Grabbin’ the Guns!

We shall see a real uptake on the GRAB THE GUNS mantra after the horrible shooting in TX.

The “problem” – as I see it is the FAILURE to ENFORCE laws already on the books.

When criminals who are actually arrested and jailed are able to be released with NO BAIL and be back on the street to commit more crimes – many times before the cop can complete his paperwork.

We have far too many LEFTIST prosecutors, Attorney’s General, and judges who (like the BUYDUMB nominated new member of SCOTUS) refuse to even slap the wrists of real criminals. We don’t need any NEW LAWS – we need the old laws to be ENFORCED and the criminal to do a long TIME in jail or prison, not be released back on the streets to commit MORE crimes.

See how fast the release and repeat habit used now would CHANGE FAST if ALL ARMED SECURITY FOR POLITICAL Characters were removed and no armed or even any *security* personnel would be allowed to protect the politician. They should have to ensure that all private citizens are protect BEFORE any *protection* for them is even mentioned.

Why is the protection of BUYDUMB, PEE LOUSY, Judges, Congresscritters, or the so called Celebrities in Hollywood, etc, more important than the kids in an elementary school or in a supermarket or any other *non-political* location?????????

Time to put up this sign in Congress – The White House and theaters.

It isn’t who YOU are – it is WHOSE you are.

1 thought on “Grabbin’ the Guns!

  1. veteran

    your article is right on, thank you.
    is should be obvious by now to people as to what our elected morons are doing to our country and it’s people.
    their m.o. is problem (they create) action (they create) and solution (they create)
    just look at this m.o. (method of operation) from the first day that china joe took office. it has been a total disaster all created by the washington/global elite , i call them traitors.
    i pray that people wake up soon and take action to preserve our liberty.
    again thanks for this article.

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