Fails From the Crypt!

Our annual Halloween cartoon offering consists this time of a very spooky journey into madness—led by the crypt keeper and head zombie, Joe “Abby Normal” Biden. Behold a truly frightening sight as Biden rises from the grave while insisting that he will run for president in 2024. Joe needs to stay buried.

As we bid the zombie in chief farewell, we now hear a harrowing scream, “Come in! Come in!” The ‘Ray Epps House of Horror’ beckons the innocent into an arranged trap. Once captured, many will be cast into the depth of Pelosi’s DC gulags. Stay out of this haunted house!

Count Dracula is one smart vampire because he knows to stay away from vaccine-tainted blood. As the Count once said, ” I never drink… wine…just pure blood.”

Nothing is more horrible than Uncle Fetterman. Here’s a frightening thought: The Democrats think Fetterman is the best choice for the US Senate. Here is a man who cannot put a coherent sentence together and has trouble following simple conversations, but if the zombie meat puppet Biden can do it, the dems think anyone can. What’s next? Will they run a candidate in coma? Too many Democrat voters would vote for a dead body as long as it’s marked with a ‘D.’

So there you have it. Set out your jack-o-lanterns and beware of the spooky trick-or-treaters this Halloween. And if anyone comes to your door in their underwear and carrying a toy hammer, send them to Pelosi’s house!

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