The Silence is Deafening

What many believed was impossible has already happened: Overnight the mighty and noble United States of America was passed over to Communist rule – with nary a peep about it from any of the major news outlets who dominate the thinking of our day.

A tsunami came raging through the Fruited Plains yesterday leaving America in a trillion blown-away pieces on the ground. In this morning’s aftermath, the only piece worth picking up from the debris is courage.

Many, already distancing themselves from President Donald Trump, will leave courage lying on the ground, including some who file columns to this very news site.

Profound gratitude to all of those who stuck to their guns on today’s Canada Free Press (CFP).

Since the Democrats, Mitt Romney-type RINOs and the media have been able to pin the mob takeover at the Capitol yesterday on Trump, ‘The Great Getaway’ has become the new order of the day.

Tyranny of Communism
It’s every man and woman for themselves when jaded egos are involved.

Truth may someday bolster allegations that it wasn’t patriot Trump supporters but Antifa wearing MAGA hats and dressed like them who stormed the Capitol yesterday.

Until the ruth finds sunlight, most news outlets, even including certain Conservative talk show hosts, will continue to blame the hundreds of thousands who took a stand to Save America on hallowed Capitol grounds yesterday.

God Bless all of those who leave hearts open to hope, naively or not.

For all of those trying so hard to distance themselves from President Trump, it’s too late to try to get out of Dodge. Dodge is already here, but it’s now called the Tyranny of Communism.

If you had fought them off earlier, you may have not landed there.

For sheer melodrama and in order to underline their unrelenting virtue signalling, the Democrats will likely make a move to remove Trump from the White House, to, as Nancy Pelosi describes it “pull him out by his hair and his little hands” – before Biden is even inaugurated.

No peace, no let-up, no dignity in the game called “Getting Even With Trump and supporters”.

Street Theatre is always so much more fun.

No peace, no let-up, no dignity in the game called “Getting Even With Trump and supporters”

Caught up in a vengeance that will never die, the Democrat/media gang-up believe that the shocking scene they plan will prove for once and for all that everybody – and not just them – viscerally hates Donald Trump.

Motivated by a driving “cut-him-off-at the pass” mentality, they want to throw a duly elected president out in the trash, to be heard from, nevermore.

In their skewed world, everything is Trump’s fault, but his biggest fault is that he’s the – leader of a massive populist movement – while the Democrats want covert, smooth-talking Barack Obama as their “Resistance” leader, not a truth-telling, in-yer-face Donald Trump.

For the past four years running, the Democrat/media gang-up has worked to have people at each other’s throats, turning against each other

Having at first succeeded at seeing the masses turning against each other, they are now working to turn the masses against God – Communism’s longest-standing and greatest Enemy.

They will turn the lights out before shutting the Gates of the Gulag.

The only possible way to get out of the darkness back into the sunlight is for the Soul of America to rise up.

Most media stories today, including the ones on gloating Fox News, are negative ones.

“Give up, all is now lost!” is the message.

They gloat in making the masses feel that all is lost.

The only possible way to get out of the darkness back into the sunlight is for the Soul of America to rise up

When the gates close behind you in the coming Gulag, you may not be able to keep your doctor or pastor – but you can take your immortal soul into the loathsome Gulag with you.

You can still prevent your soul – which is all you have left – from being lost – even in that place where God is the greatest enemy of communism.

Meanwhile, the Deep State was alive and kicking long before The Donald ever came along.

Surely patriots everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude for opening our eyes to the steadfast, deep-seated corruption of government.

In spite of ‘The Great Getaway Era’, Canada Free Press, long pro-Trump will ALWAYS be pro-Trump – no matter where he is.

God Bless President Donald Trump; God Bless America or what is left of it.

And for all of us now in a seemingly unbreakable bondage – GOD HELP US!

Written by Judi McLeod for Canada Free Press ~ January 7, 2021

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3 thoughts on “The Silence is Deafening

  1. Rick Bonner

    MS Judi McCleod!
    I wuz ‘searchin’ on ‘The Federal Observer’…
    Me ‘FoeGee’ was “worthless an’ weak” – mayhap, thinks I, I orta “clamor” fer ‘FibeGee’ – when it tol’ me it was a “searchin’ fer Massa Jeffrey’s innerNet pro-tee-call / prostate glan’ ‘addresss’ “.
    I jammed some punkin’-seeds down it’s t’roat, and whilst it brought me to Your latest, prognosticatin’ “Post” on dee Federal Observer, it played me dis here now tune from duh Chi-congo Transit Author-itt-tie…; tune called “Searchin’ “:

    Thank You Judi, for Your insight an’ Wisdom. We’ll ‘Find’ whut we’re searchin’ fer…, and the ‘way’ will be easier, thanks to Good Folk likes You. An’ likes Massa Jeffrey.
    Rick Bonner Pennsyltucky

  2. veteran

    good article. well i was wondering if anyone who may be concerned about our current events and the decline of our country, weather or not if they have found anyone who has a solution?
    if not, has anyone thought of returning to God and reading his word ?
    this problem is because many in this country have turned away from God. while many don’t realize it, God has already won the battle and all people will be judged by him. the wicked people are not going to get away with their sin.
    im trying not to preach, but if any wants hope, peace and promise in their life. turn to him in prayer, repent of your sin and turn to him for help. otherwise your on your own.

  3. veteran

    to conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens “adolph hitler 1938”
    the globalist agenda 21 and 30 cannot proceed too much further until they disarm america.
    they will use problem, reaction, solution (cloward-piven strategy) to accomplish their goal. in other words, the power elite will cause a major radical event, helped by msm, and then attack our bill of rights in the name of public saftey. sorry to say that many will believe them.
    dont be deceived when it happens.
    never surrender your guns.

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