Granny: The TIES that BIND America

The following is a timely reach-back to our archives of November 7, 2009 as was originally published on the Federal Observer. We do not know which category it was published in at that time – but it really does not matter. “Granny” (Jackie Juntti) has been a daily reader and frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications almost since our inception two decades ago, in addition to becoming a very close friend and confidant.

Over the past several years, Granny has been dealing with on and off health issues which have finally caught up with her. Some weeks go I was informed that she was being forced to “retire” from her life on-line, as the hours daily being spent in a chair working on computer, studying, reading and writing has finally taken it’s toll on her physical condition. As she closed her email she reminded all of us exactly WHY we are here – and what lies ahead when our job is finished…

Ain’t gonna need this house no longer
Ain’t gonna need this house no more
Ain’t got time to fix the shingles
Ain’t got time to fix the floor
Ain’t got time to oil the hinges
Nor to mend the window pane
Ain’t gonna need this house no longer
I’m getting ready to meet the saints

And so we once again share the words of this Godly woman – with her warnings for our future if we do not heed the warnings, ACT now – and Prepare for the final Journey.

 Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher
July 31, 2023

In surfing the news this morning and reading the articles related to the three shootings – Texas, Florida, Seattle – in reading the background on the individuals involved a thought crosses my mind. While these events are terrible in themselves I look to WHY and in all of them I see one root cause of it all… GOVERNMENT…. a government that has gone way beyond the constraints that the Constitution set forth for our government to govern within.

Stay with me on this one as it isn’t easy for me to type it out with great clarity. My mind is racing with thoughts and trying to get them into words to read is not easy.

I would like you to think about how each of these events are rooted in a government that has gone wild with CONTROL and elimination of FREEDOM for all in America.

Think about how our military would only be a thimble of the size it is now if those who have been hell bent to send our military all over the world (and leave them there to irritate those nations) had not been able to deploy Americans anyplace other than on American soil if we were attacked. Think hard on that one because it really has ties to ALL these events where people go goofy and do things like this week.

We, The People, have sat back (well, not ALL of us) and let government grow wild like Kudzu in the South. Kudzu started out as a nice exotic plant brought in but it went wild with superb growing conditions and now is not only a pest but it is killing the hosts that it grows onto. That is what government has become, a parasite, killing it’s host (that’s us – you and me).

Due to government ignoring the restraints of the Constitution and doing as it pleased it created what we are dealing with today. We have arrogant, corrupt, politicians who really seem to think they are some kind of royalty, They only come around kissing up to their constituents when they are up against an election. Then they put on their rubber gloves to come shake hands with those of us who provide the sweat and $$$ that keeps them in the lifestyle they have created for themselves.

In addition to the failure of those in government to remain within the bounds of the Constitution they have FAILED to enforce those laws that protect our borders. Not only have they failed to enforce those laws but they have gone overboard in making sure that NO ONE enforces those laws by passing unconstitutional legislation and creating agencies and faux laws that handcuff our law enforcement and courts. The appointment of Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, individuals to positions in the Courts, to head up agencies and to subvert the law in every way they can we have brought forth a mentality in many that there is no law that can’t be broken, and with impunity for those who are in FAVOR with the current ruling elite, whomever that ruling elite may be at the time. The stage is set for MOB RULE which will bring in Martial Law.

Take a good look at each of the three men involved in the Texas, Florida, Seattle events. Look at their backgrounds and seriously look at what part government plays in each event. I still think some of this is Manchurian Candidate programming, set in place years ago with a *trigger* that will set the programmed act in motion.

It has been government sticking it’s nose into the private sector that has created the job losses by creating situations for American business to move off shore or to import labor – thus putting American workers OUT OF WORK. Loss of the manufacturing ability may or may not be brought back.

It has been Government that removed the tariffs which protected American manufacturing and creativity. It has been government that has made it far too easy for foreign goods to enter into our country with little oversight on quality or safety. Look at the many cases of poisonous ingredients or unsafe ingredients in baby formula, clothing, sheetrock, dog food, vitamins and supplements. Most all those came out of Communist China… someone we shouldn’t be buying from at all as they use our money to destroy us.

If immigration laws had been strictly enforced would the Texas or Florida perps have even been here in America? Would their parents have been allowed to immigrate here?

If true JUSTICE was administered in the courts would the perp in Seattle have gone off as he did? In the articles on this person background he talks of Jury Nullification – a matter many of us talk about.

If government had held to it’s original intent we would not have millions of laws that are not enforced on the books and American people would still have the FREEDOM our Founding Fathers set forth for us. IT seems that some laws are only enforced when it moves the OWO agenda forward. We would still have certain people who would decide to rob or kill but the number would be far less because they would KNOW that they would be dealt with by the LOCAL courts. They wouldn’t sit in some prison for life – if they murdered someone they would be given quick justice and not years and years of court trials and then a slap on the wrist.

It has been the government that has done this and brought this on. Look at how SCOTUS and all the courts below it have dismissed the most outrageous violation of American rules – by refusing to even HEAR the case against that usurper, that FOREIGN ILLEGAL who fraudulently sits in our White House pretending to be the President. That he has been able to surround himself with corrupt and criminal Czars who answer to no one except him. Is that what America was formed to be?

It has been government at every step of the way that is the underlying cause of these events that we have seen this week in America. It is government that sent American military to stick their nose into the affairs of other nations. We have NO BUSINESS sending our men and women to interfere in the government of other countries – NONE AT ALL. It was all done in order to create anger and hatred against Americans and it has been going on for centuries. It has been a classic case of Cooking the Frog in the Kettle of Water. Now the water is boiling and a few are jumping out of the pot and doing whatever they can to address the wrongs, even if what they are doing is wrong.

Frustration is what has been brewing across our land from its inception. It would settle down for a period of time and then rise up again, a little hotter each time. Each period would result in some of our FREEDOM taken from our hands. Each time those who were in control at the time said that in order to protect us from the ‘enemy’ they had to suspend certain of our RIGHTS (FREEDOMS). When one really digs in you can discover that the same ‘enemy’ thru the years has resided right inside our government. What is really insulting is that we PAY to support that ENEMY WITHIN.

The manipulators have over the years turned common sense into a lost art and replaced it with supposed things that the Liberals believe in and what the Conservatives believe in. They, with MSM cooperation, DETERMINED who would stand for what even though it had NO basis in reality. There is no right or left – Liberal or Conservative – there is RIGHT OR WRONG.

We are told it is the Far Left Liberals of the 60’s who were against war. That was whipped into a frenzy and when our soldiers returned from a *police action* in Viet Nam they were spit on. Keep in mind that was NOT a *volunteer military* in those days. Those men and women were DRAFTED and had little choice in the matter. The brainwashing was set in concrete at that time that to oppose these government created WARS was to be called a Far Left Liberal. What a lie – What a game plan – all to further cloud how people think.

True Conservatives – not the NEO Cons of today – are opposed to war because we have NO RIGHT invading another country. This is not a Conservative or Liberal mind set – it is the mindset of those who oppose WAR unless we are ATTACKED. Our military is supposed to PROTECT AND DEFEND American soil – not Iraq – Korea – Germany – England, or any other nation.

If we maintained an Army to protect and defend American soil, ON American soil, the size and costs related to an American Army would be minuscule and the rest of the world would pretty much leave us alone. That would provide money and human beings that could be used to support America – not the rest of the world while letting America die.

I am firmly of the belief that all this is Spiritual in nature – government was the result of those who weren’t satisfied with having God as their Ruler, their King. They cried out for an EARTHLY KING (SATAN). God let them have it and take a look at what has taken place since then. Satan has been trying to outdo God from the moment of the Great Fall and he is still trying. Too many folks fall for the Lies of the earthly rulers. It is the eternal battle of Good -vs- Evil and it shall continue until God brings it all to an end and then Judgement Day will take place.

None of us has any idea WHEN our personal last breath shall be made. We can be walking down the street, sleeping in our bed, and be the victim of anything that would result in our death. Once that last breath is drawn it is too late to make your eternal reservations, unless eternity in Hell is your choice. By failing to decide now where and with Whom you want to spend eternity – you have made that choice by default and it will be Hell and Satan. Christ told us that NONE can come to the Father except thru Christ. There is only ONE way – regardless of what your preacher may be saying. The pulpits are filled with Judas Goats. Go to the Bible and educate yourself because ignorance is not going to be a defense on Judgement Day.

I hope that some of what I have placed before you will get you to THINKING. That is my mission in life – to get folks to THINK – not to just accept what others or myself say. QUESTION AUTHORITY at all times.

Do not fall for the tricks and lies of the Anti-Christ worshippers. Like the serpent in The Garden – the anti-Christ figures will beguile, whisper, lie, and use force when they think they need to in order to reach their goals. Every time we fall for those things we end up worse off. We need to build up DISCERNMENT within our being – to recognize the lies and not fall for them. Do not fall for the bait because the BAIT will be switched and lead to your demise. Stop crying out for BARABBAS – that has been proven to be the wrong choice.

I see government as the problem and I try in my writings and rants to get readers to dig deeper into things before just accepting what the MSM and the lying politicians tell us. They are protecting THEIR turf – not ours.

It isn’t who YOU are – it is WHOSE you are.


One thought on “Granny: The TIES that BIND America

  1. Justin O Smith

    Thank You So Very Much, Ms Jackie Juntti, for fighting the good fight and keeping the faith, while fighting on the frontlines over so many tireless years, so that the children of America and many future generations might live free again. Your insights and wisdom will surely be missed by all who have ever followed Your work, and Your absence will leave a void that will absolutely be a long time in filling; and as the moments pass, I hope that some youngsters happen upon Your works often, but even if only from time to time, and suddenly the lights come on in their impressionable minds and the TRUTH takes its hold on them.

    Your life has been well lived presenting the TRUTH to so many others, regardless of what happens from this day forward. And if the people who may read You at some point to come have the slightest ability to properly reason, they too will come to know that government is indeed the problem, much more than any solution, and it must be limited and restrained in order for a society to be efficient, prosperous and free.

    God Bless You for caring and fighting and all You have attempted and successfully completed in this war for the heart and soul of America.

    I wish You many Good Days ahead as You relax and enjoy the simple joys of life in this magnificent world our Lord and Savior created, from the little redbirds and sparrows flitting about in the morning hours, a soft evening rain pattering on the roof, to a few hours reading by a fire, little children scurrying through Your yard on the way home after school and many, many more Majestic Sunrises and time well spent with Loving Friends and Family.

    You will be sorely missed by many.

    The Good Lord is smiling down on You right now, nodding His head and saying, “Well done, My Faithful Servant.”

    Best Wishes Always, from someone who wishes he had known You in person and considers You a fine friend.

    Respectfully ~ Justin O Smith

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