Parents Increasingly Fight for Control

Bad policies from school boards have had at least one unintended good effect.

Lately, parents have become more active in the debate around what and how their children should be taught in public schools. Parents are weighing in on curriculum about “systemic racism,” policies about vaccinating children without parental consent, and the front-and-center debate of whether a child needs to wear a mask for the school day. The Left may be pushing wrong policies, but more parental involvement is a good thing.

The political Left teaches that America is racist because it was founded through oppression, prejudice, and white privilege. Kids are being taught how to affix blame using racism, not how to prevent it. Whether it’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT) or some other clever name used to camouflage activism, this indoctrination has been exposed, causing many states to ban the passing on of this mindset. (Continue to full story…)

1 thought on “Parents Increasingly Fight for Control

  1. veteran

    i am attending another school board meeting tonight. i will again inform the board that we will not tolerate any social engineering agenda of our kid’s. that includes the covid agenda of masks and vaccines.
    we already have recall process for two of the board members. and will remind the rest of the board that we will fire their asses if they fail to protect our kids from socialist education theories.

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