Smith: A Tidal Wave of Humanity On America’s Borders

We are watching the ongoing madness on the southern border with some great anger and consternation, as I wonder once more just what will it take, to make Americans decide it is finally up to us, and us alone, to handle our border security in the absence of any real and sincere attempts by the Biden regime. This is a purposeful, manufactured crisis, that taken in conjunction with our economic crisis, is accelerating the ultimate collapse of American society.

In many ways, it almost seems as tho’ the American people’s will has already been broken and they have lost their soul, so beaten down by the ravages of one Democratic Party Communist assault after another.

If the American people do not soon regain an incredibly powerful will and the strength of mind and heart to do whatever it takes to save the country, I full well expect the country will drift along in a static status quo fashion that sees the nation overrun and overwhelmed, as we experience the consequences of a defacto capitulation of our own duties to ourselves, our families and America. ~ J.O.S.

Illegal Immigration: America’s Road to Ruin

America’s saints demand with pure humanitarian motives, that we allow anybody and everybody into the country, who utters the slightest fear of authorities in their home country, regardless of whether or not it’s a lie. They are the useful idiots of the Biden regime communists, who are purposefully and intentionally creating the crisis on the border through an Open Borders policy that refuses to enforce laws intended to prevent illegal aliens from across the globe entering America, despite their assertions and theatrics to the contrary; and to date, we have witnessed over seven million illegal aliens, and counting, cross our southern border, who presume rights and privileges that are not theirs, endangering our national sovereignty, overloading our government’s agencies, violating the rights of actual citizens and setting the nation further down the road to ruin.

During America’s first days as a nation, one of Her greatest Founders, Roger Sherman, noted during the House debate on the Naturalization Act of 1790 that “it was intended by the Convention, who framed the Constitution, that Congress should have the power of naturalization, in order to prevent particular States receiving citizens, and forcing them upon others who would not have received them in any other manner” [emphasis mine]. Sherman was emphatic that federal control was designed to “guard against an improper mode of naturalization” and prevent individual states from flooding the country with immigrants based on “easier terms”.

Our elitist commie-loving oligarchs and the Democratic Party power brokers in control of our country’s federal government, media, academic and religious institutions — those that no longer preach the true Gospel — have rejected the true promise found in America’s Declaration of Independence and Her founding principles, those principles of Christianity and Western civilization, and they are now surrendering our country to unarmed, and sometimes armed, invaders who they see as new blood for their anti-American agenda, to be used to increase the Democrats’ base and power once these invaders are handed their Green Cards and their “right to vote”, or hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens are illegally allowed to vote in sanctuary cities with a heavy Democrat demographic and Democrat led governments.

Many of these illegals simply want to grasp the brass ring and rise up out of poverty, as members of the U.S. middle class, but that dream doesn’t immunize them from their socialist predispositions, or somehow re-educate them to outright reject any further embrace of the many big government socialist welfare and entitlement programs they have become used to receiving in their home countries and from America, upon their arrival. And far too many come to the southern border demanding entry and waving foreign flags, in a manner that makes most conservatives understand these first generation “immigrants” will never truly love America as we do, and they will raise children who will have those same anti-American seeds planted in their young minds, at home and by the Marxist public education system that is currently a mill for churning out millions of foul and new little American-hating Marxist-Maoist communists.

Seven million Illegal Aliens is soon to be eight million, and God forbid, should Biden win the 2024 election he will most assuredly add another seven or eight million or more to that number. These numbers of people arriving on our shores with nothing are next to impossible to readily absorb, especially when they speak no English and haven’t any real skills that match jobs America most urgently needs people to fill.

For most of America’s existence, our society has focused on the rights of the individual and our shared experiences and memories as a people — E Pluribus Unum if you will, but in recent years the Democrat Party push towards multiculturalism has created a balkanized society of resentful groups seeking favors for themselves at the expense of all others. And this has become an even more dire and dangerous situation, because the American political system is now being swamped by people who only seek material goods and America’s wealth but disdain Her exceptional character of years past and all that was achieved through our government, when it still protected the rights of all, without giving one group of people privileges above another.

Not only has the Biden regime overstepped its authority, regarding border security and immigration, through extralegal and illegal methods, it has gone far beyond the pale, as it tries to paint itself the hero of the downtrodden immigrant, suggesting that past administrations held immigrants and refugees down and never fully accepted or helped them to become American. And with the next breath, the Biden regime tells us all, immigrant, refugee and U.S. citizen alike, that no child should want to be an American these days.

The communists of America have very nearly squashed the notion of American Exceptionalism and the triumphant joy most Americans had through knowing they were part of the finest of humanity. They have planted a monstrous cancer in the minds of our youth designed to squash any sense of pride in American accomplishments or being simply a true American in every sense of the term. They’ve beaten the people down by way of their hate-filled propaganda that attacks traditional America and Her virtues on the whole and white conservative people specifically.

According to the Democratic Party Communists and Joe Biden, if you’re white, your motives for anything are immediately racist and suspect, heinous and inexcusable, but if you’re black whatever racism you aim against whites is completely justified, and if it is excessive, it’s simply an expression of righteous revenge.

I wouldn’t want any child to be an American today either, not if being “American” has become synonymous with being a Biden-brand red, radical, anti-American, anti-God, Democratic Party rat bastard communist.

The Democratic Party Communists have been kicking America straight in the nuts for decades through the 1965 Immigration Act. Freedom-loving conservative, Christian Americans are being positioned to be replaced by hordes of foreigners, who don’t necessarily love America’s founding principles, which was first set in motion when our federal government closed down Ellis Island and stopped refusing communists entry into the country. They also have repealed much of the Communist Control Act of 1954, which was designed to prevent the rise of any totalitarian ideology in America.

Many Democrats scream about our “racist” immigration system, but for the past six decades, it’s been virtually impossible for white Europeans to gain quick entry into America on permanent resident visas for any reason, and both legal and illegal immigration has largely been fueled by millions of people of color from every nation. Approximately 68 million legal U.S. residents currently speak a language other than English at home, and taken in conjunction with upwards of 50 million Illegal Aliens currently in the nation, we find the nation facing the dilemma where millions of people are arriving without any intention of assimilating or embracing traditional American values.

Most conservative, Christian and independent Americans could care less about the color of the skin of any potential immigrant. We are only concerned that they come through proper and legal channels, and we demand that they be people of good character who believe in and support the very same principles of freedom and individual liberty for all that we have spent our lives protecting and defending.

Moving far beyond the camp of the saints, upon closer examination, Americans currently find World Economic Forum and the communists on the international front, especially the Chinese, aiding and abetting the illegal alien hordes and the further subversion of our U.S. sovereignty. For the past twenty years, Marxist non-government organizations and their Democratic Party allies have also facilitated this ongoing invasion which gained momentum under Obama and is now a runaway train under Joe Biden.

Biden’s regime has implemented a program called “Controlled Flow” in tandem with the efforts of the International Organization for Immigration, a U.N. agency that facilitates the smooth movement of these illegal aliens, from all across South and Central America, other third world countries and China, into the United States, by way of the Darien Gap where migrant camps have been expanded on the orders of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandros Mayorkas, with the U.S. paying $18 million to Panama for these migrants’ care. One would think moving millions of people into America illegally is a daunting task, but Joe Biden and his treasonous cronies have turned it into a fine-tuned operation, as they collude with several foreign countries, including China, in the process, to increase the flow of illegal aliens through the Darien Gap rather than shutting the route down — something that was recently touted erroneously as a Biden policy by the AP News last month.

Some have suggested that once Title 42 ends on May 11th 2023, the Biden regime once more fall back on Title 8 and actual deportation proceedings and law. However, this is so much bullshit for anyone with their eyes open in understanding that Biden has no real intention of applying U.S. law against these illegal aliens, and he never has. If he and his anti-American communists had any real intention of protecting and securing the border, they could simply enforce the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 that was pushed through by a Republican majority in Congress under President Bill Clinton, or any of several other immigration laws already in existence. But everything we are seeing and hearing, like “our broken immigration system” is purely a fiction, a deflection, smoke and mirrors, aimed at subverting sound, existing immigration law.

In just three months’ time, between October and December of last year, over 430,000 illegal aliens have crossed into America and been detained and released back into America by the Border Patrol. During this same period, there were over 200,000 “got aways”, and now, the flood of illegals is hitting 9000 per day crossing into our country, some 270,000 a month. This means that by September, Commie Joe will have allowed another million Illegal Aliens into our country with no more than a “how do you do”, a wave and a government blank check to be picked up by the U.S. taxpayers along the way.

According to Breitbart [May 7, 2023], U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz recently tweeted out a report for a seven day period along the southwestern border that saw 18,698 “got aways”. Kinda takes your breath away in light of all the known terrorists, drug smugglers and human traffickers they’ve already caught attempting to enter — doesn’t it?

And still the tidal wave of humanity masses at the southern border, as millions more of the meek and downtrodden, the disinherited and violated, and the greedy, self-serving human traffickers, violent drug cartels, and some of the worst people humanity has to offer keep coming in our direction to raid the coffers of our fortunate and still fairly opulent country. They come prepared to live as good citizens, but far too many more are arriving for the sole purpose of selling tons of meth and deadly fentanyl, to rape, rob and murder, or otherwise simply roll across the land like a horde of ravenous locusts.

This is nothing less than a weaponized migration of some of the world’s worst people that is aimed at changing the entire demographic of America. It will destroy America.

Sooner or later, someone similar to Biden, or worse — if that’s possible, will sign these third-world “migrants”, these Illegal Aliens, into the U.S. Armed Forces, American uniforms and all, and they will be used against anyone not properly or fully aligned with the ever-growing Marxist-Maoist hellish utopian agenda, especially conservatives and Christians. They plan to take our homes, our cars and most, if not all, of our wealth, as they move to replace every single traditional, freedom-minded American with something other, the collective hive and those who accept the totalitarian mindset. And there is a huge component of our own federal government behind it.

This is evil in action.

They plan to keep this destructive Marxist-inspired invasion rolling along for just as long as they can, in hopes of bringing in enough communist sympathizers to turn the tide in America against our freedom-based republic. With each passing day that this invasion goes by without any strong countermeasure to slow it or stop it, the fight is made increasingly difficult, and they hope the more difficult they can make it the quicker opponents will give in to the seemingly insurmountable odds of it all — they want us to collapse in spiritual and moral exhaustion.

What exactly does individual sovereignty or states’ sovereignty mean, if individuals are not allowed to defend America and their communities and states are somehow in violation of “the law” if they protect and defend their own borders from the ravages of illegal immigration and all the death and destruction that follows it?

Biden’s empty gesture of sending 1500 National Guardsmen to the southern border is a joke, when the situation really demands a minimum of 150,000 U.S. soldiers. His abrogation and failure to competently act in a decisive manner to stop this crisis should be a justification for Congress to act, to ensure that he can no longer interfere on the border in a manner that goes against America’s interests.

The Founders never envisioned a time when the federal government would refuse to do its Constitutional duty and defend the U.S. borders and protect the American people. the sovereign states and their citizens were never to be at the mercy of a federal government’s refusal to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact, and it was never meant to be twisted to contrary ends to the principles of freedom and liberty by an enemy from within that seeks its abrogation and the end of the republic.

From the Saturday Globe with color cartoons on the immigration issue, Utica, NY, 18 April 1908.

Americans must reconcile the fact that it will take forceful, even some violent action to repel this invasion of America. At some point, we may find it necessary to use lethal force, and we must find the moral will within our society to use such lethal force, when we finally decide to stop this madness. But stop it we must, and soon, if we hope to have anything left of this country worth saving. In this summer of immigration discontent, the times will be cruel.

The dilemma America faces is finding a way to peacefully avoid being overrun by one successive series of invasions and mobs of beggars after another or using physical force at the border to immediately turn the hordes of Illegal Aliens back towards Mexico. Although many would never want to be put to the test, at some point America Herself and Americans must gather the confidence to shed blood in the name of our own survival, in order that no such invasion ever again threatens our sovereign integrity and national existence.

While we do see some fine America patriots, such as Governor Greg Abbott, trying their best to stop the Illegal Alien invasion, we are not being beaten, but not by superior numbers. We are defeating ourselves through the inaction of far too many conservatives, Christians and independents who should and must start doing more to stop it in real time, as we continue the fight to remove these communists from all levels of government.

Enabling the proliferation of any people within our country who hold views antithetical to our Christian and Western principles irretrievably dooms America to extinction over the next century, and the only way to avoid this is to hold fast to America’s traditional founding principles and morals. To do anything less is to remain on this path to self-annihilation.

May 9, 2023

Justin O. Smith ~ Author

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

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