Selective Anti-Protest Hysteria Of The Ruling Class

The ruling class has brought it upon themselves.

First, for about four years they tolerated an attempted coup d’etat by the so-called “deep state” against the duly-elected President, and once the coup was exposed, they chose not to punish the perpetrators of that treasonous act, and allowed for continuation of it by means of frivolous impeachment.

Second, they facilitated election fraud by allowing for unrestricted by-mail voting, a lack of voter eligibility adequate verification, weakening of voter signature authentication, and similar means.

Third, they refused to listen to complains of some of tens of millions of disenfranchised Americans who, as a result of the wide-spread election fraud, were deprived of their Constitutional right to elect the President of their choice, and not of the choice of the ruling class or the perpetrators of the fraud.

The ruling class would have avoided any undesirable reactions from the American people should it not neglect its basic duties that a ruling class typically has towards the people in a Constitutional republic like ours.

But they did neglect these duties, repetitively and blatantly so. They refused to investigate the elections “irregularities” and “anomalies” despite plentiful evidence. They refused to listen to complains of thousand-plus eyewitnesses of elections laws and rules violations. And they refused to disclose material evidence that could be subjected to forensic analyses in order to determine the extent of the election fraud and its actual impact on the results. In short, they refused to lift a finger to detect election fraud if and where it took place, and to stop and remedy it.

Therefore, it should surprise no one that some of those disenfranchised Americans brought their grievances to the most sacrosanct temple of governance, The Capitol in Washington D.C., for a redress right there where some of the members of the ruling class were celebrating their God of “Democracy” and dispensing their divine edicts and rulings that the commoners were supposed to follow.

You might expect that now, facing the American people who pleaded for bringing the election fraud to a stop, investigating the observed cheating scams, and correcting the falsified results of voting, the ruling class would finally listen to the people and seriously look into their pleas. But that did not happen. The ruling class (save a few of its members) fell into selective anti-protest hysteria (and later, into anti-Trump hysteria), instead, and resorted to threats and other hostilities towards the protesting Americans as if they committed some kind of unforgivable blasphemy against “Democracy”, or similarly despicable acts.

(Interestingly, when the mobs associated with BLM and Antifa rioted, vandalized, and looted far away from The Capitol and other temples of governance, the ruling class did not mind it that much. I suppose that when someone else’s property is damaged and vandalized or someone else’s safety is threatened then the ruling class does not consider it a big deal unless its congregating members are physically affected by it.)

As a matter of fact, the ruling class signaled to the American people that, because of the “violent” protest that took place in the Capitol on January 6, 2021, not only American people’s complains about 2020 presidential elections “irregularities” and “anomalies” would not be scrutinized or remedied but also that the President that these American people voted for was to be declared some kind of public threat and subjected to investigation for an alleged incitement of “domestic terrorism”.

As much as absurd and outrageous the ruling class’ reaction to the said protest has been, I am going to compare the harm that has been done to both sides of the controversy, that is, to the American people who voted for the sitting President and to the ruling class.

The harm to the people was huge and easily noticeable by any intelligent person who made a serious effort to see it. Hundreds of thousands of votes were subtracted, overnight, from one candidate and hundreds of thousands were added to another as some poll workers, with a help of voting machines of unproven credibility, were “counting” those votes in secret while most of the poll watchers and other observers were sleeping. Not only those who voted for the victim of the said “reallocations” of votes were deprived of the President of their choice but also – and this was a much larger damage – the public trust in elections nose-dove as a result of the cheating and ruling class’ sustained refusals to investigate it, despite plentiful evidence, factual and statistical, and thousand-plus testimonies of eyewitnesses of various elections “irregularities”, “anomalies”, and laws and rules violations.

Far more damaging than the above is the fact that once the elections have been rigged, they are likely to stay rigged for years to come. Sooner or later, every ordinary American citizen is going to suffer from it one way or another. If you thought that you didn’t mind all the cheating because your favorite candidate or candidates won then think again. For the next time the fraudsters may decide to have “elected” someone that you and your fellow Americans don’t like that much. And then when you try to do something about it, you will find out that the entire ruling class and then some are against you.

One could hardly imagine a more profound political damage that could have been inflicted to the American people in such a short time.

On the other hand, the harm to the ruling class was minimal and mostly subjective. A few windows in the Capitol were broken. Some furniture were damaged or moved. And – reportedly – one computer was stolen. Really nothing serious to lament about.

In addition to the above, some members of the ruling class were directed by Capitol security personnel to hide under their desks or evacuate as if facing their constituencies and listening to people’s complains was a life-threatening activity. The said members must have disliked it since such kind of a retreat was likely to subtract a bit from their credibility as a venerable authority in charge of the most potent country on planet Earth.

Clearly, the harm to the ruling class was minuscule, if one ignores how much egos of some of its members must have suffered from the retreat, when compared to the grave consequences and lasting damage to the American people that a wide-spread election fraud must have caused. Therefore, punishing the people, even if only those who voted for the “undesirable” candidate, with a refusal to mitigate the huge damage to the people caused by the election fraud, for the minuscule damage inflicted to some members of the ruling class by a few unruly protesters or provocateurs, is both unfair and grossly disproportional.

Never mind that it is utterly absurd, as well.

For how could affirmation of election fraud and a refusal to thoroughly investigate it be justified by riots that followed it, no matter how violent they were or who were the rioters? There is simply no logical implication here because the election fraud is the election fraud is the election fraud, no matter whether people protest it or not, violently or otherwise.

Unless one just looked for an excuse to cover it up, but then about anything, like a riot, a Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, or even a severe weather would do.

If the ruling class would like to signal their hostility to tens of millions of people who voted for President Trump or are unwilling to ignore the election fraud then the reactions of several high-profile politicians to the protest in The Capitol on January 6, 2021, that we have seen on the news will send that message across. But if the ruling class would like to be friends with these tens of millions then, perhaps, its members should change their accusatory and condemning tune and show some kind of understanding of voters’ frustration with the wide-spread election fraud and a lack of mitigation thereof. After all, the ruling class did show plenty of understanding towards violent rioting and looting by mobs associated with BLM and Antifa earlier this year, despite that the damage caused by these unrests amassed to – according to some estimates – about two billion dollars.

As of now, out of the two groups, blacks and voters unwilling to ignore the election fraud, it is the latter and not the former that the ruling class is unwilling to listen to. That makes the latter the “oppressed class”, and the ruling class that refuses to listen to and retaliates against it for its grievances the “oppressing class”, according to the taxonomy used by the American Left.

We all need to realize that.

We also need to remember that one of the tools of that oppression is censorship that the so-called “Big Tech” companies (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others) have imposed on the American people so that the voices of the voters disenfranchised by the 2020 election fraud cannot be heard.

January 8, 2021

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