Hideous CRT Experiment at an Elementary School Forces Children to Watch Graphic Video

Almost everyone has heard at least a little news about the liberal left’s crazy emphasis on our children’s education. There is new strategy to teach racism based on what they call Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT instills a sense of guilt in young children because of their skin color.

It tries to inherently convince impressionable minds that our nation is bad, that they are bad. The core tenet of this radical theory is that people are either oppressed or oppressors. The entire foundation of this insane belief is based on the color of a person’s skin.

There is no middle ground. This is an attempt by the liberal left to brainwash our children. This is a sickening ambition that has many parents furious. However, in one elementary school in San Antonio, Texas, their methods became abusive.

In some misguided sense of duty to teach young children about racism, the teachers at Leon Springs Elementary exposed students to graphic murder and death. The ordeal had to be horrifying for the kids, and rightfully so, it inflamed the parents of these children.

Some infantile-minded educator came up with an unbelievable experiment to demonstrate racism to the students. The experiment began by separating the students by the color of their hair.

The importance of hair color in a person’s worth is as idiotic as skin color. But this teacher did it anyhow. Each hair color was treated differently. One mother explained, “The dark-haired kids, the brown and black-haired kids, were treated as the privileged ones.”

Brandi Lininger, the mother of a ten-year-old girl, continued, “The blonde-haired and the redhead kids were the ones treated not so nicely.” But lighter-haired children were told they were not as smart as the other kids. They were not treated nicely.

After sensing the entire charade was a waste of time, the teacher forced the lighter-haired students to clean up after the others. Many of the children were traumatized by the experiment. Some broke down in tears when they got home and told their parents.

But these radical nut-jobs went even farther with a group of fifth-graders at the school. These young children were subjected to autopsy videos of dead children. The video was called “4 Little Girls”. It was a story about an Alabama church bombing from 1963.

Brandi’s husband, Mike, said their daughter was unable to sleep. Not one parent of these children reported that they were notified of such a hideous experiment. Of course, the school district offered a spineless apology.

An administrative spokesperson said, “We recognize the parent’s concerns and agree that the activity and video are not age-appropriate and will not be used again.” This is far too little, far too late. Someone should be held accountable. This is child abuse. If you don’t believe CRT is a horrible method used to brainwash our children, you do now.

Written by Daniel for UAF Report – March 18, 2022

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2 thoughts on “Hideous CRT Experiment at an Elementary School Forces Children to Watch Graphic Video

  1. Skid Marx

    “Ruined! Ruined! My time has clean run out! The clock has stopped, the pygmy house has crumbled. Soon I shall embrace eternity to my breast, and soon I shall howl gigantic curses at mankind. … If there is a Something which devours, I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins—the world which bulks between me and the abyss, I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses.”

    Oulanem, Karl Marx, 1839

  2. veteran

    it is true that this is child abuse. if this crap doesnt end soon, the liberal left has a serious ass whipping coming.

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