February 20, 2024: Headlines of the Day ~ It’s All Going to HELL

Congress Is Broken

In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

So said Ronald Reagan on January 20, 1981, in his first inaugural address. We were reminded of these words last Wednesday when Tennessee Republican Congressman Mark Green said, “I have come to realize our fight is not here within Washington, our fight is with Washington

At the conclusion of that first inaugural address, Ronald Reagan spoke of the challenge that confronted us. “It does require … our best effort, and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds; to believe that together, with God’s help, we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us.”

Today’s challenges are even greater, and with good men like Green and Gallagher leaving behind a broken Congress, it’s hard to share The Gipper’s optimism for fixing things… (Continue to full article)

Mass Deportation — It CAN Be Done!

It’s going to be difficult to get tens of millions of illegals out of the country. If there were some fear of that happening, the Democratic Party would rise up and steal as much of the American taxpayers’ money as necessary to protect this future constituency of theirs.

Corporations that want cheap labor would press politicians with threats of reduced campaign money, and everybody knows politicians love other people’s money more than they love anything else. The illegals themselves would disappear under rocks, into holes in the ground, and into every cavity and crevice they could find to escape deportation. All they would then need to do is occasionally find their way to the nearest Democratic Party-run welfare office, get their money, and then disappear again.

Removing these people from America will be a Herculean task. The Democrats know that and are chuckling all the way to the mail-in ballot box.

But the Democrats and Uniparty Deep State clique don’t care a thing in the world about the American people (except on election day—or, now, election weeks); they only care about power. And money… (Continue to full article)

A Recent Immigrant and Non-Citizen Is the Newest Member of San Francisco’s Elections Commission ~ Something is ‘WONG’ here!
Showing its complete disdain for citizenship and the rights that go with citizenship, San Francisco has appointed a non-citizen who hasn’t even lived in America for five years to its Election Commission. Kelly Wong, who can’t vote, is now one of the people charged with overseeing and creating policy for San Francisco’s Department of Elections.

Back in 2020, San Francisco voters approved a measure holding that people no longer needed to be citizens to serve on San Francisco’s advisory bodies, boards, and commissions, all of which are appointed positions. That opened the door for Wong to start having a say in how San Franciscans vote.

What just happened in San Francisco is another step in the left’s overall goal of erasing citizenship entirely. Leftists think Americans are spoiled, entitled white people who refuse to get with the program and vote in full socialism. Therefore, they’re chipping away at American votes through unlimited illegal immigration, non-citizen voting, election fraud and, as in Wong’s case, handing the keys to the kingdom to people who have no ties to America and no legal right to have a say in it… (Continue to full article)

Boston’s Migrant Shelter Luxury: State Pays $16 for Breakfast, $17 for Lunch and $31 for Dinner as They Live in Hotels for Free After Entering the US ILLEGALLY

New documents show the rising public cost of sheltering migrants in Massachusetts, as the state grapples with a strain on its emergency shelter system.

The state has 17 contracts totaling $116 million to house migrant families through June, including a no-bid $10 million contract for a company providing meals, CBS News Boston reported, citing documents obtained by the outlet.

Last August, Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey declared a state of emergency, saying the state had more than 20,000 migrants in its shelter system.

City officials are keeping their eyes peeled for the next building they can seize and transform into a shelter for migrants…. (Continue to full article)

Incompetence or Intentional Fundamental Transformation of America
So often I get asked if the left is that incompetent. No, they are not incompetent; they know exactly what they are doing, and why. This begs the question of why anyone would want to be in a position of power in a country that they obviously despise. I think we all recall the assertion by Barack Obama back in 2008: “We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States.”

It was quite telling that no one said “Stop! What is this transformation? What are we transforming to, or from what? The crowd of mindless lemmings just went into a deranged euphoria, and those who did ask questions were dismissed. Or worse, called a racist for daring to challenge an assertion of the chosen one.

According to Marc Morano from The Climate Depot, the bill was merely a disguised ‘green The leftists are not dumb. They are crafty, cunning, and diabolical in their quest to end the life cycle of the longest-running Constitutional Republic that the world has ever known. They are completely cognizant of the consequences and ramifications of their ideological agenda but refuse to reverse course, even in the face of abject failure.

To them, what we constitutional conservatives see as failure, they see as successful implementation of their agenda. What many see as insane, they see as perfectly fine. After all, for the left, their mantra is “the ends justify the means,” and will be achieved “by any means necessary.”… (Continue to full article)

How the US Regime Subsidizes Immigration — Both Legal and Illegal
In recent months, stories from both the legacy media and the independent media have continued to pile up on how undocumented foreign nationals – also known as “migrants” and “illegal aliens” – are able to take advantage of a vast network of taxpayer funded benefits in daycare, medical care, housing, and more.

Both the New York Post and Denver Post report that these foreign nationals have “overwhelmed” the Denver Health hospital system in Denver, and that the situation is “unsustainable.” Meanwhile, public schools report classrooms are filling up quickly with the children of these foreign nationals. Denver is hardly alone. The New York Post notes that both the City of New York and the state government have expanded local welfare programs, including pre-paid credit cards, to further ensure that migrants continue to receive cash and resources from American taxpayers. This is in addition to the approximately 66,000 foreign nationals who are housed in hotels and shelters, care of both New York and federal taxpayers.

USA Today reports that colleges “across the country” are receiving millions in taxpayer money to offer housing to migrants at no charge. Chicago’s mayor is bragging he’s giving away $17 million in taxpayer-funded giveaways to “asylum seekers” who are presently living off the sweat of the taxpayers in government shelters.

This, of course, is just a downpayment on many more planned giveaways… (Continue to full article)

Calls for Secession Surge in Alaska, More Than a Third Want to Separate from the US
The sentiment for secession is gaining traction in Alaska, with a recent poll revealing that over a third of the state’s residents are in favor of breaking away from the United States and establishing Alaska as an independent nation.

Alaskans emerge as the most supportive of secession, with 36 percent expressing a desire for the state to leave the Union, significantly surpassing the national average of 23 percent.

This sentiment reflects broader debates on the integrity of the U.S., particularly amidst heightened political polarization.

Amidst a backdrop of deep political divisions, the idea of a “national divorce” gained attention in 2023, proposed by House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene…. (Continue to full article)

Joe Biden Cognitive Test Results ~ try not to laugh

Cheney says it’s ‘worth’ Johnson losing Speakership to pass Ukraine aid bill

Cheney called on Johnson to bring a bill for Ukraine aid to the House floor during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. The Senate passed a bill approving funding for Ukraine in a vote last week — a bill Johnson had already rejected last week.

The bipartisan Senate bill passed last week includes $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion in security assistance to Israel. It also includes $9 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine, and $4.8 billion to deter Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific.

Cheney reiterated that Johnson should take action “to help the Ukrainian people.”

And again, he’s gonna have to explain to future generations, to his kids, to his grandkids, whether or not he did what was right, whether or not he was a force for good and aided the cause of freedom, or whether he continued down this path of cowardice and doing what Donald Trump and [Russian President Vladimir Putin] want him to do… (Continue to full article)

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