Smith: American Patriots Must Resolve to Restore Freedom and Liberty

“The Good Lord raised this mighty Republic to be a home for the brave and to flourish as the land of the free, not to stagnate in the swampland of collectivism, not to cringe before the bully of communism.” ~ Barry Goldwater, 1964 acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for President of the United States

Americans cannot continue focusing on any candidate for President of the United States for what he can do for them and the economy, since it is this precise irresponsible, dependent mindset that has grown centralized federal government and its vast welfare system, that has also led America to a material determinism, crony-capitalism and more government intervention in businesses and intrusions into our personal lives, at odds with permanent human truths, our inalienable God-given rights and individual liberty. Americans can do better than Donald Trump, if only they choose to do so, and they damned for certain can and must do better than Joe Biden, the crazed, fascist despot.

Take care of the entire Bill of Rights, not just the parts one likes or prefers, and both the economy and individual liberty will thrive, because the greatest liberty in all segments of society enables the greatest level of economic prosperity for all.

From the first days of the Biden regime, it has distorted and attacked Christianity and traditional American virtues and principles, the American Heritage, the Constitution and American exceptionalism, as it mouthed the words and talked incessantly of freedom and “our democracy”. This is a regime that seeks to renew racial segregation and engages in reverse discrimination against White America. This is an immoral and evil federal government and corporate-backed entity that holds the reins of power that sexualizes our children, attempts to force American parents to accept sex changes and anti-Christian LGBTQ gender indoctrination for their children, topples and replaces statues and renames our storied military bases after the worst examples of humanity, destroys our energy infrastructure in the name of false science along the way, too, and divides the American people against each other by way of centralized planning, rules without responsibility, bureaucratic red tape and regimentation without recourse.

But the Biden regime’s failures are also seen in the blood stains of thirteen American service members and the sands of Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan and Biden’s incompetency and idiocy as he essentially invited Russia to invade Ukraine, saying he wouldn’t be too worried over any “minor incursion”. Failures infest this regime’s handling of U.S.-China relations and the looming invasion of Taiwan. And failures haunt the houses of our once great alliances, as we witness Pres. Macron of France lean heavily toward greater relations with China; and, China also welcomes Saudia Arabia, Iran and Russia into their fold, along with many other countries, while Biden further undermines the NATO community — failures that proclaim Biden’s inability to lead and his own obvious anti-American stance, that have weakened the will and resolve of our allies and incited our sworn enemies to new excesses and aggressions against America all across the globe.

Criminal gangs of Communist Democrats in Congress and the State Houses and Soros backed DA offices, as seen in New York City, have reduced the United States to having the status of a banana republic where U.S. law and the Constitution are simply ignored and circumvented, whenever and wherever it best suits their purposes and agenda, while they weaponize existing law against their political opposition. They have currently been running an intense systematic attack against all who dare to support Donald Trump as their last hope against a criminal rapacious elite that regularly oppresses them and tramples on their liberty.

With that said, yes, we can all admit that under President Trump gas was cheaper and inflation much, much lower and he issued some outstanding executive orders. He’s definitely better than Hillary or the incoherent mental patient holding the Oval Office hostage, but that was then and this is now. Crazy Joe made sure any of Trump’s good results vanished in a puff of smoke by burning them with his own executive orders. And despite alleged “good intentions”, promises and Trump’s cynical pledges that he never really intended to follow through on, like “Lock her up”, Build the Wall” and “Drain the Swamp”, it’s the detrimental things Trump did that are here to stay, sealing our fate and finalizing our national destruction.

To this day, Trump is seen by millions as that same accidental hero chosen by an angry electorate in 2016, because he spoke plain, direct often harsh words to power without consulting the polls or regurgitating the same old conservative talking points, giving him an air of being genuine, if somewhat flawed. And when his administration failed on many fronts — especially in 2020 – much of it was understandably the result of bad scrutiny and vetting of his cabinet and staff choices, as he seemed all too willing to hire all of the Bush rejects to staff the White House. However, most of his imagined or real failures falls on Trump himself, especially when one notes that many former supporters were most disappointed by his inaction in 2020 regarding both the extraordinary violent Marxist-Maoist Communist rioting all across America and Anthony Fauci’s tyrannical control over the federal government and the subsequent Covid-driven totalitarianism.

In just one term, the Trump-directed GOP raised the national debt to its highest unsustainable level ever at thirty-one trillion dollars, signed the communist-inspired Van Jones’ Jail Break bill that was so radical even Obama couldn’t get it passed, infringed on the Second Amendment by way of his bumpstock ban and support of Red Flag laws, and literally put George Soros’ socialist business partner, Jared Kushner, in charge of his administration for three years before he handed it to Fauci to complete the country’s destruction. And then Trump set the January 6th fiasco in motion without any real plan on how to follow through or make certain it succeeded, which should make one see Trump as the most clueless dupe who ever occupied the Oval office or the most nefarious Trojan Horse that ever sneaked in the Soros Agenda right under the noses of his most loyal and supposedly “conservative” and Christian supporters.

Was Trump in on the con or just too stupid to realize how he was being used?

I’m not interested in seeing Trump regain the presidency, if he’s going to let himself be manipulated by the RINOs in the manner he allowed Speaker Ryan to get away with, regarding the halt of the influx of Illegal Aliens and repealing Obamacare. Nor am I anxious to see Trump once again glad hand and appease Democrat Commies by taking it easy on their criminal and treasonous membership, in the manner he allowed Hillary to skate away free as a lark.

No good and decent patriotic American should be interested in witnessing another president so easily hoodwinked by RINOs like James Comey and Andrew Mccabe and Democratic Party Communist holdovers, the likes of which negotiated the sovereignty-killing United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or Dr. Anthony Fauci, who effectively controlled the destruction of the U.S. economy through CDC directives and guidelines that were acted upon as if they were actual law by way of government issued mandates.

Trump didn’t stop the hard “great reset” as some have suggested. In fact, his USMCA and the Covid Lockdowns facilitated it further and opened the door for Biden’s Declaration of North America. Y’All really should research better in order to see and understand the actual detrimental results and consequences of some of Trump’s actions vs. the Trump machine’s MAGA propaganda.

It’s no accident or glitch that the Biden regime’s policies create domestic and global chaos. It’s a purposeful feature of their agenda, and it’s goal is the destruction of traditional America and removing America from its top leadership position on the world stage, as the Democratic Party Communists defer and supplicates itself to the globalists and international law, regardless of any conflicts between the desires of these “global citizens” and the true vital interests of all Americans, as they seem to say “inalienable God-given rights be damned.” And this demands Biden and his anti-American Communists must go, no matter what it takes, and I do mean whatever it takes, including another 1776 moment.

One Day Americans Will Be Hunting Democrats
I suspect that one day Americans will be hunting Democrats and World Economic Forum members like the Mossad hunted Nazis after World War II.

Trump may actually manage to once again defy the odds and the conventional wisdom posited by the politicos and win in 2024, but, if he’s not going to take the reins of power with the intent and purpose of taking names, kicking asses and righting the nation by ridding America of Her enemies from within, one way or another, however he can and must, using the full weight of the actual law, the federal and state codes, and whatever extralegal or borderline calls necessary, I have no interest in seeing the return of a tough-talking, weak and wishy-washy president when it comes to domestic matters. I have no interest in witnessing Trump, or any other president who may follow, once more standing by while Antifa and Black Lives Matter Marxist-Maoist Cancel-Culture Communists loot, destroy and burn entire sections of major U.S. cities, when he previously absolutely had the means and the ability and the authority to stop them dead in their tracks using the U.S. military, just as occurred during the 1967 riots in Newark and Detroit and the 1992 Los Angeles riot, along with three other times in American history.

Americans keep failing themselves by electing some of the most immoral men and women in society, who have kept the bread and circuses, the spectacles and even the scandals rolling forth for the media’s and the people’s consumption; and still, there is violence in our streets and schools and aimed against the Christian Church, and everywhere else we once held as sacrosanct to be left alone, out of bounds for any desecration or death-dealing destruction. Corruption is the rule of the day in the Oval Office, while aimless youth engage in the drug trade and other gang-related activities and anxiety and despair has overtaken many of our elders and many middle-aged middle-class Americans who look beyond material success for the inner meaning of their lives.

In domains once thought to be those of men and women of honor and integrity, the opposite is most often found today. Small, weak-minded men and women with narrow self-serving visions for the future and seeking great wealth and power, e.g. Senators Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have too often and too long turned the highest levels of public service into mere personal opportunity.

Freedom and individual liberty have been sorely attacked by America’s collectivists for over 120 years now, moving the tide of public sentiment against freedom in favor of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-controlling totalitarian state, as they have followed false prophets who desire to be worshipped on earth as gods themselves. If we are to survive as a nation and a people, every good and decent American patriot must have but a single thought and resolve to act with every word, every breath and every heartbeat to restore freedom and liberty, under a renewed constitution from the chaos to come, a government limited by the laws of nature and the virtues and principles of Christianity, Western civilization and the Enlightenment. And we must balance this so that liberty is not lacking a righteous order to the point of buckling ever again under the license of the mob and the law of the jungle, as executed by the communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Living as free men and women requires taking a hard stand for one’s inalienable God-given rights, not just every now and again but every damned time some damned despot moves to suppress them. It requires individual courage and bravery and moral clarity, and it requires all other like-minded American patriots standing together, firmly and defiantly, to force change. And although all good Americans might wish to see our people’s differences resolved peacefully, this moment in time is so different than any other time, except for the days of our first revolution, that we find millions of Americans fiercely angered by so deep a divide in the character and moral fiber of our country’s populace and the notions firmly held between two competing and completely antithetical ideologies. We won’t restore America or true freedom and liberty by way of peaceful discourse in the public arenas and in the halls of government, or by way of a bastardized constitution and court system and rigged and fraudulent elections, but in our streets and fields with rocks, clubs, knives and pistols and rifles.

In the meantime, we can all pray I’m wrong.

Pray for America. Pray Her people soon acquire some real common sense and a true moral compass, that enlightens them on what actually does and doesn’t work and helps them to pick good men and women to lead them in ways that truly put America and individual liberty first above all things, including the protectionist demands of corporate America that have been sucking the government subsidy teat for far too many decades now, leading to the corporatism and fascism we now see in all segments of American society.

It should be really easy for most true American patriots to take a principled stand for their freedom and liberty, and yet we still find so many who would let liberty slip away for fear of losing a job, as if it’s the only company they can ever work for, fearing for a loss of salary and the toys it affords them more than they fear the chains of serfdom. But history is replete with those first principled people, much like America’s founders who pledged their lives, honor and fortunes to the cause of freedom and liberty in their newfound homeland, heroes one and all. Later, America would see strong patriots march at Charlottesville and through the Halls of Congress on January 6th, suffering for their principled stand – who can ever forget Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, giving her life in the name of American freedom and liberty, as the system moved to silence all dissent, all opposition.

Patriots do not remain silent or stand down in the face of despots and tyrants, simply because the tyrants have succeeded in bringing some initial harm to them or those they love, especially if they have harmed one’s loved ones. A Patriot and a Free born American jumps back in the fray and fights for what they know to be right and true.

Each individual must make the decision to resist tyranny from their own government. They must resolve to fight for their own lives and for all those they love, to join those like them to right the ship and restore America through their combined endeavors, rather than believing any one man will do it for them.

Living free from here on out depends on the American people destroying this modern-day government of the government, by the government and for the government, destroying this government of Biden, by Biden and for Biden.

April 18, 2023

Justin O. Smith ~ Author

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

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