Virus In The White House

We put a Virus In The White House,
He’s got us in the mess we’re in,
If this poison doesn’t drain out,
It’s the beginning of the end,
Almost impossible to clean house,
In the swamp it’s sink or swim,
We put a virus in the White House,
So vaxx him back to Wilmington.

We put a virus in the White House,
He’s been wrong on everything ,
From disorder on the border,
To letting communism reign,
We’ll know as ration lines grow longer,
The joys that bolshevism brings,
We put a Virus In The White House,
So vaxx him back to Wilmington
And he’s been wrong on everything.

We are not the land of losers,
That’s not the people we have been,
Sometimes we’ve been some lousy choosers,
But lately that has been the frame of mind we’re in.
Masking is an epidemic
It robs the brain of oxygen,
We put a Virus In The White House,
So Vaxx him back to Wilmington

Somebody needs to leave the White House
Bull shit detectors kicking in,
Too many voters that had turned out,
They were buried ‘way back when,
Dominions switching in the millions,
And bogus ballots in the bins,
They put a Virus In The White House,
Vaxx him back to Wilmington

This pandemic in the White House
They want us all to make pretend
This is not the land of freedom,
I swear to God my godless friends,
Should you try to steal our freedoms,
The way they do it in Xinjiang,
Then this pandemic in the White House,
Will soon be coming to an end.

This Virus In The White House,
Would not be there if not for sin,
Audits prove we’ve been defrauded,
You can cheat and steal and win,
Cyber slimies block connections,
When can we finally bring an end
To this Virus In The White House,
And be American Again?

James Reeves

5 thoughts on “Virus In The White House

  1. Larry Cooper

    Just to keep the record straight…

    It is not a virus, it is a cancer. It is not just in the white house, it is spreading throughout the nation.
    If you think that Covid is a problem, just wait until you see what it will take to stop “this” shit, if we can.
    People in the U.S. have become so “comfortably numb” as to present a danger to themselves.

    An awakening is overdue for this country, pray to god above it comes in time to save you …

  2. Larry Cooper

    Not really written anything lately, but have a great deal on my mind.
    Particularly where it pertains to a lot of this covid nonsense . I find it more than a little interesting that so many people think a mask is going to prevent the spread of this crap in some manner.
    Shall we consider for a moment that this virus in all likelihood escaped from a biological laboratory.
    A facility where people in virtual “spacesuits” enter and exit through a decontamination chamber, yet this still got out into the atmosphere, infecting the entire world population. Still we are constantly harassed by a bunch of morons that believe a woven fiber mask will somehow miraculously stop it . Keeping in mind that a virus is so small that it passes through woven fabric as easily as we pass through an open garage door. If a mask were fine woven enough to filter out a virus the wearer would most likely not be able to breath through it. The gullibility of the general populace is absolutely astounding.
    I never cease to be amazed by my fellow humans .

    Hello to you friend Jeff ! I’m still out here. Trying to maintain my sanity and keep a lid on my anger.

  3. veteran

    the brain dead old man in the white house was put there for a reason. he is not the one calling the shots, he’s not capable to do so. it’s the deep state that is pushing their agenda that we see today. it’s obama 2.0
    the old man is the one who will take the heat for all of the b/s while the deep state remains in the shadows.
    remember that the emperor wears no cloths.
    they will have their stupid demonic party for a while and then their own dynasty will come crumbling down.
    they are headed for an existence that i want no part of.

  4. Larry Cooper

    You may well be right. But, there comes a time when men of the right mind must come to terms with the fact that it is time to act. We have progressed beyond the platitudes. We face people that want to destroy our lives as we know them. They seek to undermine the fabric of our faith, our families, our very nation.

    God has an entire universe to run. He created your ass in his image and gave you dominion over one small planet to care for. How are ya doin’ so far ? Not too well from here as I can tell. I think you admit your own failure if you expect him to save you from yourself. Go sit down with your good book and think it over …

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