3 thoughts on “The end of the Rainbow

  1. Rick Bonner

    A ‘tune’ be worth a Thousand printed images off’n Yer “printin’ press”, Tommy Paine an’ Lawrence O’ Ay-rab-ee!
    Fer “synchronis-titty”, dig whut these “former Sowiet”, ‘Lightened Magician / Muse-ish-enz sangs at minute two an’ twenny won secon’s…, some thangs don’ NEVER changes!
    ” Me Neighberz don’ seems hongry ’cause They hasn’t gots the time…! (plusk…; They’s be “locked-down” and Their “livelihoods’re” bein’ strangulated…, but Theys don’ real-eyes it! or, that Theys kin ‘scape, too! Any time They clicks dem heels an’ say, “Ain’ no place likes the Home O’ The Brave.”
    Leonid Showers an’ ‘Is Droogs doin’ Chicago Transit Authority’s ‘Dialogue’:


    Don’ nebber fer-gits, Feller ‘Merikans an’ Wiminz; “We KIN makes it happen!”
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

    Rick Bonner Pennsyltucky

  2. Rick Bonner

    Ya Know, in The Good Book, the very First (You-Man or You-Wiminz!) “lie” was spoken by Cain, who, when asked by God, “Where’s Yer Brudder…?” said, “Eww I jes’ don’ Know!”
    That particular ‘lie’ was repeated in Leonid’s version o’ Chicago’s ‘Dialogue One an’ Two’, at minute One an’ fifty secon’s.
    God damn it; the lyin’s gone on, “ad naseum”, ever since then.

    Rule nummer One: “Stop Lyin’.”
    Start at, “Stop lying to YerOwn Self.”

    Rick Bonner Pennsyltucky

  3. Rick Bonner

    This here now “sentiment” / “sentience”, that which’s enLivened in this Muse-ic, kinn’les ‘Fire unner me arse!’
    My Hope…: that it spreads like “Wild-Fire”.
    The Fire O’ The Holy Ghost, even.
    Rick Bonner Pennsyltucky

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