Should you Homeschool your children?

The time is long past to return America to what DID make it great, and while the local Public Schools are unable to do it, as their goals are completely different – it is time for the family to come together – for the benefit of their own children – and the future of America. If you have not visited Le Metropolis Café before – then welcome to YOUR new Classroom, wherein we provide both the pros and the cons of a decision which MUST be made NOW. ~ Ed.

Black Lives Matter In Public Schools Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxists
School systems across the country are adopting BLM curriculum at at alarming rate, indoctrinating our children to achieve Marxist objectives.

Encouraging people to identify and condemn racism is an undeniably laudable undertaking by these school administrators. That’s not what’s really happening, however. By bringing BLM into the classroom, activist educators are allowing the most radically divisive movement in modern American history to warp children’s worldviews… (Continue to full article)

‘OK Boomer… I’m Gonna Keep Homeschooling My Children’Systemic Racism’ at Planned Parenthood
We homeschool because we live in an age of absurdity. Though we are swimming in words, truth and understanding are nigh extinct. Literacy, once a great gift, has ensured an incessant supply of beguiling wordsmiths pulling our hearts to enslave our minds. If literacy is to be of any value, education must serve to emancipate the mind. We homeschool so our children’s minds are not slaves to these clever wordsmiths. We homeschool to arm our children with the tools to master words rather than serve them… (Continue to full article)

Homeschooling Is All About Power
When the correct understanding of a right, or who should have the decision-making power, isn’t agreed upon, doesn’t it make sense that this authority should be vested in those closest to the students, the parents?

I was one of those “weird” homeschool kids. At least, “weird” seems to be what the all those cookie-cutter questions I received between kindergarten and 12th grade inferred. “Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to socialize with your peers?” or “Is it possible you are missing out on a ‘normal’ childhood?” were ones I heard regularly… (Continue to full article)

The Herd of Sheep in American Schools
The fact is, generations have aimlessly marched through the halls of our government schools. As low test scores seem to indicate, students aren’t learning much of anything – except, perhaps, “the appetite for gulping ideas ready-made.”

One wonders if such a scenario laid the groundwork for where we are today: a nation whose citizens seem to have forgotten history, have difficulty making a logical argument ­– much less being able to consider two sides of an argument – and are fixated on chanting a few social-justice-minded slogans… (Continue to full article)

How Public Schools Indoctrinate Kids Without Almost Anyone Noticing
Teaching the value of free thought matters now more than ever. Unfortunately, most American public schools take the opposite approach.

Many people have long suspected that governments sometimes attempt to indoctrinate their people to increase the government’s own power and influence. Unfortunately, ambitious governments will not stop at merely controlling what their people can do; they must control their minds… (Continue to full article)

If you have a Child in Public School, you’re sending them into a Warzone! (VIDEOS)
According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 32 percent of fourth-graders and 24 percent of eighth-graders aren’t reading at a basic level. Fewer than 40 percent are proficient or advanced.

Today’s school system is more interested in pushing disgusting fantasies about how boys can be girls or 70 other genders than they are in actually teaching your child to be successful. The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. at 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. But instead of trying to help our students improve in math, some schools are instead teaching that math is racist…

In Seattle instead of teaching kids their 1,2,3s; they are now “reformatting” math class into a social justice class where they teach your kids how math is racist… (Continue to full article)

Homeschooling 101
Homeschooling or a public school? What style of education to choose for your child? Learn more about pros and cons of both public schools and home education! Have you ever thought about homeschooling your child? If so, then you should definitely check out the information below.

For every parent choosing the right style of education for their child is an important decision. Some parents choose the nearest public school, while others decide to try homeschooling.

(Attached), you’ll find some essential facts about homeschooling, as well as pros and cons of both public schools and home education)… (Continue to full article)

Supreme Court Hands Huge Victory to Families on School Choice
In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court held that families have a right to seek the best educational opportunities for their children, by preventing states from blocking the participation of religiously affiliated schools in state school choice programs.

Now is the time for states to cast aside these 19th-century rules rooted in prejudice that unfairly punish religious families, students, and schools. The Constitution requires states to provide a level playing field for religious and secular education.

The legal impediment to school choice programs is now gone, and it’s up to state legislatures to move forward advancing education choice… (Continue to full article)

Welcome to the Metropolis Café – where first we learn from our mistakes – and then we teach!

The time is past due for we the people to take back the responsibility of who raises and who teaches OUR children.. and with YOUR help, and the words of our contributors, we will do our best to bring your children to the world which they deserve to live in. ~ JB

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