We Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I wake up to the wokey dopes reporting morning news
These wokes will make us weak and they are splitting us in two,
You’re woke or you’re a racist, there is no middle ground,
We Don’t Shoot the Messenger, but we can shut him down.

The words Don’t Shoot the Messenger ring hollow late at night
When migrants storm the borders and when homes are set alight
Cameras draw Antifa thugs, who trash our hallowed grounds,
We Don’t Shoot The Messenger, but we can shut him down.

People lost in chaos are more easily controlled,
Commies seeking power don’t need cops out on patrol,
A city that defunds police, that’s their breeding ground,
The chaos ends when we rehire cops to shut them down

Who are these mayhem merchants who have glued us to our screens,
Who live by old tradition: the ends justify the means?
Who hire commie wokeydopes to infiltrate our towns?
We Don’t Shoot The Messenger, but we can shut him down

Two sides to every story, but if only one is shared
Then that is propaganda, only one side will be aired
Where there is propaganda, soon a tyrant will be found
We Don’t shoot the messenger, but we can shut him down,

These comrades mean to split us up, we recognize the plan,
Their method is a remnant of a cruel and ancient land,
Divide and conquer was the rule before the world was round,
We don’t shoot the messenger, but we will shut him down.

Words such as “In God we trust”, “The truth shall set you free”
Are adages to be replaced by sayings such as these:
“Don’t let a crisis go to waste,” ” We’ll soak them ’til they drown,”
These are words of commie rats, and we will shut them down

The wokeydopes will leave us broke, so what gives them the right
To deconstruct our culture and to rob us of our might?
Ship them off to China where they worship Chairman Mao
And where they shoot the messenger, if they can’t shut him down.

Shut them down means do not get your news from MSM
Telling lies is not okay and friends don’t lie to friends
Boycott all their stations ’til no sponsors can be found
We don’t shoot the messenger, but we will shut him down.

James Reeves
April 18, 2021

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