‘Hey, hey we’re the Monkees…’

Here it comes… the next incremental phase of government droning of the population, and it starts with your kids, all in the name of “safety”. And the sad part, VERY SAD PART, is that parents are allowing their children, their babies, to be injected with this chemical garbage, that has been positively linked to autism (which has increased by ONE THOUSAND PERCENT since the introduction of the MMR vaccine) and other health problems. We already have millions of kids on ritalin, prozac, and other “behavior modification” drugs, now it is going to be a “criminal offense” to refuse inoculations for your children.

How long are we going to continue to be herded like cattle? How can people say they care for their children while voluntarily jamming these disease-ridden chemical acronyms into their bloodstream. It is disgraceful. Start to stand up for YOUR RIGHTS… for your children’s rights… they can’t defend themselves and they depend on their parents to do the right things and PROTECT them.

Start “voicing” your objections. We Americans are too cowardly to “speak up”, because we might be offensive to some “group of people”. We’re too accustomed to our comfort zones. We’re too busy with… our Big Mac’s, our diagonally cut lawns, what our neighbor’s opinion is, making sure we have a six-pack while watching MTV, and the latest faceplate for our cell phones.

Do any of you know what your child learned today… I mean “actually” learned in school? Do you even bother to ask? Do you know what that child ate for lunch? Do you bother to ask? Do you spend time with your kids, REAL time… or is it too bothersome and inconvenient. I see it EVERYDAY…parents drop their kids off at school, or worse yet, a daycare center… where the parents have NO IDEA what the kids are being taught or fed.

It’s as if these places are some type of daily dumping grounds. Why do these people have children in the first place?

These same parents are the first ones to line up their children for MMR injections, because they don’t want to be “labeled” as resistant. Maybe they don’t want to “cause any waves”, because someone might find out that mommy smokes crack, or daddy searches the Internet for pornography… things that they do instead to being a parent. Some years down the road, the child is using drugs or shooting people and the parents can’t figure out what the Hell went wrong.

Well, first of all you let you child’s brain be damaged by a vaccine and secondly, you forgot to “raise” that child…instead you let someone else do it for you. Turn off the filth that YOU allow to come into your living room via TV (the kids are watching this garbage with you), do something WITH your child… ANYTHING. Go to the lake…you don’t even need to get out of the car. Teach them to read or write… have you ever seen a child’s eyes light up when they did something good, that YOU taught them. Go fishing… you’ll need to get out of the car for this. READ. Teach them to count. Plant something and watch it grow. RAISE HOMEGROWN CHICKENS (a selfish plug, LOL!)… do something. Most kids spend more time in front of a TV, then they do talking to their parents. But what ever you do, please don’t allow your child’s body to be polluted with injected diseases. But it must be OK, you even got a flu shot…right? RIGHT???

Where are your kids right NOW and what are they doing? What are YOU doing?

Originally published on the Federal Observer in May of 2002. Written by ‘Mr. Dad’ who was a stay at home parent, who raised and educated his children. He was an avid reader of The Federal Observer.

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