Miles to go Before I Sleep

The following is a column that I wrote over twenty years ago, and although much has changed in those years – much has remained the same. There are times that I find it worthwhile to bring this column back to the front once more.  Can ya’ dig it? ~ Editor

January 24, 2003 ~ I guess that I’ve felt this coming on for several months, continual headaches, accelerated heart rate after eating, multiple naps throughout the day, anger, frustration… you know the routine.

Did I have cancer, heart disease or just oldfartitus disease? I didn’t know, yet as with most men of my age bracket, I guess that I didn’t really want to know. By last Thursday night, I was so ill that I couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. My whole body was sore with muscular contractions, aching stomach and lower back pain – diarrhea was now becoming an hourly occurrence.

Last Friday morning at about 3:30 a.m., my wife called the family physician, who immediately sent me to the emergency room of our local hospital. I told him that I would shower first, so that I might wash the stench of sickness from my body. I did so, then went to lie down on cool sheets for a few minutes to relax before we left for the hospital. I then slept for four hours – the longest period of rest I had had all night.

My daughter and wife had to work the next morning but my son was off, so it was decided that he would drive me to the hospital. I arranged for a rebroadcast of Chapter I of All The King’s Men with WWCR to carry the program through the Friday hour – and promptly went back to sleep. My wife came home to check on me between classes and saw that I was worse. She became insistent that I was to get ready to go – RIGHT NOW! – and so, in my turtle way of moving in that condition – I packed and we left.

As we arrived – they brought out the wheelchair, which I promptly declined. I may be ill – but I’m not ready for geriatric care – yet! After a battery of tests including pokes, pricks, a series of blood pressure tests, x-rays (oh, joy of joys) and more, the prognosis included: lungs full of crud, overall dehydration and physical exhaustion due to overwork, lack of rest, poor nutrition and too damned much stress. “Go home, drink lots of clear fluid (vodka is clear), get plenty of rest, take time off from your workload and stay out of brothels” The last one I have no problem with, haven’t had vodka in years, so I had to take the advice on the other two – even though it was not going to be easy.

Who in Hell said life was easy?
I have just completed three out of four years of both personal and corporate tax returns with a fourth and final year to go. Two weeks of grueling work to prepare for my ‘Brutha Ray’ arriving in Phoenix to complete all the necessary work to file those sixteen returns – and then he and I each arrive at conclusions through different mechanisms; mine is Arizona laid-back, his; New York – as in ‘minute’. Ever notice how someone from New York has all the answers but can’t hear anything else – because their mouth is always moving – thereby blocking their ability to hear? Well, that’s how it was – compounding my stress levels.

Life ain’t easy – but somebody’s got to do it!

Shackin’ with Rip Van Winkle
As with my own ‘illness‘, most Americans don’t wish to know of the nature of the illness, which permeates the land. This past week the nation remembered the 30th anniversary of the diabolical Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade – the landmark decision allowing women the ‘right’ to murder their unborn children. With that decision, America allowed a true holocaust to overshadow all others in history combined – the greatest atrocity known to have ever taken place. And ‘We, the People‘ have just stood idylly by and turned away from the silent screaming. Shame on us!

In the words of one of our readers:

“Abortion has no place in politics. Free choice is the democratic way. Having just come from Costa Maya and Cozumel those women should be so lucky to have abortion options. Abject poverty and each shack I went buy I counted 5 to 6 children. With overpopulation a threat to all, leave women alone. The sad state of children in the world is horrific and the US is no better. Stop cramming moral beliefs down another’s throat just as many do not want Islam crammed down theirs.”

The problems within this statement are several, and while I do agree with several of the writers points, I frankly am not concerned with what may or may not be accepted or needed in other nations – only with that, which has murdered in excess of 42 million babies in these united States of America. As to her concerns regarding ‘moral beliefs‘ – it is specifically the lack of morals in this nation, which have allowed the problem to escalate. Follow the money trail – then talk to me about morals. It’s a life stupid!

In the words of one of the listeners of our daily radio program, Perspectives on America:

“I was listening to your show today about abortion. I know how to put the “nonviable tissue mass” argument to rest for good.

Remember a number of years ago two nesting California Condors laid some eggs and everyone went wild about the event because it was the first time something like that happened in many years? Well, next time that happens send out a press release that you’re going to take the Condor eggs and make a western omelet out of them. Claim that it’s just ‘nonviable tissue mass’ in the eggs and not potential Condors chicks. Watch how fast you end up in a federal detention center.”

Most people in this nation don’t wish to hear the truth as to how our nation has been completely taken over by the enemy – they can’t see it – they don’t want to see it or even hear about it. It doesn’t matter by what name they are called, socialists, communists, fascists or globalists. Americans also care not who are their puppeteers – the CFR, Tri-lats, Rockefellers or Rothschilds, the Bones or Freemasons. Each of them are intertwined beyond the average person’s comprehension. Give ’em a six-pack and a big screen, surround-sound, theater-style television on Stupid-Bowl Sunday – and they are just as happy as a brother and sister in heat living in the Appalachians. But that’s an illness for another column – by someone else.

The nation is inundated with the illness of spending what they do not have. Easy money, easy credit and cheap imported goods from other lands have turned us into the greediest peoples on earth. We are allowed to exist only due to the benevolence of the Great Wal-Mart of China. We awaken each day to the realization that we can no longer afford to live in the nation of our ancestors – that due to globalism and free trade agreements, such as NAFTA, millions of real jobs have been exported to other lands and will never return – not until a true leader comes along who will facilitate meaningful legislation giving tax breaks to these companies to return to our shores, while rescinding those, which have previously been granted to those who left and choose not to return.

When American automobile manufacturers moved to Mexico some years ago, they employed local labor at considerably lower wage and benefit rates than those previously enjoyed by our brothers and sisters in this country. Funny thing is that the Mexican laborers can’t even afford to buy what they build. Is this the future for our once great Republic? Makes you kind of ill, doesn’t it?

The nation has effectively been bankrupt since 1933 (thank you Mr. Roosevelt) and our Constitution is null and void – as if it never existed. Financial gurus, such as Alan Greenspan have continued to perpetuate the myth of solvency. Over one-million jobs per month are currently being lost in this nation and will never be replaced with meaningful positions. The days of 20 and 30 year employment with a single company are long gone, as are the pensions and the perks. Cookin’ the books is the truth and the way! And why not? The biggest crook of all is our own government, for no government in history has ever manipulated the books, nor its people, as ours has. The goals of Communism have been all too easily fulfilled, while the “greatest generation” rested on their victories, allowing their children and grand-children to spend nearly six-decades shacked up with Rip van Winkle.

We’ez Gwine to War!
Target date: February! What year? Where are the heroes of yesterday? Where are the Joseph McCarthys, George C. Pattons and Douglas MacArthurs – those who recognized the enemy and who knew what it was going to take to get the damned job done! Today our military leaders are mere polyester shells of those great men of the past, yet are more hamstrung by the machinations of politics that at any time in history. Today we spend eighteen months telegraphing our intentions and threatening to go to war against the enemy. Just who is our real enemy? bin Laden? Hussein? What are we going to war for? Homeland Security? Oil? Israel? We pump enough money into Israel each year that they ought to be able to care for their own damned interests – whatever they may be! Sharon has proven that he is capable of anything in order to get what he wants. Just what is so important to this nation about Israel that we are brought to our knees in order to placate them? What are our national interests in the Gaza strip? George Washington warned us about long term foreign entanglements. George Jr. is his daddy’s boy alright – and he follows the party line all the way. The question is, “which party“? …and the nation still believes that McCarthy was an evil man.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired!
From the depths of Harlem cometh former Cum-mander in Cheat, Willy Jeff Clinton (if ever I would have approved of abortion, it would have been for his mother), stating that Bush is wrong with his approach to tax reduction and that we should be developing, what is tantamount to Hillary-care (as if she cares about anything but her own career). National ‘health-care‘ isn’t going to resolve anything in this land. It will only bring us more governmental CONTROL! Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and the common cold can all be dealt with – more affordably and with better success that that offered by the sanctioned American medical complex. Emergency is one thing as are setting bones – but as for the rest – take responsibility and begin to care for yourselves – always – in all ways. America – heal thyself!

Am I stressed? Am I ill? You betcha I am – and yet my armor is too strong to give up the fight just yet – and you had better be prepared to join – for we are at war – spiritually, physically, financially and morally. The time cometh to take the medicine and kick a little azz – for I have miles to go before I sleep!

Without Apology I am,

~ About the Author ~
A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has broadcast for over 28 years years as host of various programs and has been considered the voice of reason on the alternative media – providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, financial well-being, political satire (with a twist), education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, he is the CEO of Kettle Moraine, Ltd.

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