Tina Toon: Playtime With Joey Biden

We at GrrrGraphics know Joe Biden is mostly a figurehead. An Obama puppet.

He’s a quasi-cadaver who is wheeled out to mumble the latest globalist reset statements. Dementia Joe doesn’t know what he’s saying most of the time. He stated he has cancer. Really? No, his staff denied it. He said he wanted to take out Putin, but that provocation was quickly walked back by his handlers. Joe says a lot of things. He makes up blatant lies off the cuff that can demonstrably proven to be untrue.

Joe also says things that are unbecoming of a leader. Childlike, he recently said he ‘cleaned his plate.’ Good for you, Joey! Here is your pudding pop and then it will be time for your potty training! Oh, and we put training wheels on your bicycle, which should keep you from falling. We also want to work on your reading. Sometimes you add in too many things.

This all would be funnier if Joe wasn’t so dangerous. Although we’re sure he’s kept far away from the nuclear button, he could still trigger more war by saying wrong and stupid things.

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You would think it’s time to put the 25th Amendment into action and remove Sleepy Joe, but the country would be in the cackling grip of Kamala “Heels Up” Harris. Which would be not much of an improvement.

Pass the pudding cup.

GrrrGraphics Team

1 thought on “Tina Toon: Playtime With Joey Biden

  1. veteran

    old joe is just the empty suit in the oval office. this is really obama’s 3rd term. the cabal is calling the shots and old joe is the one everyone will blame. how brilliant of a scheme.

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