Duigon: The Evolutionary Fallacy

New! Improved!” How many 1950s TV commercials featured that slogan?

Welcome to the Evolutionary Fallacy, the faith statement that anything “new! Improved!” has just got to be better than anything that’s old – and that the whole universe, minus any divine guidance, is always naturally evolving toward perfection. Always.

This is the straw that stirs the Far Left’s drink. It justifies anything and everything they do, as long as it’s (ahem!) “new.” In fact, the more shockingly new it is, the better they like it.

Here’s some of the new stuff they’ve brought into our schools just recently. Newer and better all the time.

* Portland (Oregon) schools are going to make “period products” available to the kiddies in 500 school restrooms. The new idea is to put dispensers in the boys’ bathrooms – because it’s a new improved idea that boys can have periods, too.

* An elementary school teacher won’t explain why she made a little boy wear a dress. The boy’s grandfather showed up to demand an explanation, but didn’t get one.

* Echoing the defiant declaration of a “teacher” who featured on “Libs of TikTok,” who said “F*** the parents; when you’re here in my classroom, I’m the parents,” the, um, president of the United States, SloJo Biden, proclaimed to a teachers’ union audience, “The kids are yours.”

* An elementary school in Washington, D.C., put on a white-bashing “presentation” called “Fistbook” in which they asked very young children if they had any adult family members who had “racist beliefs.” What the school planned to do with the answers was left unsaid.

See? Our public schools are constantly evolving! Getting better all the time! We’re just too thick to appreciate it.

The Evolutionary Fallacy teaches that sometimes evolution is slower than we’d like it to be. When that happens, Really Smart People can hurry it along with a violent revolution followed by a reign of terror. Honk if you’ve seen that before. The violence is okay because a) really smart and enlightened people are doing it, and b) because it’s only hastening that journey toward perfection. Everything evolves, and we’re just helping it evolve faster. Eventually it will take us to a Great Reset paradise in which we’ll all be deliriously happy and own nothing.

The schools and colleges are the great laboratory of evolution. Here our gurus and sages can try out the new ideas as soon as they pop into their heads. They don’t have to be good ideas – perish the thought! – just new ideas. And when you’re getting at children in grades K-3, who haven’t lived long enough to understand that what you’re saying is pure ca-ca, you can really make progress! By the time they’re old enough for college, you’ve thoroughly washed and baked their brains. And then they’ll be ready to be trained as public school teachers.

The schools can’t do it all alone, but no fear, they get plenty of help from Disney Corp, the American Library Assn., Hollywood, all sorts of woke corporations, and the Democrat Party. In fact, no one is more committed to the Evolutionary Fallacy than today’s Democrat Party. Aren’t they trying to set up a new Bureau of Shutting Down Anything You Say That the Government Doesn’t Like? Hasn’t The Regime pledged its wholehearted support to Trans “R” Us? Haven’t they ruptured our border and all but sent engraved invitations to everyone in the world to swarm into the USA and get free stuff? Talk about new ideas! They’re doubling down on all of it. “Build Back Better!” And the beauty of it is, none of it ever has to be any good. Just new. Fundamental transformation, baby!

These people must be utterly defeated… if our nation is to survive as anything more than just a name on a map.

Written by Lee Duigon for News With Views ~ May 5, 2022

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2 thoughts on “Duigon: The Evolutionary Fallacy

  1. veteran

    i am educating my grandchildren on the bullshit they are being taught and showing them the truth and reality of life and how things work in republic/democracy. we are also reading the constitution and the federalist papers together, this should be mandatory in all schools.
    the kids ask me why is all this happening. i then point them to romans chapter 1 and 2nd timothy 3 that says we are in a world of depraved minds and godlessness. it’s hard for them to understand this, so i say just look around and listen to what people are saying and doing. it’s not hard to see the insanity and ignorance all around us.
    so, to parents and grandparents. educate your kids to the truth or they will be lost to a world of lies !

  2. The Publisher Post author

    Hi Veteran. I am glad that you enjoyed this. Please spend some time at my other site, Metropolis.Cafe – as you will find much to support your beliefs as others have.

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