The Moral Case…

In addition to the serious national security concerns, there is a moral case for securing our borders.

Every year of Joe Biden’s administration, more than 100,000 Americans have died from drug overdoses. That’s nearly 300 Americans dying every day. Much of this tragedy can be traced back to the deadly Chinese fentanyl that is coming across the southern border.

Imagine for a moment that one Boeing 757 with approximately 300 people on board crashed every single day. That would be a national emergency.

A door blew off a jet recently, and everyone was justifiably upset. Federal bureaucrats jumped into action. Well, what do you think we would be doing if one passenger jet crashed, killing everyone on board, day after day after day?

That’s essentially what’s happening with the epidemic of drug overdoses that is fueled by the left’s open borders policies. But our elites and the neo-Marxist left won’t do a thing to stop it.

Many of the people dying from illegal drugs are working-class folks who were barely hanging on. This is part of a phenomenon that became known as “deaths of despair.”

But we know what leftist elites think of them. Barack Obama called them “bitter clingers.” Hillary Clinton called them “deplorable and irredeemable.” Joe Biden, who has yet to visit East Palestine, Ohio, called them “semi-fascist.”

In a number of states, Democrats have managed to camouflage themselves enough to get elected. One of the most disappointing examples occurred just this past November when a solid conservative candidate for governor lost in Kentucky.

Where are the Democrat governors and senators on the border crisis? They’re AWOL. That’s because the Democrat Party is increasingly neo-Marxist. Anyone playing in that sandbox claiming to be a “moderate” is lying or delusional.

At the same time, Republicans who say they are “tired of all the drama” need to understand what they are saying. Drama is what happens when a conservative seriously fights the left’s “fundamental transformation of America.”

Democrats love “no drama” Republicans because it means those Republicans really aren’t fighting at all against open borders, trade policies that hurt American workers, threats to religious liberty and the radical indoctrination in our schools.

Written by Gary Bauer for the Patriot Post ~ January 30, 2024

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