Parent-Hating New Jersey Proves It Has Kidnapped Minds of Children

Public school data in New Jersey confirms the transgender movement has buried its claws deep in the minds of innocent children in The Garden State, and that wicked success can be traced to Democrat leaders and their allies in the teachers’ unions.

Citing state data from the 2022-2023 school year, The Washington Free Beacon reports 675 students identify as “non-binary,” meaning they do not identify as male nor female. Although that figure might seem small in the entire student population, it represents a 4,000% jump when only 16 students said they were “non-binary” during the 2019-2020 school year.

Even worse, among that current total, 41 of those students who say they are neither a boy nor a girl are in a New Jersey elementary school.

Gregory Quinlan, of the Center for Garden State Families, says no one can argue the LGBT activists have failed to indoctrinate a new generation of children.

“They have been very successful,” he concedes, “with the help of government, with the help of our schools, with the help of the NEA, with the help of the American Federation of Teachers.”

Teachers’ union criticized parents
New Jersey’s state government is led by Gov. Phil Murphy, who squeaked out a 51%-48% re-election win in the deep-blue state in 2021. Earlier this year, Gov. Murphy signed an executive order that declared New Jersey a “safe haven” for so-called “gender-affirming” care.

The teachers union in the state is the New Jersey Education Association. The group was condemned last summer for a TV ad (pictured at right) that portrays frustrated parents as mean and hateful, and accuses them of trying to “score political points” instead of being concerned about education and children.

In a statement to AFN for that story, the teachers’ union also complained its teachers are being called “pedophiles and racists” by what it called a “small but very loud group of people who are doing dishonest and dangerous things.”

The same statement also acknowledged students are being influenced with transgender-themed lessons. Those lessons are stated-approved materials that are age appropriate, the teachers’ union claimed.

AG sues over parental notification policy
A year after that ad ran, Politico reported last week three New Jersey public school districts in the state are being sued by Attorney General Matt Platkin. Their alleged crime? The school boards in Manalapan-Englishtown, Marlboro and Middletown have approved a policy in which parents are informed if their child questions his or her gender identity, which violates state law, the story says.

What is most heartbreaking, Quinlan tells AFN, is that parents are realizing they must remove their children from these schools or else watch a child return home and question their own identity. For some of those students, he says, they body-altering hormone drug and life-changing surgery.

“It’s your tax dollars that they are using to rape your children of their future, to destroy their ability to procreate, to absolutely destroy their minds at such an early age,” he complains, “when they’re not capable of even understanding the material they’ve been given or the suggestions they put in their heads.”

Written by Charlie Butts for American Family News ~ June 27, 2023

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