Who’s Running the Show?


Let’s see, we have committees investigating committees that are investigating committees, and after millions of dollars spent, nothing is found. We have solid proof of political wrongdoings and financial insider “deals” with foreign countries, and time after time, we don’t see prosecutions. We have spent millions of dollars trying to find wrongdoings of a former president and still there is no proof after years and years. They’re still trying to find something; anything. Just another witch hunt, no matter what it costs the taxpayer.

A politician can delete thousands of emails, conduct an assault in Benghazi, and still not receive any penalty. Do you think someone was “sleeping at the wheel”? We have elected an individual who is supposed to protect our border, and instead, they are going to upscale luncheons, promoting battery-powered school buses, trips to the moon, trips to Guiana for some reason.

Come on, man, do your job!

We vote for a “build back better” bill and every politician adds their “pork” to the bill and the bottom dollar line has now tripled, if not more. All supporters get their favors, but the highways, railroads, bridges and airports see no change. Nothing gets done.

Skip Gault, Goodyear, Arizona

Published by the West Valley View ~ April 26, 2023

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