The Great Child Vanishing Act: Biden’s Administration’s Mystifying Disappearance of 85,000 Kids

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A Case of the Missing: Not a Mystery Novel Plot
In an audacious move, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, alongside her counterparts from Mississippi and Utah, has thrown the gauntlet down on President Biden’s doorstep. They’re not asking for policy changes or budget increases; they want something far more straightforward – find the 85,000 migrant children that seem to have vanished under the administration’s watch. It’s like a bad plot from a second-rate mystery novel, but unfortunately, this is real life, folks. And in this dire episode, the Biden Administration plays the role of the bumbling detective, clueless and mapless.

Lost, Not Found: More Than a Numbers Game
Let’s talk numbers because the Biden team surely loves them until they’re as inconvenient as 85,000 missing kids. That’s not just a statistic; it’s a small city’s worth of children, vanished into thin air. Reports paint a grim picture of trafficking and forced labor, while the administration’s response seems to be an overwhelming shrug of indifference. For a team that prides itself on humanitarian efforts, this is a catastrophic oversight that screams of negligence.

    The Embarrasment

Playing the Blame Game: A National Embarrassment
Attorney General Bird, a mother herself, is not mincing words, calling the situation “unacceptable” and a stark failure of the federal government’s primary duty – to protect its people, especially the most vulnerable. The bipartisan effort with 21 other states underscores the magnitude of the crisis. Yet, amidst this outcry, the Oval Office remains eerily silent. Is it indifference or incompetence? Either way, it’s a national embarrassment.

Solutions or Excuses: The Clock is Ticking
It’s time for action, not excuses. The demand from the 22-state coalition is clear: locate the children and ensure their safety. But with every passing day, hope dwindles, and the administration’s credibility with it. This isn’t just a domestic issue; it’s a global signal of America’s current state of affairs. The world is watching, Mr. President.

Written by TWP for NewsBreak ~ February 28, 2024

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