocates individual liberties, laissez-faire economic system, and limited powers of the government. ~ M.A.D About every time a gunman kills a number (greater than three) of random victims in America, the anti-gun lobby […]

KILL Everything White In Sight

… and so the ‘conversation’ continues! NOTE: The following is a continuation of comments made by Justin O. Smith to Mark Andrew Dwyer regarding their mutually respective columns. ~ Ed. The fact that white America has been under attack for many decades now has been clear to myself and many others, especially for those who […]

Dear Mr. Smith…

In nearly twenty years of publishing this site – NEVER have I had the opportunity to do what I am about to do – share the back-and-forth conversation of two extremely talented writers – both frequent contributors to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications. And so, we begin. ~ Ed. Thank you for a great […]

Police Reform or Blacks’ Reform?

Many blacks often exhibit asocial behavior that is immensely incompatible with the ethical and legal standards on which our Republic has been built. We have seen many examples of such behavior since proliferation of digital technology made taking and distributing of live videos readily available to average people. They include: rioting, looting, vandalism, destruction, and […]

SJW – Soviet Justice Warriors

Soviet justice is a directional justice. It is a politicized justice. It works in one direction, only, from the so-called “oppressed” to the so-called “oppressors”, in order to accomplish its predefined goals. If the Soviet regime declares a group A as the “oppressed” and a group B as the “oppressors” then all law enforcement, prosecutorial, […]