Hayworth: What’s up with the ‘Doc…’ and the Dems?

“Papa Doc”

History recalls the brutal reign of a father and son in the impoverished island nation of Haiti. Francois Duvalier (“Papa Doc”), a physician educated in the U.S., was initially elected president in 1957, but soon proved to be more despot than doctor. Aided by an undercover death squad, he eliminated opponents and consolidated power, naming himself “president for life” in 1964.

Upon Papa Doc’s death in 1971, son Jean-Claude Duvalier, nicknamed “Baby Doc,” became president and ruled until he was overthrown in 1986.

Current events have prompted some to apply those nicknames to America’s first family. Joe “Papa Doc” and Hunter “Baby Doc” Biden have not earned those monikers for medical training; they have acquired them for their suspected illegal mishandling of classified documents.

Sadly, but predictably, Ol’ Joe and his legal team — attorneys both inside and outside government — are writing a narrative on the fly, counting on the continued indulgence of the left and the press (pardon the redundancy) to help both Papa and Baby Biden skate.

But what worked so well two years ago in the heat of a presidential campaign may not yield the same results in the wake of the recent midterm elections.

Now, it appears that key elements of the Democrat base have decided to pursue a new pre-2024 policy and personnel imperative. Simply stated, they want to prove to the cognitively impaired octogenarian they labored to install as the 46th president that this is no country for old men. What prompted this progressive call to action?

Joe’s loud and repeated outbursts that he would be more than happy to continue wandering off, eating ice cream and mumbling incoherently as the “leader of the free world” for a second term.

Make no mistake, this decision has nothing to do with principle but politics.

After successfully using COVID-19 as the crisis for “reform” in elections nationwide, the left is no longer confident that it can muster more votes than registered voters, as was done by the Dems in 2020.

In other words, the Democrats have determined that they can’t entirely depend on an outcome that uses mailboxes and drop boxes as de facto ballot boxes, especially not with Joe Biden atop the ticket.

“Baby Doc”

They no longer feel comfortable mailing it in, and their reasons are both sound and several, as the policy performance of the Biden Bunch has proven pathetic.

If you’re scoring at home — or considering for whom to vote in 2024 — it is painfully obvious that “America last” only excites indoctrinated Gen Z’ers, the culture-canceling comatose misnamed as “woke,” and brain-addled ’60s radicals who have grown fat, happy and nostalgic for the old-fashioned nation loathing that is so intrinsic to their collective self-image.

Misfits, malcontents and miscreants do not a majority make, nor a winning margin that can be easily rigged through further “reform.” So for the Dems, the decision is simple: help Ol’ Joe realize that he can have even more ice cream — and longer naps — as a former president.

Most assuredly, that decision is not unanimous, nor can its implementation thus far be described as deft. But again, through the collective lens of the left, it has been handled with the proper “chronological considerations.”

According to the timeline, CBS News confirmed on Jan. 10 that the U.S. attorney in Chicago was directed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to review documents marked classified and discovered in the office of the Penn Biden Center in Washington, “according to two sources with knowledge of the inquiry.”

White House attorney Richard Sauber then went on the record, confirming that the classified materials were “identified by attorneys for Mr. Biden on Nov. 2,” no doubt prompting a giant sigh of collective relief from the Dems, who quickly noted that the news had been suppressed for two months — and especially for the six crucial days before the midterm elections, no doubt limiting Democrat losses.

“Big Guy,” J.D. Hayworth, Author

More disturbing revelations followed. Most notoriously, more classified documents were found at Joe’s Delaware home, in the garage behind his prized 1967 Corvette; Hunter paid almost $50,000 monthly to his Pop, while living at that same residence from March 2017 to February 2018; and Chinese communists were paying big money to Hunter, while donating the same type of big bucks to the Penn Biden Center.

How bad is it for the Bidens? Bad enough to have Dem “pitbull” attorney Andrew Weissmann accuse Ol’ Joe of a cover-up and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) suggest that our national security was jeopardized — echoing his accusation against President Trump.

Bad enough for “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” Biden to yearn for a Haitian vacation.

Written by J.D. Hayworth for West Valley View ~ January 27, 2023

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