January 6, 2021 … on THIS day in history!

Basilica of Bullshit

So today, we witnessed history at the capitol in D.C..

We are being told it is a “tragedy” of some sort. The leftist propaganda ministry is on the networks crying about the lawless Trump supporters. How could they conduct themselves in such a manner?

We are not sure who they were or what their motivation was. We may find out sometime soon.

What may be more important is that the media made sure to blame it on the president. He incited them, is the word we are given to believe. So much more evil than Antifa or the BLM Marxist crowd.

May god help peace loving Americans…

Well, I have a few thoughts on the matter.

I saw no cars burning, I saw no flags burning, I saw no rocks, bricks, or bottles flying. No statues were toppled, no buildings spray painted, no people shot in the street or beaten, no politicians shot or beaten.

What I saw was not a tragedy at all. What I saw was the “people” in mostly peaceful protest.

What I saw was a successful message being sent exactly as it needed to be. The headline should be:

People stormed the portals of the “Basilica of Bullshit” as the Swamp Dwellers cowered in the basement under armed guard. Not a tragedy, but a smashing success. A message that the power of the people can reach them no matter where they are.

This could have been a bloodbath. They could have beaten security to a pulp. They could have destroyed the interior and exterior of the capitol building. They could well have gotten their hands on some of the traitorous bastards that were hidden in the basement. That, might have been tragic … Depends I guess on ones point of view. I prefer the more positive note, which I hope is not lost in the effort to create a sensation.

Those in this government should take heed to today’s message. “We The People” can come to you in our anger, and we can reach you. This can also get a great deal much worse for you. This can also become a genuine tragedy for you. We have had about enough of the corruption and the bullshit coverups.

Freedom and the rights of the people are not your political playthings. Patriotic Americans don’t care about your party or your ideology, nor do we care about your arrogant superiority and lack of respect for constituents. We care for the constitution, the country, and our rights as citizens of the republic.


Larry Cooper
January 6, 2021

One thought on “January 6, 2021 … on THIS day in history!

  1. Larry Cooper

    So, here we go gang !
    Let us update for a moment, shall we ?

    “Trump Supporters” we are told, stormed the portals of the “Basilica of Bullshit”, and yes it was televised.
    Have they since televised that a number of the “terrorists” have been recognized as participants in BLM and Antifa rallies and riots of the past year?
    Have you all heard that one congressman, a witness at the scene, reported that seeing the unfettered access granted to the “terrorists” during the ordeal, leads him to suspect it was an inside job ?
    Meaning that he suspects it was a setup, a false flag operation. Surprise !

    Weak kneed republican supporters of the president are beginning to bail, left and right. Surprise !!
    Meanwhile, the democrat Clown Posse is all over this shit, like white on rice. Schumer and Pelosi want
    the president ejected immediately. For all the usual reasons of course.

    Then we have anyone involved in support of the president and the constitution, that may have been in
    favor of a fair election, now must be considered seditionists. They must be removed from congress or the senate. The very voters for Mr. Trump must be considered a danger to democracy. This is all just going to keep getting better. Gently now ’til they actually take over guys, we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet …

    But wait, after the “break-in” at the “Peoples House”, things got back to normal. Amidst a great deal of
    freaking out, grandstanding and pontificating to the public, the deed was finally done. Numb headed
    Beijing Biden and his wannabe negro sidekick got their electoral confirmation. Lord my heart wells up with pride in our sacred democratic process at work. LMFAO seems so appropriate at this point.

    These recent developments give me pause to reflect on some adages I have heard in my life.

    The first: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. I am sure that the fondest wish of all that voted for the
    Half-Wit and the Wannabe, was to be rid of Donald Trump. Arguably the most successful first term president in modern history. But, I digress.
    Let us see how it works out for America when the real agenda begins implementation. I think that buyers remorse is going to go through the roof. Keep an eye on taxes, fuel prices, market levels, free speech,
    immigration, 2nd amendment rights and a myriad other issues. Fundamental restructuring of America.
    Your gonna love it kids … A cluster f#@k with a cast of thousands and sadistic overtones. IMHO

    Currently our failing government contains more than it will ever need. Unfortunately they have spread their ideology throughout the general population with startling success. Not that I believe they are a majority as yet, but the number is growing. Only an a$$hole could buy into this liberal socialist racist
    tripe, let alone vote for it. I fear you will soon realize, as it is by nature with a$$holes, you were full of shit. Also, as is the natural state with a$$holes, you will soon be wiped out. Again, my humble opinion.

    Lastly, not an adage, but a profound point to consider for those that trust the integrity of government.
    Particularly relevant in this time of the recent “election”. I wish to share this jewel with all who might believe there was no fraud involved. There is no evidence. Elections are sacred and the government would never do such a thing. This was shared with me many years ago by a former government employee, words I have never forgotten. There is only one thing the government will never try to do to the people of this country.
    THEY WILL NEVER TRY TO SHOVE AN UMBRELLA UP YOUR ASS AND OPEN IT. Beyond that, they know no limits. They have proven many times how true this really is.
    I could go on at tremendous length regarding examples of the deceptions and other dishonest crap that has been foist upon the citizens of our country. Instead, let it suffice to cite a few examples.

    The civil war was all about slavery. This one cost us half a million souls.
    World war one was the war to end all wars. That’s what they told us back then.
    The “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor, that put us in the next world war. LOL
    Korea was to stop the spread of communism. That worked out well, now it’s here.
    Viet Nam, has anyone actually figured that out yet ? That was my war, and I ain’t sure.
    The trade towers in New York. Totally unexpected, absolute surprise.
    Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Just to list a few … Yeah, we can trust what they tell us.

    Well, seems I am done for now. I blew a gasket, I vented a bit to relieve the pressure.
    Advice: Believe in god, believe in freedom, believe in and defend the constitution.
    Don’t believe anyone in the government any further than your line of sight .

    God Bless Us All, we are gonna need the help soon !

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