Fourth Reich Rising: “Little Hitlers” Thesis – Part I

Das ist nicht Shiza!

Is there any truth in the idea that a Fourth Nazi Reich is on the rise? The answer is “Only if you can read and understand history.”

It’s high time we considered the unthinkable. What with so much unimaginable stuff confronting us all. Did you get the social media meme the other day about Russia buried under more sanctions than Iran, Venezuela, Myanmar, and Cuba combined? Look again. Reconsider. I know, I know, many of you are wondering too, how is that even possible? Well…

I woke up the other morning to the news some weeks back that Maersk, the World’s largest shipping company, discontinued all shipping routes to and from Russia. The Danish company has also decided to liquidate all its assets in Russia. Now, this was not the greatest tragedy to befall the Russians, but when the world’s biggest companies started cordoning off the biggest country on Earth, it signals that something more than a Cold War hiccup is going on.

Kill the Commissars!
Tanks, guns, missiles, bullets, and cash are donated to Ukraine’s comic clown president. It’s a circus, and we are the captive, paying audience.

Every media outlet west of the Dnieper River is repeatedly hating not just Vladimir Putin but Russian everything. And over a military action more legitimate than any U.S. war in recent memory.

When was the last time Europe hated Russia so much?

Putin, listening to it all from the Kremlin – Courtesy the great DonkeyHotey

Westerners weren’t calling for assassinating commissars even during the darkest days of the Cold War. The dirtiest Soviet spies back in the day were treated better than Russian skaters, skiers, tennis stars, singers, and poets. And no, the Berlin Wall did not cast as dark a shadow as we see today.

The last time Europe hated Russia so wholly, a madman was running the show. Adolf Hitler and his gang truly hated everything, Russian. The only thing the Russians had that the Aryan master race wanted was their land and resources. Now we are onto something.

Wait a minute! Now, this is striking. The other day I was researching EU President Ursula von der Leyen’s pedigree and somehow landed in the mucky aristocracy who empowered Hitler. No, really. I know it seems conspiratorial but look. Her father, Ernst Albrecht, came from the Hanseatic elite, who gleaned their power from feudalism. Yes, I’m saying it. Here you go.

Ernst Albrech (L) and former Dutch PM Dries van Agt (R). The latter probably saved the Dutch monarchy by secreting away key evidence in the bribery case against HRH Prince Bernhard (featured below)

At this point, it’s important to note that Albrecht’s “mission” was to ensure the rule of the same German elites who backed Hitler. In 1976, in Albrecht’s book, “The State, the Idea and Reality: Outlines of a political philosophy,” the former Lower Saxony Premier expressed his contempt for commoner rule. Albrecht referred to the masses as “the mob” and called for a return to the “old ways” – to paraphrase:

“If we succeed in bringing people of above-average capabilities to governance, the autocracy or the rule of the few will be able to create a better order than the rule of the people.”

He continued saying that direct rule by the “mob” would lead to disaster, basically because the general public is just too stupid to make decisions on this level. There’s more. Albrecht not only courted the favor of former Nazis, but his cabinet and his party were also peppered with them. His Minister of Justice Hans Puvogel claimed in his doctoral thesis that “inferior people” should be eliminated from German society.

No, I am not making this up. The current EU President’s pappy appointed a dyed-in-the-wool fascist who proposed and advocated not only the killing of the Jews and other races/segments deemed inferior, and he suggested that castration was a sensible solution to crime, mediocrity, etc.

And some are worried that Germany has proclaimed a military will, once again, be the mightiest in Europe!

Returning to the subject of Ursula von der Leyen, you won’t find a BBC or Bild story about how von der Leyen put in place methods for supporting higher-income families while taking support away from poorer mothers and fathers. But, she did so when she was the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth. She’s one of them, the elites running us into World War III. Just for added seasoning, the fact her husband Heiko Von der Leyen is “one of them” too, should be mentioned here. (SEE The Rise of Mrs. Europe)

Heiko von der Leyen’s family rose to prominence as silk merchants in the 18th century. Today, he is the Medical Director of the US biotech company Orgenesis which specializes in cell and gene therapies. This is a company that, by the way, recorded 364% of revenue growth in 2021. When you dig to find what this company is developing, the security and defense enthusiasts among you will shudder at the implications. Factor mobile gene therapy, and biotech labs under your tinfoil thinking caps.

They’re making shipping container size gene labs to stick all over the planet so that “everyone gets a fresh cellular product” when it’s needed. Please refer to UCLouvain-Belgian Defense and Orgenesis’ BioShield program.

Going Medieval in 2022
Let’s turn, for the moment, to this Hanseatic connection and focus on the current situation U.S. and European elites find themselves.

This subject is too deep a well for this report but read at your leisure Feudal Aspects of National Socialism by Robert Koehl (1960). Among other issues, Koehl presents evidence that societies attempt to reinvigorate by digressing into feudalism (Rushton Coulborn). Given the EU, the United States, and Britain are clearly spiraling downward, and perhaps we’re witnessing the reformation of feudalism like that which aided Hitler? Sorry, like I said, too deep. Let me quote Coulborn here, anyhow:

“The culture of a jaded civilized society is reinforced in its elemental nucleus, the relationship of man to man, by an ethic drawn from a primitive source.”

Ursula von der Leyen glowing with her vision – European Parliament

I believe what we are seeing develop, or rise as it were, is a rebirth of fascism like Hitler and Mussolini engaged in. And as before, some of the towns and fiefdoms that pushed those dictators up are not only in Germany. The aforementioned paper discusses talks about corruption in capitalism and fascist states being a fundamental tool.

American investigative journalist Lincoln Steffens (1866-1936) is cited for his work in uncovering corruption in the U.S., and how Mussolini used corrupt people in Italian business and aristocracy. Sorry, more deep study topics. What I’m driving at is that the elites are rebooting. Or perhaps, the Fourth Reich was always anticipated, or at least expected?

Maersk. This is the famous shipping line that transported American troops and military equipment for the 1991 Gulf War and U.S.-led offensives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ten years ago, when Denmark’s richest man Arnold Maersk Mc-Kinney Moelle died, there were some rumors that he’d been friendly to the Nazis in WWII. Those rumors were unfounded since he and his company were profoundly friendly to America. But wait.

Let’s not forget our feudal theme, let alone the Dano-Hanseatic War (1426–1435). Okay, maybe we should. But Copenhagen has a palace, a palace where Maersk’s founder frequented.

I wonder how much pressure is being applied to European companies to get them to punish the Russians? The situation must be dire, for these massive concerns to abandon billions in profits. On the surface, we see federal prosecutors in Brazil filing lawsuits against the Danish shipping company for alleged corrupt practices.

There’s the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) which lists Maersk as a kind of shipping poster child for questionable practices including inflating costs associated with the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, the feudal lords of Europe seem to be twisting a lot of thumbscrews these days.

Further evidence shows that Denmark and Maersk are being leveraged (blackmailed) into following the “party line” in punishing Russia. It’s all too complicated, like a European soup sandwich of new alliances and so forth. For instance, the Hanseatic League was undermined by the French Physiocrats (a term coined by Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours), agrarian industrial purists who envied their success. Today, these seemingly opposing forces are reimagined.

Europe’s Last Gasp
This story tells of the warmonger, then-prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen suggesting the forebears and subjects of Margrethe II of Denmark were closet Nazis. This was to get public opinion behind another war started with lies in Iraq. It’s important to note here, that the Danish royalty and citizens helped save thousands of Jewish citizens during the Holocaust. What’s significant though, is how these “forces” leverage the good and bad in organizations and people for their ends. As was the case in the 1930s, no strategy is overlooked today. This is my point in highlighting Maersk and the Danish elites.

Unlike other theorists who suggest the Fourth Reich would be a resurgent fascist Germany and Austria, I believe Hitler’s Third Reich never was actually defeated. Or, more appropriately, the physical manifestation of those nationalist ideas was destroyed, I believe in order to springboard Nazi idealism into the next millennia. Writer James Baldwin commented on this “Fourth Reich” in America subject when Richard Nixon was reelected in the early 1970s. Baldwin claimed Nixon was put in the White House a second time to keep black people (N-word) in their place. There are, as Professor Gavriel D. Rosenfeld once noted, far too many “hyperbolic comparisons” like Nixon, Trump, and others. The weight of the term “Nazi” has been watered down to insignificance now.

Be this as it may, the covert continuation of Nazi ideals, in plain sight of us all, is how we have arrived once again on the doorstep of the Russians. The scope, however, is far wider and the evil more deep-seated than experts like historian Simon Heffer have suggested. Germany’s exalted economic position in the EU is but a symptom. He said the Germans had essentially “colonized” the rest of the union by stealth.

Hitler Youth participating in cultural games in Worms before WW2. Many of the current cultural programs in the EU are funded heavily by the elites attending the Bilderberg meetings. (German Federal Archives)

But the head of the Fourth Reich is not in Germany. And, I believe neither was the core constituent of Hitler’s mission. The Germans seem to have always been a popular tool. And the Nazi Reich’s so-called “Nordic ethos” back then has been resurrected in an even more powerful ideology today. We’re talking about a new social contract where many European youths are being herded into the same sort of self-subordination. We see this here on the tourist beaches of Crete and report about post-Maidan Kyiv, and the effects of the George Soros societal efforts spread out across eastern Europe.

Dr. Mengele

Next Generation Barbarians
The basis for Hitler’s Nazi organization was feudal in the authentic sense via something known as gefolgschaft, or following (entourage). Koehl talks about this, and Hitlerjugend (Hitler youth) leader Artur Axmann preached about political power through loyalty even after World War 2. History and Nurenbourg forgave Axmann, who had escaped the Führerbunker with Martin Bormann, and SS doctor Ludwig Stumpfegger before the Soviets arrived. Axmann died in 1996 in Berlin, but the warped ideology he taught tens of thousands of young Germans rampaged once again.

Flipping the page, nationalism in Ukraine today has been fermented like one of Hitler’s psychologists is still at work. Or, more appropriately, as if Dr. Mengele of his clone were culturing new forms of hatred and cruelty in a giant Petrie dish between old enemies.

The irony of connections between Hitler Youth leaders, students like later SS Untersturmfuher

Wilhelm Rosenbaum and the heirs of the lunatic Joseph Bandera in Ukraine today are thick as German tank armor. A quote from City of Lions (Lviv) will help the reader connect the dots between then and now better:

“There was also SS Untersturmfuher Wilhelm Rosenbaum, Schöngarth’s sadistic subordinate. He had worked with both Schöngarth and Krueger at the Security Police Academy “Bad Rabka,” were his way of demonstrating his loyalty and devotion to his ideological hero, Schöngarth, was to excel his peers in his savagery towards the Jews.”

Bad Rabka, was the SD School at Zakopane, Poland, referred to as the “School of Terror” for the dark stain of inhumanity the SS and the Gestapo secreted from there. Known also as the Death’s Head Resort because of the parties and deviant get-togethers of high-ranking SS and Gestapo officers, this was where the Nazis orchestrated the atrocities carried out on the Jews and other people considered “inferior” to the master race.

I’ve isolated Rosenbaum because of his metamorphosis from school misfit, to Hitler Youth devotee, then Berlin SA – Stormtrooper, and eventually a merciless SS killer, one of the holocaust perpetrators who escaped the Nurenburg tribunal, and the man who replaced the notorious SS judge Hans Krüger.

This is all deep, detailed, and somehow still incomplete history. The Nazi atrocities, the feudal ideology that has vexed humanity since antiquity, it’s incomplete because these ideas and these loyalties are not done. The Hanseatic trade and defensive confederation served as a model for the feudal aspects of National Socialism.

In addition, many experts say the origins of antisemitism are from Medieval origins.

Hiding in Plain Sight
Finally, the perpetuation of these ideas by the European elites today, and their frenzied efforts in support of America’s proxy war in Ukraine, mirror the time just preceding the full-scale war in 1939.

Just to ensure that the reader knows that the Hanseatic League is still in operation, Billionaire pirate George Soros mentions them in this interview in May of 2020.

Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard returning from Porto Ercole, Italy due to developments in the Lockheed bribery scandal on 26 August 1976 – Hague Nationaal Archief

I wish I could say it’s surprising that the United States, the EU, and the UK continually downplay Russia’s concerns and operations against Nazis in Ukraine.

For most people, especially the younger generations, the history of national socialism (Nazism) is only a blip from high school history class. Even the Holocaust is a kind of blurry brand that insinuates something really bad that happened a long time ago.

It’s not information overload. Children aren’t taught this history, or even ideals and philosophy anymore. It’s not like the days when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the EU President, and Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe went to the European School, Brussels I (ESB1). This Fourth Reich rabbit hole is bottomless.

Consider also allegedly a former member of Himmler’s SS (See the SS Motor club) and Bilderberg co-founder, His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard (1911-2004) of the Netherlands. After working for the infamous N.W. 7 Farben intelligence service, the good prince, who allegedly worked in industrial espionage for I.G. Farben, also sponsored the World Economic Forum’s “Shaping Your Future in Europe” – a key component of the so-called Davos Manifesto. It should come as no surprise, that Ursula von der Leyen reportedly attends these Bilderberg secret meetings (2016). I must leave off here, for this side tunnel passage into European elites snakes its way to endless webs and connections. If the reader will factor in Dutch Royal Shell here, my thesis will begin to gain momentum. (Also see declassified documents concerning “Operation CA-35” – a German Type XI-B U-Boat off Cape Cod in 1944)

From IG-Farbenwerke Auschwitz in 1941 – German Federal Archives

A video from the Russian Embassy in London above does a good job of condensing some of my facts here, for those who need to imagine a neo-modern Nazi Reich already formed up and functioning. The question “What are you chanting?” should not be overlooked or even minimalized. When Vladimir Putin said he would “denazify Ukraine,” there was more to it than creating a new social media meme. These world leaders are chanting a feudal profession of loyalty, to a familiar evil order.

My outline, so far, has revealed a few of the core constituents who are reforming this neo-fascist moment in our history. But a big piece of the puzzle is missing. Or, I should say, more obscured. The American Nazi makers are hidden in plain sight these days. Key families and the authentic elites of the United States are undercover, hidden behind notables like George Soros, whose mysterious rise to fame began after he collaborated as a teenager with Hitler’s ministers in Budapest during the war. Soros helped collect the property of Jews the Nazis sent off to the gas chambers in the 1940s and got a big push from somebody in his early days at investment brokerages in London, and New York. But, the notorious Soros is a comparative nobody. You only need to dig deep enough to find the bigger fish.

Ben’s brother, Eleuthere I. du Pont, sits on the board of directors of the conglomerate their ancestors created in the early 1800s.

George Soros at Festival Economia 2012. Soros, not himself a Nazi, aided Hitler’s thugs in Hungary as a teenager. He later emerged out of nowhere after becoming a student of philosopher Karl Popper. (Niccolò Caranti)

In war, wealthy families always prosper. Did you know this? I’ve discussed briefly the ruling elites who are herding Europe forward to Armageddon against Russia, China, or anything standing in the way of total domination by this Fourth Reich. I have not, so far, revealed the American Nazi Makers. They too, hide in plain sight, protected by a veil of relative anonymity just like their European counterparts. Benjamin Franklin du Pont, the great-grandson of Lammot du Pont II, who was Chairman of the Board of Dupont at the start of World War 2, is a fine example of the new breed of profiteers. For the record, no company or family has profited more from war than the heirs of the company formerly known as E. I. duPont de Nemours and Company, which was founded in Wilmington, Delaware in 1802.

This large family’s history runs parallel with that of the United States. The Duponts rose to the top of American aristocracy from the sale of gunpowder, and later products from the company’s diversification. As for helping Hitler and the Nazis, the Duponts, Rockefellers, and other key American families contributed to burning the world before the 1940s (H.C. Engelbrecht and F.C. Hanigan, Merchants of Death, 1934). The Duponts, and many other prestigious families provided Germany with patents, technology, and material resources that proved crucial to the German war effort via business and political connections with various corporations in Nazi Germany from 1933 until 1943.

Today, the family is a bit more fragmented and underground than during the time of Hitler’s Reich. Ben Dupont, for instance, appears as a humble millionaire who invests in this or that (seemingly). But, his father, former Senator Pete du Pont, was the chairman of something known as the Hudson Institute from 1985 until 1987. This think tank was founded in 1961 by so-called “futurists” and military strategist Herman Kahn and his colleagues at the now infamous RAND Corporation.

Here’s where the Nazi Makers of old intersect with the insanity gripping our world today.

The “Little Hitlers
The reader may be surprised to learn that Herman Kahn was the author of On Thermonuclear War, a book about how nuclear war is winnable, and inspired by “On War,” by Carl von Clausewitz (Research “absolute war”).

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s character from the film Dr. Strangelove, General Buck Turgidson, played wonderfully by George C. Scott, reels off some of the ideas from Kahn in his Yippee Kayah portrayal of the nutty, warmongering American general. For a better (and quicker) understanding of what these elites and their “thinkers” have been pondering, consider that Kahn’s book has sections on economic recovery from Armageddon. Yes, really. And of particular interest today, the section on “Type 3 Deterrence,” or the “Deterrence of Moderate Provocation” is worth reviewing.

Telford Taylor opens the war crimes case at Nuremberg against IG Farben defendants. The members of the American board of the company were never held accountable. (Public Domain)

Rather than go on, and on about this continuation of the Cold War, let me wrap up with a focus on players in this deadly game such as Ben duPont (different spelling, same family), a much less prominent figure than liberal order headliners like George Soros, or Jacob Rothschild, for instance. You see. Something a former German Wehrmacht soldier who served the Nazi Reich told me has stuck with me for years now. In an interview, I conducted for RT and the 70th anniversary of the victory over Germany, the old soldier expressed how the Nazi ruled in this way. When I asked how Hitler managed to transform all of Germany into a kind of evil empire, he responded:

“The problem with Germany at that time was not Hitler. The problem was all the little Hitlers working underneath on the local level.”

“Little Hitlers,” indeed. So, now that the old generation of industrialists who spawned the Third Reich are long gone. Sadly, a new breed, as willing, but a bit less famous, play the same roles in a new and improved fashion. Ben duPont, probably unwittingly, is probably as good an example as any of the undulating elites who are creating this new and improved breed of killers. On the face of it, Ben duPont co-founded a seemingly innocuous company called with money invested by some familiar world shapers like Dupont, Proctor & Gamble, Germany’s Bayer (IG Farben), and Siemens seems worth mentioning here. And since its founding, this company has provided “consulting” services to Boeing, Ford, Monsanto, and others. Taking things a step further, an offshoot of duPont’s original company, Chartline Capital Partners, now invests in various “interesting” technology-based businesses.

One such company, StrongArm, is ostensibly a safe workplace monitoring system powered by real-time data collection through a wearable interface. The technology company refers to manufacturing and other labor-intensive industry employees as “Industrial Athletes™,” who they say lead the way in building and maintaining the world’s critical infrastructure. But the key here, it seems to me, is monitoring.

This innovative company, and others in the stable of duPont’s investment firm, bring to mind an old Dupont family friend named Charles Bedaux (1886-1944). This French/American management consultant not only worked for Dupont, but the British royals and the Nazis. He was famous for being flamboyant but primarily for creating the Bedaux System, a labor work management regime that hundreds of companies, including Dupont, employed from the 1920s to the 1950s. Does this make Ben duPont a fascist? Certainly not. The elites who create chaos do not stoop to being labeled with party affiliations. Nazis or Bolsheviks, Communists and Jihadists are pawns nurtured into place.

Don’t worry, though. They are creating a better and longer, more productive life for us all.

I focused on Ben duPont not simply for his family’s role in profiting from war. He is more critical because he’s a link to the other Nazi Makers in America. While I believe it’s conceivable these people like him may be the unwitting architects of this new fascist Reich, it seems more likely such players are obscured systematically. So, either way, the curious reader will want to look into Dupont’s role as a director of the Phipps family’s Bessemer Trust. Yet again, we find an endless rabbit hole that leads to names like Andrew Carnegie and other American industrialist aristocrats.

Beyond Evil
This family trust firm oversees over $200 billion in assets from a long list of thousands of families, foundations, and endowments of American and international elites. The firm’s top vested interests are focused primarily on Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Apple, and Facebook, but their fingers are also in banking, energy, pharmaceutical, and other pies. Interconnecting all this requires a grant of some kind (hint-hint) because of the complexity and time involved. To save time, please move forward to a secret document known as the “EW-Pa 128 Report,” a U.S. Military Intelligence document detailing how the Nazi elites were to “create” this Fourth Reich I’m discussing. You expected this, yes?

The so-called “Red House Report” reveals the plotters. They were SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, I.G. Farben’s Max Faust, and the shell companies abroad that helped Volkswagen, Krupp, I.G. Farben, and others rebuild Germany. The fledgling Fourth Reich was based on economic rather than military power. A quote from author Adam LeBor will serve well here:

“The Third Reich was defeated militarily, but powerful Nazi-era bankers, industrialists and civil servants, reborn as democrats, soon prospered in the new West Germany. There they worked for a new cause: European economic and political integration.”

The strategy and implementation are far too deep and detailed to cover here. But a 1944 look at Himmler’s “go to” economic guy, the war criminal Otto Ohlendorf, and his colleague former Chancellor of West Germany Ludwig Erhard reveals what the European Union is.

“Erhard pondered how German industry could expand its reach across the shattered European continent. The answer was through supranationalism – the voluntary surrender of national sovereignty to an international body.”

Erhard (with the help of the industrialists) ended up ushering in phase 2 of the plan with the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the precursor to the European Union.

This report has to end before we can investigate essential factors like the emergence of so-called Ordoliberalism, which was part of the grand scheme to resurrect Germany’s power. The architects are essential since they let us circle forward to today’s EU leadership. Ludwig Erhard and Konrad Adenauer created the “economic miracle” that blossomed at the peak of German prowess in the EU under Angela Merkel after the reunification. I’ll leave it to the reader to circle and connect the EU’s current aristocracy to their American counterparts, the families who run the United States branch of the Fourth Reich.

For the record, though, the Treaty of Rome, the founding act of the European Economic Community and the most crucial treaty in Europe since the treaty of Westphalia, was all about Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Ursula von der Leyen’s father, Ernst Albrecht.

Few are left alive who remember a moment at America’s Arlington National Cemetery, where Adenauer and Germany were welcomed into the fold, as the new Reich anthem played over dead American heroes. This paper reflects on that stunning moment in 1953, only 8 years after Nazi Germany’s apparent collapse (Ordoliberalism, Law and the Rule of Economics).

Now we witness the rise, fall, and resurrection of ideas much eviler than national socialism. We are witnesses to the core of evil, and the people who shape Nazis and Democrats like lumps of useful clay. And don’t finally worry over technology stealing our privacy and rights. Don’t even fret over the western oligarchs milking us dry with elevated energy prices. Instead, ask yourself whether or not these “Nazi Makers” would stoop to using food to control us? Food security, Bill Gates buying all that American farmland, and an offshoot of Dupont called Corteva. Read up on this. (See Bill Gates, gene editing, and how Corteva plays a role)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue tours Corteva Agriscience’s Mendel greenhouse in Johnston, Iowa – Public Domain

Finally, like the “Little Hitlers” the old German soldier told of, duPont and a score of others have fingers in pies the average person cannot imagine. At least one, the American finance company MSCI (formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International) establishes value, creates funds, and invests in things like emerging companies via the MSCI Emerging Markets Indexes. Like all high-end financial/asset subjects, this Ben duPont affiliation is circuitous like a ton of spaghetti. But his being on the board of directors of a firm that will soon apply a carbon footprint lever using equity factor models tuned to the MSCI USA Climate Paris Aligned Index is an area of deep thinking you won’t find on CNN.

Think Ukraine conflict, oil, and gas, other commodities, and putting a Tesla in every American driveway. Better still, imagine your 401k being used to fund the electric car you buy 10 years from now. Now we’re talking about a genuine Fourth Reich rising. So our Dupont poster boy won’t feel alone, consider a lady billionaire named Abigail Johnson, whose family owns almost half of mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments. Is it a coincidence that she recently bought almost 4 million shares of MSCI (SEC)? Johnson’s also owns Discovery Natural Resources, an oil and gas company that operates in the Permian Basin in Texas. “Putin’s price hike”, the idiocy coined by the Biden administration, is giving shale oil and gas producers a bonanza.

I could go on, and on from Cargill-MacMillan, to Koch Industries, and so forth. Key though is the fact that Fidelity being in bed with oil and gas, and hedging bets with climate-oriented futures, tells us there are people among us who are worse than fascists.

They would create anything, even the evil that spoils our freedom, a Fourth Nazi Reich, just for power and profit.

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Written by Phil Butler for Zero Hedge ~ June 20, 2022

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  1. Wolf

    “Only if you can read and understand history.”

    But who’s version of history do you believe? Actually, it doesn’t matter what you believe…. tell only what you know.

    Over the past 10 years or so I’ve become very interested in studying the first half of the 20th century, and the information available is very slanted. But there are exceptions where you can find opposing information and weigh the “evidence” for yourself.

    If you happen to look up documentaries by James Corbett and Dennis Wise just for starters, you’ll see evidence that Germany was marked for destruction as early as 1902, which led to “The Great War” (part 1 & 2). The documentaries are full of vintage news reels, documents, and laws passed that draw a road map of what people actually did, despite what their lip service was at the time.

    Personally, I find the notion of a 4th Reich improbable simply because the language suggests a 4th German Empire…. but Germany no longer exists. Oh yes, there might still be a piece of dirt there called Germany, but just like the United States that original country can easily be called Jewmany today. The country once called Germany was physically completely destroyed (as planned), and today the zionists control the government, the courts, the education system, and the media… (sound familiar?).

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