Duigon: Replacing God

     …facing Left – of course!

Trust the New York Times – once Josef Stalin’s cheerleader -to mark a major religious holiday by dumping on it. Something about Easter causes them to gnash their teeth.

So on Easter weekend they published an op ed, “In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God.” Not that God does not exist; He does. But He’s such a meanie!

So we shouldn’t worship God because this guy doesn’t like Him. But we immediately run into a problem. If not God, then whom or what should we worship? I mean, we’re giving up God’s promise of eternal life, hope, forgiveness of sins, and rejecting truth.

Say it ain’t so! Okay – it ain’t so. We don’t have to give up those good things. We can still have them.

Truth? We don’t need God’s word for that. We can get all the truth we’ll ever need from our public schools and colleges, and our nooze and entertainment media. Who needs Isaiah when you’ve got the New York Times? To say nothing of Gender Studies, Queer Fat Studies, and Study Studies. And what about all that truth we get from movies? And popular music?

What about hope? How quickly we forget! We had a president who gave us Hope And Change – two for the price of one. And we could have him back almost instantaneously: just amend the Constitution overnight – you could make it a mandate – and bring back Mr. Hope And Change for a third term, starting now. He’s gotta be good for another twenty years, at least.

And of course we’ve got a whole two houses of Congress full of hope-givers. What hope have they ever been too bashful to offer to us? Is there anything wonderful that they haven’t promised us? It’s not their fault we haven’t given them enough power, haven’t paid high enough taxes, to enable them to keep their promises. Give it a chance!

Forgiveness of sins, and redemption… come on, now—social media can take care of that. If they can cancel you, then surely they can un-cancel you as well. Today you’re a sinner who refused to use preferred pronouns. But tomorrow you can be all right again, if Twitter and TikTok and FaceBook say you are. You may have to grovel a little, but that’s just entertainment.

As for eternal life – well, the transhumanist crowd is working on it as we speak. You don’t think the likes of Zuckerberg, Gates, and Soros want to die, do you? Heck no. Their plan is to live forever: all they have to do is get the Science right. We’re not talkin’ about a brain in a jar. No one that wealthy will ever have to settle for that. We’re talking sleek new bodies, scientifically grown in a culture medium (or else borrowed from some young, healthy individual who doesn’t need it anymore, heh-heh) and hi tech-modified so it can do amazing things that their original bodies never could. Really—imagine another 700 years for George Soros. Who knows what he might achieve in so much time?

Indeed, with politicians and corporate honchos, celebrities and pop stars living virtually forever… we’ll have new gods! And plenty of ‘em, too. We might have to amend the Constitution again so Hope And Change can be president forever. Imagine the wisdom of a 500-year-old Miley Cyrus. Hot dog!

You can see, can’t you, that the New York Times isn’t just totally full of Schiff after all. Everything God can do, Science and Money – our current gods – can do. They may not do it for everybody – that kind of technology can be expensive – but what us common folk can’t be, we can still worship.

I think this is going to give me nightmares.

Written by Lee Duigon for News With Views ~ April 21, 2022

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