Juntti: GOALS ~ What are yours? Do you have any?

November 27, 2011 ~ As I sat watching the news which was filled pretty much with coverage of the madness that they call Black Friday shopping I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind. First of all it was what a bunch of morons – how many of them have a job to have the money to spend on this junk they are camping out and standing in line to get. How many will just CHARGE IT? (Following the example set forth by government – CHARGE IT – go into DEBT. Debt is the Devils Chain of slavery around your neck.)

That got me to thinking about GOALS and how each person has some kind of GOALS in their life. My question is WHAT IS YOUR GOAL. There are many GOALS out there, some are long term, some are mid term and some are short term……. some are simply IMPULSE. 

I remember my early Goals in life were to get married, have a family, and grow old together. I attained part of that goal, not in the manner I had hoped for but that is how life goes. I didn’t give up, I kept making goals, some I have accomplished and others I may never accomplish but that doesn’t mean I have stopped trying to attain those goals.

I would have to say my LONG TERM GOAL is to pass Judgement Day – to be found in His favor when I stand before Him. That is one Goal that I shall not know until that point in time. Each day I begin with some GOALS for the day, some of which are part of a larger GOAL of the Week, month, year.

In addition to nudging you to THINK about your GOALS in life I would like you to THINK about what it is you DO to reach those GOALS. What kind of effort and energy do you put forth to reach your GOALS?

Back to the Black Friday Madness. All those folks out there had a GOAL of some kind. Some put a GREAT DEAL of effort and energy and discomfort into reaching their GOAL. Some camped out for a week or more to be at the head of the line for some object they wanted. Some went late and just pushed their way to the front of those lines – and then, as we have seen on the news, some used other methods to get what they wanted – pepper spray – fists – violence. THINK about the energy, the effort, the COST (injuries and broken merchandise) that was involved in that whole operation. Now THINK about what it was they were after and ask yourself if it was really WORTH all that.

Now, I want to ask you to THINK about how all those folks would act, react, if they were asked to put that kind of determination into taking back America from the Foreign Occupiers who have taken control of America. Ok – stop laughing!!!! We all know that the majority of those living in America today have little if any idea of what real FREEDOM is. They think FREEDOM is someone handing them a check each month, food stamps, housing, medical, education, while they sit on their butts watching TV or *shopping*. They know that at this time of year there are thousands who are DONATING food, clothing, toys, so those poor folks will have a great Christmas so WHY should they go out and try to earn those things for the children they brought forth…. after all, those kids increase the monthly welfare check.

Picture all those folks – just those who camped out and stood in lines for the BIG DEALS – going to Washington D.C. and demanding a RETURN to what made this nation great. Demanding that those in Congress do their jobs according to the Constitution and if they don’t, the same tactics that were used in this latest Madness called Black Friday would take place in the halls of Congress. Do you think that kind of ENERGY and EFFORT would be ignored? Do you THINK that any would exercise that kind of energy to make this nation a better place to live?

All this boils down to MARKETING…. (yes, Andrew I can see you smiling as I write this). The OWO crowd began MARKETING their GOALS before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence. I say that because as most WGEN readers know, I view all this as a SPIRITUAL WAR and so I look at things in a different TIME FRAME than most folks do. The Angels that left Heaven with Lucifer and declared WAR against God and his family saw this rag tag group that DECLARED INDEPENDENCE to be a GOAL for them to destroy but they knew they couldn’t just bash their fist down to make it happen. They had to work WITHIN the People, turn their thoughts and their hearts to THINGS and for those THINGS to mean more to the People than God means. That takes time to change the hearts of People – it is a LONG TERM GOAL. It means constantly working to insert GREED – LAZINESS – into the hearts and minds of many and to MARKET how those who didn’t want to work for THINGS could sit back and DEMAND that those who do work give it to them and to not complain.

Take a good look around you today in this land we call America. None are FREE – Few have decent jobs and there is no such things as a FREE ITEM as there is a COST to ALL things on this earth.. it all matters on WHO pays for them and WHO sells them. Some pay with their remaining assets, loss of their home, job, family, and some with their very life. Some also pay with their SOUL as they sell out to Satan for a few crumbs of bread.

The MARKETING began way back in America and the marketing agency for the destruction of this land that was stated to be a CHRISTIAN NATION began in earnest. Each generation has seen an increase in the amount and the type of MARKETING done to turn the People away from God and to THINGS that they would soon toss into the garbage so they could go get MORE THINGS. THINGS became THE GOAL. New cars, furniture, jewelry, bigger houses, climb the corporate ladder at the expense of family life….. GREED became the driving force – then DIVORCE and families torn apart… loss of MORALS – FREE SEX (they forget to mention STD’s) and pregnancy which ends in many ABORTIONS. The GOAL of FREEDOM and Private Property went by the wayside in the quest for THINGS – THINGS that the Marketing Agency promoted with living color ads showing all those HAPPY people with a new (name it). Look at how SEX has been marketed – successfully – and what that one thing has brought forth in America (and the world). Look at how SODOMY has been crafted to be just an alternative lifestyle and you are a bigot if you speak against what God calls an ABOMINATION. They also find nothing wrong with teaching our children that all that activity is acceptable and thereby they RECRUIT new participants – usually unwillingly by way of being a victim of some SODOMITE.

All those Deviants have GOALS too, and they don’t stop to rest until they achieve THEIR GOALS. Unlike CHRISTIANS – or at least a good share that call themselves Christian – who have bought the “DON’T OFFEND” Marketing BS and have allowed Sodomites and MUFFIN MUNCHERS to take over their very pulpits not to mention their children.

So, ask yourself what YOUR GOALS are in life.and exactly how much energy, effort, money, time, you exert to achieve those GOALS. Your adversary is not resting or sitting by – your adversary is working FULL TIME to destroy you and your goals unless you join forces with them as they then increase their numbers to destroy this nation and all in it….. and, YES, their GOAL is to destroy you as well so keep that in mind as you THINK on this matter. All that ‘free stuff’ they hand to you is just the fattening of the calf for slaughter.

All those kids out there who are running the streets were, at one point in time, someones DREAM – a child that wasn’t trained in the way it should grow and so it became a WEED – a wild WEED that ran with whoever and whatever would feed it… even if that ‘food’ was poison. If parents had objected to the worldly teachings in the public school system at the beginning instead of falling for the NEW IDEAS that were MARKETED they could have raised up that child according to God’s Word. But, they were busy trying to obtain THINGS and that meant the kids got left at the pre-school or day-care or on the street to grow as they could… and then the parents wonder WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. How many children do we read of today that are killing their own parents for THINGS?

How much are YOU willing to put forth to reach your GOALS?

Look at all those soldiers who went to *war* and return home either dead – or so badly crippled, physically and mentally, that they are unable to regain any semblance of the life they left when they put on that OCCUPATION FORCE uniform. Look at the MARKETING PROMISES that are made – still being made – to get those young people to enlist in the military. Now look at how those *promises* are kept by this OCCUPATION FORCE in WDC. Were those soldiers promised homelessness and little medical care – that is what they have received.
WHY do people still enlist to go kill others in another land where we have no business to be? It is MARKETING!!! They are sold a LIE – they are sold lie after lie about the reason they are joining and the rewards they will receive if they join. It isn’t *patriotic* to go kill others who have done nothing to you.

The MARKETING AGENCY has GOALS and they are meeting those GOALS because they have sold LIES to the People and the PEOPLE have fallen for the LIES as they see the LIES as an easy route to HEALTH, WEALTH, and HAPPINESS – what they fail to see is that the HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS is for the MARKETING AGENCY not for the People.

Look at the MARKETING in the Political arena – how the PEOPLE will vote for whoever it is that tells the biggest LIE in the most colorful way – People have been BEGUILED by the serpents whispering of, “Surely you won’t DIE?” The People thought the serpent was telling them they wouldn’t DIE when the serpent didn’t make that a STATEMENT, a promise – he said it as a QUESTION but the People missed that important point.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Tim 4: 3,4

I wonder how many who read this will sit down and THINK of what their GOALS in life are – short term and long term. How many will put forth the EFFORT to attain those goals? How many even care? How many will put forth the determination that those Black Friday Shoppers put forth – including the violence and pepper spray? I guess it all really does depend upon WHAT your GOALS are in life.

Jackie Juntti

~ The Author ~
Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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