The Absolute Catastrophe

Maybe my tired eyes are lyin’ to me,
I look around me lately, all I see
The greatest nation that will ever be,
Surrender all of her serenity,
Surrender all her sovereignty,
Along with everything we used to be,
Who are these bums who still walk free?
This is an Absolute Catastrophe!

Our Sili-commies on a cyber spree,
Who click a mouse and cancel you and me,
Don’t really need to join the CCP,
These wokeydopes look up to Chairman Xi,
Before you know it we will speak Chinese,
Internment camps will force conformity,
This cancel culture is the worst disease,
It is an Absolute Catastrophe.

Do not discuss border security,
Or thugs that run the drugs or coyotes,
Pelosi city and why people flee,
Or how they’re crippling our economy,
Or how to defund universities,
Or why Antifa is a fantasy,
What Hunter’s hidin’ up the family sleeve,
This is an Absolute Catastrophe!

So we’re not feeling generosity,
We feel we’re feeding a monstrosity,
The politburo of anxiety,
The cancel culture full of piety,
These tenured twerps in their hypocrisy
Who preach the sermon of diversity,
And lack the spine to fight conformity,
They are an Absolute Catastrophe.

By now you’re sick of lines that end with eee,
People tire of monotony,
But that is life in an autocracy,
You toe the party line or else you’ll be
Banned for life from universities,
Banned from government bureaucracies,
They’ll vanish you from all high-techrocies,
This is an Absolute Catastrophe!

We’re happy with the way we used to be,
The way we were from sea to shining sea,
We will remain the Land of Liberty,
And not the Land of White Supremacy,
Once we recover from this woke disease,
That nearly brought our nation to its knees,
We’ll look back on this in history,
It was an Absolute Catastrophe!

James Reeves
April 10, 2021

2 thoughts on “The Absolute Catastrophe

  1. Justin O Smith

    Dear Mr James Reeves,

    Once again You have delivered a fine piece of poetry filled with pertinent bits of wisdom and insights that hit upon the heart of the matter and the dark, abysmal abyss of tyranny, an evil threatening to swallow us whole and end any chance of ever recovering freedom and liberty unlike any seen across the span of our history. And, although I see Your points as plain as day and night, of late, I fear that You and I and many like us are casting our pearls upon the swine, for naught, but nevertheless, I thank You for Your fine efforts.

    Many millions of us, who subscribe to the beliefs and ideas and those principles that most jealously guard freedom and liberty in its purest of forms need not to be convinced of the TRUTH of Your narration of the dismal and dire state of affairs within our nation. We see it too and we know what must be done to prevent the complete suppression of our Inalienable God-Given Rights and the eradication of what is left of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands; however, while Your carpe diem soliloquy sounds hopeful for the restoration of America, I couldn’t help but see it as America’s eulogy, without America’s patriots fiercely rising in a force of arms soon within the next four years.

    America is staggering from one blow after the next She has received by the hands of the Enemy From Within — the “Democratic” Party Communists and all their supporters — and, in response to each blow, we have witnessed too little for too long by way of any effective response or counterattack. In fact, we have regularly witnessed the Republicans still react as if they can find “compromise” with this evil, from fear of what I must wonder? Although, once more, we often find that the Republican Party itself has moved too far left to be responsible guardians of the Freedom and Liberty we, the few or many, conservatives hold most dear.

    From sea to shining sea, America has constantly and ever more increasingly witnessed the rise of the red, radical communists in all fifty states and all of Her territories too. So, in essence, we find a massive subversion of the Judeo-Christian and Western Principles, upon which America was founded, even in the 30 Republican majority held states that currently exist; this is how Virginia was steadily attacked and eventually flipped to Democrat — Virginia, a state that had voted Republican in 11 of 12 presidential elections from 1948 to 2004, but now has gone so far left, due to the squishy, weak “center right” liberal Republicans who have no problem voting for a supposed “moderate” Democrat, even though No Such Animal Exists, that it has now succeeded to some large degree in advancing abortion and Baby Murder to even more incredible extremes, while it has also suppressed Free Speech and our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. And we see the very same plans to destroy the Bill of Rights and suppress Freedom and Liberty unfolding in every state, especially those that primarily swear allegiance to the Democratic Party Communists over America Herself.

    Our Constitution works well to protect the Inalienable God-Given Rights of all Americans, even America’s immoral radicals, when its mechanisms are in the hands of a moral and morally led society. But such is no longer the case, and it hasn’t been for decade upon decades, and we are now forced to watch as the Enemy From Within succeeds in utilizing our freedoms and liberties in a manner never intended by our ForeFathers to exact and demand our very destruction — Yes, to Cancel All That Has Come Before in the manner demanded by the vile creature called Marx in order that our history may soon be forgotten, or just simply suppressed, and rewritten by the current victors as beginning with America’s reconfiguration under Marxism in 2021, something that should stick in the craw of every true American patriot and demand Real Justice in the form of America’s Traitors, i.e. all members of the Obama and Biden administration hanging from the balconies of the Capitol Building or shot and killed in The Rose Garden by firing squads.

    Our Constitution was intended to be used by moral men and women as a tool to build and expand and perfect freedom for all and the liberties of the individual, not as a tool to wage war against reason and everything good and decent held within our Founding Principles in order to destroy it all. The Constitution was supposed to be used in a righteous manner for the righteous application of a law for all people, rather than a select few for the worst ignoble and evil of purposes, namely acquiring power and forcing the subjugation of America’s people. The Constitution was not intended to be a tool for our national suicide, and in that the Democratic Party Communists have used it for just that very thing as it suited them, or ignored it completely as they could, these are people who cannot be allowed to continue to take America down this road to tyranny.

    Yes, every person is free to hold any belief and notion they wish, but they are not free to act upon those ideas if they suppress our rights and seek to subjugate others to their will without those people’s FULL CONSENT. The Democrats are ruling by fiat for the most part and they are showing that the actual current law of the United States and the Constitution is meaningless to them and only a thing that stands as a nuisance between them and their longstanding goals of ending U.S. sovereignty and bowing to the new one world order, to the detriment and danger for all and at the expense of every last vestige of individual liberty.

    Americans will soon have to make some hard decisions and see these moves by the Democratic Party anti-American Radicals for what they are — an all out attack on America, no different than if America were being attacked by the Nazis or Stalin’s Communists of yesteryear, and they will necessarily need to act accordingly as their conscience and their will to survive allows and demands.

    The Democratic Party Communists at all levels of government today are acting and governing as if they are occupiers and this demands a response that would be equal to one Americans might mount if faced with any foreign enemy.

    America is being broken to Her knees at this very moment, under a newly applied tyranny and under the heavy hands of Communists within the federal, state and local governments. Maybe once the entire nation is on its knees and struggling under the full realization of what has been done to its people, they’ll take the opportunity to pray to whatever God they believe in to be relieved from their chains.

    On that same note, in that America was founded by Christians to be a Christian nation tolerant of all faiths, the Faithful of Our Country should be on their knees at this very moment, if they haven’t been already, praying to God that He forgives Our Country for straying from His Word, in order that America may truly be restored one day soon and in the not too distant future.

    It is past time that Americans who wish to live independent of government intrusion, especially when FORCED UPON THEM IN AN IMMORAL AND ILLIBERAL FASHION AS NOW, and who desire to live in TRUE FREEDOM, to pick up arms and remove any and all current Democrat politicians from any and all public offices, in every state in this so-called “Union of Sovereign States”.

    However immoral or vile and evil some may view my suggestion, it is not “evil” to defend one’s self, home and country from a very real EVIL and an existential threat to everybody’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and as such, however it is accomplished and even to resorting to “Death Squads” seen in Chile’s struggle against its communists, American patriots must force these anti-American, anti-Family, anti-God red, radical Democratic Party Communist rat bastards into the oceans and the socialist/communist nation of their choosing or kill them where they stand and leave their rotting corpses scattered across the countryside as a warning to any others who would see fit to institute a “new system” that seeks to deprive Free Men and Women of those Inalienable Rights seen through Natural Law and Nature and as Created By God.

    A juncture in time and the rise of real evil men and women in America, such as we see today, calls for the land to be cleansed, not in any manner that manufactures “Enemies of the State” but in a manner that seeks out and removes the cancerous traitors who advocate for everything except Freedom and Liberty in America.

    And in the meantime, I give not one good damn who likes or doesn’t like what I’ve written. I’ll stand by these words, ’til my own dying day, without remorse or apology, as a Free Born American who intends to remain so and will fight to the death to see that his family, friends and like-minded shall remain free too … so help me God.

    Thank You Again, Mr Reeves, for Your though-provoking poem. I hope it resonates well with the many millions of good, decent and fine American patriots out there who are still fighting to preserve Freedom and Liberty for America’s Children and Their Children’s Children.

    God Bless You and All American Patriots, From Sea to Shining Sea, and God Bless This America We Love So Well. May He Keep Her Free For All Eternity.

    de Oppresso Liber ___ In Liberty ~ Justin O Smith

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